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The 10 issues that must take centre stage in this year elections


By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda

As we head towards August 12th elections day,  10 issues must take centre stage

1 The need to fight corruption: Private greed has reached unprecedented levels and should not be condoned. The impunity with which government functionaries are looting the public purse through dubious contracts (honeybee being the latest) , have shown that society has lost the core values of honesty and honour in the conduct of public affairs.

2. Effective management of the economy: Only those who are illicitly acquiring wealth, those whose personal well being is put above national or public good do not admit that the economy is in shambles. Those who strut around with delusional self-importance will not admit that all the fundamentals have gone topsy turvy. Unsustainable debt comes to mind here.

3.Protection of media freedom: The free press has been under siege in the past few years. Independent media has been intimidated and harassed into oblivion. This onslaught on the fourth estate has been designed to obliterate any system of checks and balances that has been built up since the return to democracy in 1991. The closure of The post is now a harsh and sad reality All true patriots must stand up for the right of the media to operate in an unfettered environment free of harassment from authorities and the cadres they control.

4. Enhancement of judicial integrity: Few will argue that the people have lost faith in the Judiciary’s capacity to deliver justice. It is clear that other considerations rather than the law come into play in most cases. Inequitable bail conditions are now not uncommon.

5 Promotion of national unity: The country is highly polarized. It is either you are PF or opposition not Zambian. This must come to an end.

6 Promotion of democracy and good governance: Because Zambians have lost faith in institutions of governance, and not without reason, our democracy is under siege. This loss of confidence has meant that we have left it to people who should not be anywhere near government running our affairs. This can be seen by the serial incompetence witnessed in every sphere of public affairs’

7 upholding of peace: When those charged with the responsibility of protecting citizens turn fire arms purchased with tax payer kwachas on the same people they are meant to protect, it can only result in anarchy and lawlessness. If the people choose to take matters into their own hands only bloodshed will result. These potential triggers of mayhem must be nipped in the bud.

8 Improvement in the delivery of social services: Social services are an essential part of governance. It follows, therefore, that instead of reduction in the percentage of the budget that goes to social service delivery due to debt servicing obligations, the allocation should be increasing.

9 Reduction in poverty: For a country so well endowed in resources natural human and otherwise the levels of extreme poverty are unacceptable. We require prudent resource management and allocation as a matter of urgency

10 Reducing the high rate of unemployment: Unemployment already high continues to rise. We need to figure out how best to create jobs through value addition of our produce and products. The emphasis should ne on the quality rather than quantity of jobs. Skill transfer and development should be encouraged as should be entrepreneurship with access to affordable capital guaranteed.


  1. The worst institution that the public has lost confidence in in Zambia is the Police, the president was very right. And the way forward is to remove the partisan guy at the top, but he is their darling so that is a non starter. He has been used to circumvent the public order act against the opposition, so he stays where he is.

  2. Governance should be Number 1 priority. That means respecting the Constitution,Rule of law and Human Rights. No Third Term for ECL becoz he has been elected and sworn in twice already. He shouldn’t be allowed to exceed a maximum of 10 years in office. Period.

  3. So this Nkonko is the one that write speeches for HH. Every word used is typical HH wording. First point talked about private greed which is typical of the supreme leader when he had a chance to privatize. Democracy and good governance with parties that have not had internal elections for over 15 years.

  4. Kenyans go to their banks to borrow money to build infrastructure such as residential condos, housing estates, commercial tall buildings like Findeco house but not in Zambia. Everything must be done by government. In Rwanda people are afraid to bribe an official and the police are so well paid that they do not need to Mount road blocks to make money. Botswana was hundred times poorer than Zambia in 1964. It didn’t even have a university by 1980 but today, it is richer. Singapore does not sell land to foreigners but they should partner with citizens. Engineering graduates seek employment not entrepreneurship. In Zambia entrepreneurship means selling salaula.

  5. When Zambians run companies that win a government contract, they are not paid for years. Someone I know got a contract to design a government office building in Somalia and he was paid promptly even in Somalia of all places! In Zambia ‘noto! Zambian personal taxes are too high because the burden falls on very few formally employed people. Even ministers have extra sources of income through their wives and children which they never declare to the taxman. As in the case of the 42 flats it is easy in Zambia to hide properties. Salaam park is full of properties where tenants pay rent in cash (no need for TPIN). The ZRA targets are too low and there is corruption there too.

  6. The top priority in the 2021 August Elections 4 Zambians is to stop Lungu’s Third Ambitions. ECL has already indicated that he wants to be a Life President. He says if elected President in 2021 he will still have unfinished business so will require another 5 year Term in 2026. To avoid a One Party State President in Zambia ECL should be voted out on August 12,2021. Failure to do this Zambia will have a M7 of its own. Zambians should be worried about ECL’s Third Term dream. The writing is on the wall.

  7. Not the voters who have free will ba Zulu?
    Does this make ECZ a divine office? I have not seen it mentioned in the bible. Is the voters roll written by God? If not does this make ba Nshindano God’s lieutenant on earth? Where does this leave our beloved ECL in the divine hierarchy? Are election monitors friends or opponents of divine will? Please guide me.

  8. I also wonder about this ruling business. Do you think we should have a King? It would also mean that we never have to change constitutions to allow third, fourth, fifth, Uganda terms. And no cadres or inter party violence. No NGOs talking of constitutionalism this and human rights that. Think of the money that would save that can be used to pay off the cost of the Royal Terminal at KKIA. Even a new Royal Palace could be built. I think this idea of governing is inappropriate for Zambia, I agree with you that ruling is the correct way forward. Please guide me.

  9. We also need a dedicated task force unit against cadres misbehaving like GBV unit with dedicated fast track court. Cadres need to be tamed and dealt with harshly the same way drug lords are. They are nothing short of warlords.

  10. @Kaizar Zulu.
    You are not right. Since you have just become a ‘born again’ let me educate you about the Bible. God instituted AUTHORITY and RULE, just like He instituted marriage. WHOM you chose to rule is YOUR decision just as whom you choose to marry is your decision too. Do not say God made you to marry someone. That was Adam’s excuse- ‘The woman whom YOU gave me.’ No Sir, it is you who chooses who to lead you. This is not theocracy (rule by God) it is a democracy (rule by the people). In the case of Zambia and other countries like Uganda and Zimbabwe, it is a demoNcracy, (rule by demons). Demons who rig and win.

  11. Leadership is through God. Why do you think zambia is a Christian nation and that all previous leaders have been Christians? Tell hh that as long as he remains fyama Freemasons , takatekepo.

  12. Ask PF regime all those 10 centre stage issues, they will say they have fulfilled them even though they are suffering most from lack of those issues.

  13. This article generally offers good points but gives a clear picture that it was written by a UPND cadre: The need to fight corruption is welcome but has been blown out of proportion to paint a picture that the PF government is completely corrupt, which has always been mere UPND rhetoric and propaganda for a long time right from their defeat. ”The free press has been under siege in the past few years”. Kikikiki……How true? Even your party UPND knows you are lying. There is so much freedom of the press that UPND cadre have even gone to the extent of insulting our leaders with impunity, and which people have lost faith in the Judiciary? Be specific madam and say UPND has lost faith in the judiciary.

  14. Lungu fails miserably on all 10 points…

    The most telly is point 4 , a rotten judiciary , yet lungu is supposed to be a lawyer ???

    He has virtually rundown and corrupted everything in Zambia…….

  15. Ba Zulu you are saying that because every leader has been a Christian God has chosen them? And this makes Zambia Christian? So if every leader of Saudi has been a Muslim God has chosen them? The leaders of China are atheists has God chosen them? I am confused as to whether God appoints only Christians to lead, so non Christians are not leaders at all. Or whether non Christians being appointed means that God intends for the nation not to be Christian, which surely you cannot mean as God is supreme over all nations. Guide me.

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