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Parliament to hold virtual proceedings


The National Assembly of Zambia has advised Members of Parliament not to travel to Lusaka or check in at the National Assembly Motel for the fifth session of the twelfth National Assembly.

Clerk of the National Assembly Cecillia Mbewe says Members of Parliament will instead take part in the proceedings remotely using the zoom platform.

Ms Mbewe said the decision has been initiated in line with the COVID-19 health guidelines, to ensure that members remain safe and prevent any spread of the coronavirus, in the wake of the pandemic.

She has urged MPs to join the proceedings virtually from any suitable place and ensure that they have good internet connectivity.

Following the announcement of the resumption of the fifth session of the twelfth National Assembly, proceedings are expected to resume on Tuesday January 26, 2021 at 14:30 hours.


  1. So can MPs vote on a Constitutional Bill virtually? With 4 months b4 Parliament is dissolved Matibini and PF cannot be trusted in using a Virtual Platform. Who knows desperate PF might even resuscitate the defeated Bill 10 in some form. These are desperate times 4 ECL and PF. They have to rig the 2021 Elections at all costs if they have to retain Power. ECL is hoping that M7 Election Rigging Template might assist him win the 2021 Elections. We shall see if this works.

  2. A very good move. Travel allowances, meals allowances should not be paid all this time they are connecting remotely. They will probably also have an idea of how terrible internet connections the country has and work on improving that. The only expense that should be paid to them is exactly that. Internet charges.

  3. She has urged MPs to join the proceedings virtually from any suitable place and ensure that they have good internet connectivity.


  4. Parliament should be dissolved by the end of April 2021. So with 4 months b4 the August 12,2021 Elections what laws will Parliament pass? Let’s hope PF is not going to be mischievous during the 4 months b4 Parliament is dissolved. Parliament and Concourt must respect the Zambian Constitution as we deal with the 2021 August Elections. Zambia yearns for a free,fair and credible Elections in 2021. A violent and disputed Election in 2021 will determine Zambia on a destructive path. We need define intervention in Zambia in August 2021.

  5. The arms deal corruption trial involving former President Jacob Zuma and French arms company Thales is edging closer to kicking off at the Pietermaritzburg High Court.
    This comes after the court dismissed Thales’ attempt to challenge the racketeering charges it faces, with costs.
    The court’s ruling, handed down on Friday, could see the case which has dragged on for close to two decades finally going to trial after the high court’s decision to reject the bid by Thales to have racketeering charges removed from the charges.
    This comes after the NPA had argued in October it had charged Thales with racketeering as the company had knowingly participated in a scheme to bribe Zuma in return for his political influence and protection.
    NPA spokesperson Sipho Ngwema said they welcomed the…

  6. Is it when they will know that internet should never be shut? It would have been better to let them go physically so that they experience the pain that those who are gallivanting irresponsibly are inflicting on citizens who are losing their loved ones to Covid19 over pieces of silver.

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