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Zambia records 1,264 new Covid 19 cases from 10, 523 Tests in the last 24 hours


Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded 1,264 new Covid 19 cases out of the 10 Thousand Five Hundred and 23 tests carried out across the country.

Health Minister Jonas Chanda said that the country has also recorded 12 new Covid related deaths in the last 24 hours.

Dr. Chanda explained that the 12 deaths bring the cumulative number of deaths to 597, saying the deaths have been classified as 233 covid deaths, 345 Covid19 associated deaths and 19 pending classification.

Dr. Chanda said that Government has continued to employ a multi-sectoral approach towards the fight against the pandemic and that the Ministry is collaborating with various sectors of society in order to incorporate response activities at community levels.

Dr. Chanda reiterated the need for Zambians to continue adhering to health guidelines to fight the disease.

Meanwhile, Saint Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka’s Roads Park area has been closed down with immediate effect following the COVID-19 positive cases recorded at the parish.

In a statement released to the parishioners and obtained by ZANIS in Lusaka today, Parish Priest Father Hector Mukwato, said the Church will remain closed for a period of two weeks.

Father Mukwato and his Assistant Parish Priest Father Charles Chilinda have both tested positive for COVID-19.

The two priests have since placed themselves in self-quarantine.

Fr. Mukwato has urged congregants who may have come into contact with them to go ahead and get tested for COVID-19.

He said the rest of the priests and staff at the parish have all carried out similar tests and have tested negative.

He added that the church will resume operations on February 3, 2020, after being fumigated and made safe for public use again.


  1. Zambia is coping well and Africa in general, here in the UK people are dying on a daily basis, yesterday they recorded new record 1830 people dying within 24hrs of Covid-19, this is serious guys, please take care and China will pay one day.

    • Sitali Simui There’s need to radically change the approach ASAP please as there’s no direction of reducing the spreading as no physical contact tracing is done.only figures and people keep on spreading the virus

    • I’m very worried about the approach being implemented now because so the health frontier will be infected and out numbered making it unmanageable and unattainable.We need leadership direction though Bowman was another rough but that’s what we need otherwise we are finishing

  2. @Chi please don’t compare Zambia with the UK. Far from it . People are dying on daily basis in Zambia but they are not being reported.
    The situation is getting worse and if the situation does not change , i fear what will happen to the health system.

  3. If they close church for 2 weeks, there no need to fumigate with DDT. Even 2 days closed is enough.
    Why is it so peaceful in Zambia this month, wish Kampyongo more sick days.

  4. @eagle, not comparing mate, that data from Zambia, should be reported, here the scientists are saying the South African variant of covid-19 is not responding well to the new jabs and I suppose Zambia is on the front door of SA

  5. Manufacture your own vaccines , rich countries don’t want to share theirs anymore. Either you pay cash or wiped out!

  6. Africans must take this opportunity to do the right thing for the continent, I mean we should not depend on other people to solve our problems it is a shame to depend on your friends to fix your house broken door handle when you can do it yourself.
    Yes indeed the clever friend of yours will demand something from you before he helps you, you ask what have I lost when my friends came to fix home door handle.

  7. Its almost a year since the Covid outbreak and Zambia does not seem to have a national strategy to combat the virus. Sad!


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