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Zambia allocated 8.7 million Covid-19 vaccine doses


Zambia has been allocated 8.7million doses of Covid-19 vaccines under a facility being pioneered by the Africa Union.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union Emmanuel Mwamba announced the development.

He said the initiative is being done under the COVID-19 African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT) a platform which has been created to ensure that upto 60% of Africa’s population were vaccinated against the Coronavirus by December 2021.

He said AVATT was created by President Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairperson of the African Union, in November 2020.

He said AVATT has been mandated to secure the necessary vaccines and blended financing resources for achieving Africa’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy which targets vaccinating a minimum of 60 per cent of Africa’s population.

Mr. Mwamba said AVATT’s efforts are focused on; securing enough safe and efficacious vaccine doses to vaccinate at least 60 per cent of the African population, estimating the funding needs for vaccine procurement and delivery and creating the financing mechanisms required to ensure that all African Union Member States can access and receive the vaccine doses they need to reach a minimum of 60 per cent immunisation.

He said under the mechanism, the vaccines are being sourced from Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

Pfizer and Johnsons & Johnsons are among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, while AstraZeneca PLC is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical.

He said a finance facility has been created under the AVATT- the Advance Procurement Commitment (APC) Facility to be backed by African Import and Export Bank (Afreximbank).

He said this mechanism aims at ensuring Africa’s access to the COVID-19 vaccines from no later than April 2021, by providing assurance to identified vaccine manufacturers that vaccine orders placed through the African Medical Supplies Platform (AMSP), are firm and will be paid for as may be agreed.

APC aims to guarantee Africa’s access to of COVID-19 vaccines in a manner that reduces the fiscal burden on member countries.

The mechanism will also ensure a timely, equitable and cost-effective availability of COVID-19 vaccine supplies within the African continent and by so doing, mitigate the protracted financial and socio-economic costs of the COVID-19.

This is also to provide a credible platform around which a blend of funding can be attached to
support Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine procurement requirements.

The Task Team has provisionally secured 270 million vaccine doses for Africa for the critical period from April to December 2021.

He said Zambia’s allocation may rise to 25 million doses by December 2021.

These vaccine doses, which are in addition to the expected COVAX doses, will be distributed through the African Medical Supplies
Platform (AMSP).

The candidates and related quantities are; 50 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, 100million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, through the Serum Institute of India and 120 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine (upon satisfactory conclusion of phase III trials).

He said the vaccines will obtain prior approval by AVATT on the recommendation of the Africa-CDC.

Africa CDC will approve the vaccines having considered the necessary conditions, efficacy including vaccines which have been trialed in Africa and safety.

Mr. Mwamba said the Permanent Representative Committee (PRC) was briefed of the progress that has been made to ensure that member states began to receive the vaccines from March- April 2021.

This is according to a statement issued by
First Secretary for Press and Tourism Mrs. Inutu Mupango Mwanza.


  1. We pray that the evil plans of those whites will end only with them dying. Africa is protected and no weapon formed against us will prosper.
    Ambassador Mwamba just make sure the vaccines are safe for the people. 7million is to much a number of people to lose

  2. It’s really sad that while Russian scientists develop a vaccine for Russia, Indians, Chinese and Japanese can do the same for their people and yet Africans have to depend on a European vaccine. At the same time, all efforts for Africans to come up with at least even a herbal remedy are frustrated. We can only hope the Africa CDC has bonafide and competent scientists who will do the right job and will not accept any bribe to sell their people down the river.

  3. The lord is working through you ba mwamba. We thank you. As a born again this has made me very happy. The lord is protecting Zambia.

    My brother in diaspora pleass contact your relatives here in Zambia and help where you can. Let us work together in the name of the lord

  4. I really really hate reading this kind of articles “Zambia allocated 8.7 million Covid-19 vaccine doses” when are we going to change to Zambia has produced 8.7 million COVID-19 vaccine doses? What are you doing mother Zambia? Why do you only feed on what other people produce for you? This is 21st century. Please wake ? up. You still have time to. Our politicians where are you taking us? We can be better human beings. I rest my case

  5. We have our own African Doctors in Egypt,RSA etc why can’t they do a research and find out exactly what’s in the Vaccines.. looks like we are being implanted with some electronic chips

  6. We have our own African Doctors in Egypt,RSA etc why can’t they do a research and find out exactly what’s in the Vaccines.. looks like we are being implanted with some electronic chips!!!!

  7. “The Task Team has provisionally secured 270 million vaccine doses for Africa”
    Currently, the western countries are struggling to get the vaccines due to logistical challenges and insufficient supplies.
    The allocation Mr Mwamba is bragging about may not even come in 2021.
    People just Mask up and observe strict social distancing.

  8. And you think the likes of PF kakistocracy govt would analyse these vaccines when they have been handed to them on a platter free whether you like or not the space is being made from them at Medical Stores Warehouses ready for distribution. Just look at the shameless Africa Union eager to distribute these vaccines to its citizens even rapidly forming this COVID-19 African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT)….Africans don’t need these vaccine as the majority are youth why are big pharma eager for you to have it? We have had AIDS you dont see AU forming a taskforce and handing out ARVs …we have had wars in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone these suits at AU just seat back. Now this program because its funded externally they are swift to allocate these vaccines.
    Zambia with a population of…

  9. Zambia with a population of 17 million don’t need these vaccines…..Africans seriously ask yourselves why the world is so eager to help you when you have not even been impacted greatly by this virus.

  10. @ Sitali Simui and Kaizar Zulu. The vaccine doses from Europe you speak of disparagingly, will not come from Matero pharmaceuticals supervised by Dr Chitalu Chilufya who has infected the nation with defective and substandard medicines. This will be done through African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT). AVATT is aware how corrupt Zambia is, EG donated Covid-19 misappropriated funds, stolen Social Transfer Cash Funds for the elderly and orphans etc- PF regime is incapable of doing anything sensible.

  11. Muna dekhane what will your constant criticism and accusations bring to the table? How has it helped improve people’s lives? You are cursed by demons and I beg you to become born again like me. I will pray for you, you sinner.

  12. Herd immunity is where more than 60% of the population gets infected and there are fewer people to infect the remaining. By now most Zambians have already been infected even unknowingly. No need for a vaccine, too many concerns that it is a mechanism to depopulate Africa and other developing countries. it could will make people infertile and impotent.

  13. Tarino, the youth can infect older people. Remember we live in a global world which is connected. In order to stop this virus everyone will need to be vaccinated. Remember that in addition to age, underlying conditions can increase risk of death. As such even those who are young could still be at high risk. So to assume that Zambia doesn’t need vaccine owing to its predominantly young population is a fallacy. A very dangerous one. I will pray for you so that you start thinking

  14. Ndoleshyafye – Unfortunately our people are too short -sighted and our politicians are only good at begging, looking forward to the next elections. These vaccines are more than those vaccines of yesteryear, its difficult to have a debate with someone who thinks a vaccine is just a simple injection and you get on with life. 10 years from now do not be surprised when a more women in Africa struggle to conceive.

  15. I am sorry I don’t respond to impostors if you want to have a sober debate find another alias instead of defaming an innocent man in Lusaka who is incapable of typing a paragraph.

  16. Tarino you have responded and yet in the same breadth you claim to not respond to imposters, whatever that may mean. I am the only one who is brave enough to use my real name and photos here while you continue hiding using aliases and pictures of bottles. I will pray for you as you are a possessed boy

    • What a lie! “I am the only one who is brave enough to use my real name”???
      The real guy spells his name Kaizer not Kaizar

  17. These are just campaign statements. Can anyone tell me what facilities zambia has put in place to handle Pfizer vaccine that needs to be transported & stored at – 70 degrees by April??? How??? And people here are all congratulating lies

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