Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Health care givers need motivation- Health Minister


Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has said the primary roles of health care givers is to save life, help patients and do them no harm. Dr. Chanda said health workers have to be taken care of very well and motivated for the to carry out these roles diligently.

He said there was need for hospitals to have all essential equipment such as x-ray machines which are working at all time as a way of motivating workers.

“The number of self-diagnostic and home treatment have increased as a result, because patients are not receiving the much needed services,” he said

He further said that priorities have to be set out right to ensure all services that patients need are made available.

The minister said this when he toured Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital (ADCH) to appreciate the operations at the facility.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chanda has instructed Ndola District Health Director to fire nurses who are illegally charging patients at clinics.

And ADCH Senior Medical Superintendent Jonathan Mwansa told the minister that ADCH was facing various challenges with the x-ray machine being the major problem.


  1. Health care givers are of Paramount importance in the delivery of quality health services to our people and as such they should be motivated enough to help them do their work deligently

  2. I ended up taking my relative to a private clinic after we were told at a teaching hospital to go and get a scan from a private clinic.

    After obtaining the scan at the private clinic, we took the results back to the teaching hospital where the results were interpreted for us.

  3. Your president keeps looting money and using it as his personal bank account. How in 2021 we fail to pay salaries to civil workers. How can they save lives when they cannot feed themselves and pay bills? Get rid of Edgar Chagwa Lungu the thief! $10 Million to pay an international company to do his campaigns so he can win elections? This dude is a joke! GET RID of HIM!

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