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Bus operators not considering a reduction on the number of passengers on public vehicles

Headlines Bus operators not considering a reduction on the number of passengers on...

The Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia has revealed that they are not considering a reduction on the number of passengers on public vehicles.

Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia Spokesperson Ammiss Daudi says reducing the number of people will require an increase in bus fares and this may not be attained as the running cost may not be met.

Mr Daudi explains that the association has also engaged the government in a number of discussions and a conclusion has been met.

“The association will ensure that they heighten COVID-19 measures among members, in line with ensuring that everyone adheres to the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Mr Daudi has disclosed that the challenge the sector is facing is that most passengers, including some drivers and conductors have relaxed and refuse to adhere to the laid down COVID-19 health guidelines.

Meanwhile the Bus and Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mbewe says the non-contact sitting of passengers on public vehicles is an option that has been considered but it has been difficult to implement.

Mr Mbewe explained that this would have been implemented by now but it meant that this will affect bus drivers, who will not be able to meet their daily targets.

“Bus owners have refused to reduce the cashing levels and have maintained that drivers should hand the same amount as it was before the pandemic and this puts the drivers under pressure,” he stated.

Mr Mbewe says the association’s aim is to ensure that the health of the passengers is safeguarded.


  1. They are not interested in their passengers. They only want the money. What they are saying is that even if you die its alright as long as you have paid for the journey.

  2. They are in business it is the responsibility of passengers themselves to mask up. Are you going to pay the difference if they reduced on the number of passengers on their buses? These are the businesses that needed a stimulus package to cushion such,

  3. Operating passenger bus services is a big challenge .There are lot of costs to be met. As things stand now the govt is not being realistic refusing a hike in fares this will soon result into many operators being out of business. The govt must not forget that some buses are on lease from financial institutions whose monies must be paid on due dates. There is need for a new round table meeting between PF Govt and bus operators to charge cost reflective fares to sustain the industry other wise what has been private sector driven will soon collapse.

  4. African bus operators are too old fashioned. They run on the -bus- full-then-we-move business model which is archaic. Check the European commutters model. The bus moves because its time to move. Its not making any loss by doing so. It will pick commutters on the way. Of course there are other business techniques to be factored in. That is the route of progressive business.

  5. Buses are the biggest transmitters of covid even more than public gatherings because people in those buses are cramped like sardines. The bus owners should put in place strict hygiene and anti covid measures in place because they should realize that the same passengers who they are putting at risk are the same passengers who are paying them and if passenger numbers reduce due to deaths or even fear of deaths then its the same buses that will have no business.

  6. The public transport system in Europe, is precisely that, PUBLIC. It is owned or heavily subsidised by the state hence the buses will stick to the predetermined time-table and not care whether the bus is full or not as they do not have a profit model. An apples to apples comparison for Africa and Europe would be the airline industry. Regardless of the location, they are interested in profits right? It is for this reason that although they also stick to a predetermined timetable, the airlines are able to vary the prices of the tickets to maximise sales and revenue depending on the demand for airline seats.

  7. This is nonsense at its best.
    How do you talk of meeting targets at the expense of human lives.
    Mr president just buy gvt buses so that we see what will become of them.

  8. @Bla As an ex employee of the transport business in Europe let me say they are not subsidised. In Europe they earn annual profits of approximately 35 percent. This is after operating and capital expenses. All business is interested in profits that is why capitalism idolises profit. zThe state is only there to plug in the vacuums.

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