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Fuel Shortage: Choma DC bans use of containers to buy fuel

General News Fuel Shortage: Choma DC bans use of containers to buy fuel

The district administration in Choma has banned the buying of petrol in containers so as to sustain available stocks of the commodity.

This was after some people were allegedly seen buying available stocks of the commodity in containers for resale thereby creating an artificial shortage.

Choma District Commissioner Protacial Mulenga said such behaviour should be stopped as it deprives other motorists from accessing the commodity.

This came to light when the Mr. Mulenga met filling station managers and other stakeholders at his office.

“Priority should be given to vehicles. We are not going to allow containers at filling stations,” he said

Mr. Mulenga said his office will work closely with the police in the district to ensure there is no illegal trade of petrol in containers.

He has since directed filling station managers in the district to issue notices to the public on the ban of buying of petrol in containers.

The stakeholders have also resolved to limit the sale of petrol to local motorists by a maximum of 30 litres until the supply stabilises.

Meanwhile, various filling stations in Choma district have confirmed that they will be receiving new stocks of petrol soon.

Total filling station manager Lavender Kasapo said the station has had no petrol since Monday but are expecting new stock arrival.

“We are expecting 35,000 liters of petrol before Friday,” she said.


  1. And if the fuel finished when one is home. This DC is useless. Instead of calling for more his putting useless measures on People who are already inconvenied by the shortage

  2. A rotten corrupted to the core PF lead GRZ ……..

    The corruption and medicarcity starts at state house all the way down to DCs…..

    When they say ….we have enough, just know shortages are pending….

    When they say …we will service debts, just know defaults are pending….

  3. I think this is the right approach. To my brothers above who feel differently, what do you think the short term approach should be? I look forward to your constructive views and suggestions

  4. Chikubabe we are a Christian nation and prayer is important to us. You may laugh at our religious beliefs but that won’t deter us from putting our faith in the lord. We can only hope that one day in the future you will receive God in your life before death catches up with you. I love you and pray for you

  5. Look at this sil ly impostor ….you might fooooool people with your sober religious antics you tool but you can not foooool everyone. Us who have been blogging on LT know this clown even without his hideous makeup…he is about to metamorphose into some other character. #N£z the coon

  6. Thank you my brother hms. May the lord bless you.

    @tarino I understand you are hurting deep inside. I understand you have taken our political debates here very personally. That in itself shows how passionate you are about our country and for that I thank you. I will not hate you no matter how much you push me to hate you. Deep down I know you are a good man. Tarino i love you like my own son. Seek God

  7. In rural settings like Choma, most households depend on diesel or petrol run hammermills for their nshima. How then do hammermills operators buy their fuel? Uproot the little machines and drag them to the petrol stations?

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