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ZCTU calls on Government to recruitment more teachers


The Zambia Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) has appealed to the government to consider recruiting more teachers in Lukulu and Mitete districts in Western province.

In a press release issued to the media , ZCTU Lukulu District Chairperson Simui Namunji said there is need for more teachers to be recruited and deployed to Mitete and Lukulu districts, adding that both districts are currently facing a shortage of teachers.

“There are about 200 teachers needed in Mitete and 150 in Lukulu, a situation that has disadvantaged learners from receiving the much needed education in the localities,” said Mr Namunji.

Mr Namunji revealed that the union has learnt with regret that the current shortage of teachers in the two districts is as a result of teachers recruited only staying in the localities for a few months at their posted schools, after being deployed.

He noted that teachers need to reject their appointments, as opposed to depriving the eager learners of a well-deserved education, and allow those who want to serve the government in the two districts carry out their duties.

Meanwhile, Mr Namunji has commended President Edgar Lungu for giving schools in the country another two weeks to re-open.

“As a union in the district, we were strongly against the opening of schools on the 18th January as it was going to expose parents, pupils and teachers to the deadly COVID-19 disease.”

The ZCTU Chairperson has urged parents, school administrators and District Education Board Secretaries to take advantage of the two weeks extension to prepare adequately, in order to safeguard the lives of both teachers and pupils against the pandemic.

“Parents and guardians should encourage their children to continue studying during this extension as the period for classroom based learning will be shortened,” he said.

Mr Namunji also said that there is need for schools in the area to get involved into meaningful projects under production units as directed by the Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba recently.

“We are requesting school administrations to get involved into projects under the production unit as such projects will benefit and reduce financial pressure on schools,” the Chairperson said.

Mr Namunji further disclosed that some of the people in the districts have little knowledge about the corona virus and as such the Ministry of Health should intensify sensitization programmes against the disease.


  1. But, are there schools that are short of teachers? Also, is education growing in Zambia so much so that we need a lot of teachers? Have we trained too many teachers than we needed?

    These questions are not rhetorical, I genuinely don’t know what the answers are. Only when we have answers will it be understood what unions need to do.

  2. They should encourage colleges to target students that apply from rural districts where there’s a deficit of teachers. Teachers posted from urban areas always run away from villages because of witchcraft. So it’s better to train those that know how to deal with it because they hail from there, they won’t run away. Even if Karavinas shoot several of these wizards others still emerge

  3. There is no need of recruitment of new teachers until the Government finds a solution to the balance of teachers in rural and urban areas. There are too many teachers in urban areas doing nothing. Every new recruitment of teachers just worsens the problem.

  4. Indeed, Zambia needs more teachers! If our reporter (and LT editors) had been properly schooled, they would know you don’t call on someone “ to recruitment” more teachers but “to recruit”. Eish!

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