Friday, June 14, 2024

Joseph Biden administration will strengthen bilateral ties that Zambia enjoys with the USA


United State Charge de Affairs to Zambia David Young said that the Joseph Biden administration will strengthen bilateral ties that the two countries have continued to enjoy.

Mr. Young says President Biden, who is America’s 46th President, will among other areas focus on bettering the ties that have existed between Zambia and America in the health and education sectors.

He also expressed confidence that the US government will appoint an ambassador to serve under the new leadership.

Mr. Young also explained that despite the violence that characterised the election, he is pleased with the smooth transition of power.

He told ZNBC News in a virtual interview that the smooth transition is the rebirth of democracy in the United States.

Meanwhile Mr. Young appealed to Zambians to adhere to the health guidelines set by health experts following the second wave of the COVID 19.


  1. It’s corruption and lack of economic diplomacy that creates flaws in such bilateral relations.For example, the Nordic countries donated millions of dollars in a quest to held the aged; and other vulnerable people but only go hear that a minister responsible in that regard has mismanaged or rather used ubomba mwibala formulae espoused by the leader of this clueless kakistocracy circus regime

  2. The USA is a better run and administered country than Zambia.Let’s embrace closer bilateral ties so that Zambia can learn to change its dirty ,incompetent and corrupt governance.

  3. Zambia change all ambassadors if a new party win elections.
    Like now, all Zambian diplomats are shipping containers, because they know that come August its over.

  4. AS long as you don’t link our continued friendship to gay rights. Also don’t send us a gay Ambassador married to a man to test us and create an international incident. Please respect us we are a Christian Nation who has given our land and future to Jesus Christ even though we acknowledge or sins and weaknesses.

  5. We had better relations with Trump. He minded his business and left us alone. He even recalled that Noisy Pony tailed ambassador.

  6. Relations between the Biden Govt and the Zambian Govt will depend on the outcome of the August 12,2021 Elections. If the Elections are violent and disputed then the Relations will be frosty. Rigged 2021 Elections in Zambia will attract US Govt and International Sanctions. The US Govt expects the Zambian Govt to respect Constitutionalism, Rule of Law,Good Governance and Human Rights. The writing is on the wall.

  7. This chap is a mere Charge de Affairs…whats wrong with you people? its like asking the Senior press officer in London at Zambian embassy about change of govt in Zambia…he is a diplomat and a civil servant. He wont say anything off script.

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