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The Office of the Auditor General has began the Auditing of 2020 financial year


The Office of the Auditor General has announced the commencement of the auditing of accounts for the financial year ending 31st December 2020.

Auditor General Dick Sichembe has since made a clarion call for all auditees to ensure that their book of account and other records are put in order in readiness for the audit.

Dr Sichembe says the office will not suspend any audits this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but will carry out the work within the laid down health guidelines.

He said, in this regard, auditees must be ready and facilitate for smooth flow of information even with the rotational work schedules that have been put in place in Ministries, Provinces and Agencies (MPAs) as directed by the Secretary to Cabinet.

The Auditor General cautioned that he will not entertain any auditees who will fail to provide the information, adding that engagement letters have already started being issued which will spell out the timelines and the information required.

Dr Sichembe further observed that transparency and accountability is the backbone of good corporate governance which all auditees should uphold.

He noted that it is a requirement by law that auditees provide information to Auditors and this must be done within the given timelines as failure to do so is an offence according to Section 82 of the Public Finance Management Act number 1 of 2018.

He added that therefore, adherence to the timelines is non-negotiable as the Auditor General is required by the Constitution to submit the report on accounts of the preceding financial year by September 30th every year.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Office of the Auditor General Head of Public Relations Ellen Chikale.


  1. Some of these over paid ACCA holders are not necessary. Look country without Kampyongo for 2 weeks, has been better off with police, he is not useful, unnecessary. Auditor Sh!t is unnecessary, delete it.
    Why do they pay these things? What is Auditor’s report help Zambians?? You as useless as ECZ. Auditors who can’t even audit Honey Bee.
    You need audit daily, You idyots get paid for nothing. Your Annual audit report can’t even be used by IMF.

  2. What’s the point, just write all stolen on the fcuken report and send to the thieving w@nker of a wanna be president

  3. These figures of recklessness under Lazzy Lungu keep increasing nothing is happening….if there is no political will to stop the rot especially with an inept corrupt Chawama President like Edgar…the AGs office is pointless.

  4. @tarino

    Lungu is a thief by profession the tw@t had no wealth before becoming a president. Now that he is at the helm he has continued to plunder and steal at an unprecedented level.

    The only way to stop this rot and put him and his cronies behind bars is change in government.

  5. Good works of having managed to bring audit to the same year. But why don’t you penalize the for not paying bills in time. Other contractal workers are paid soon after the contract ends but others will do even 4 contracts without payment, work on this one also

  6. Useless and corrupt ACCA holders getting free money! Disband it all together. Not fit for purpose……………………..

  7. Scouser – So many misappropriations and dodgy awarding of tenders to briefcase companies and nothing happens you have bottle stores being awarded road contracts

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