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German Government donates resources for Zambia/DRC demarcation mission


The German Government through GIZ has handed over technical and personal protective equipment to Zambia for use during the Zambia/Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) demarcation mission.

Speaking at the virtue handover ceremony in Lusaka, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation, Chalwe Lombe expressed gratitude to the German Government for the support rendered towards the demarcation mission.

Ambassador Lombe stated that German’s support towards peace and security efforts in the region and the continent through the African Union Border Programme will contribute towards the regional integration agenda.

The Permanent Secretary reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to the finalization of the demarcation border programme whose completion will enhance political stability, security and promote cooperation, trade and investment between Zambia and DRC.

“Zambia enjoys warm longstanding relations with the Germany Government and values its immense cooperation in areas such as good governance, water and sanitation, wildlife conservation, natural resources management and energy as well as areas of peace and security,” Ambassador Lombe indicated.

German Ambassador to Zambia, Anne Wagner hailed Zambia for the progress achieved with its neighbours in the important field of clarifying borderlines and spurring cross-border cooperation.

Ms Wagner disclosed that the Germany government has been working with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources on the African Union Border Programme since 2008 as pilot countries, therefore, can further share their border governance experiences with other African countries.

The Ambassador commended Zambia for having swiftly and successfully sought the Southern African Development Community’s mediation on the DRC border dispute, resulting in the agreement to demarcate the unclear border.

“The donation of the equipment signified a mark of friendship, partnership and the growing cooperation between Zambia and Germany,” she said.

And the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Assistant Surveyor-General for Survey Services, Leonard Chunga thanked the Germany government for the continued support to the reaffirmation programme of international boundaries through the African Union.

The German government has supported the country in the provision of equipment, technical support and sensitization materials.

The equipment comprises the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) set, 4,000 masks, 400 bottles of 500ml rinse-free sanitizers and 3,600 pairs of gloves. And GIZ is expected to provide complementary training on the usage of the GNSS set.

This was contained in a statement issued to ZANIS by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Officer, Chansa Kabwela.


  1. What exactly is all this redermacation about? Nothing is known by a good number of the citizens of both countries just why this exercise is being undertaken?

  2. Thank you to our German partners. God bless you. Diaspora see the people that keep you are the ones we deal with, not you who are relying on them for handouts

  3. Languages also facilitate building bridges between states and peoples. A national institute of languages and cultures would go a long way in helping future generations to live together with speakers of different languages. The language repertoire could be widened but study needs to be mandatory, including French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish from European side; Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Japanese from Asian side; and so on and so forth until each state represented in Zambia is given an opportunity to be heard in mother tongues.

  4. Kaizar Zulu use your life to improve yourself & your surrounding. Remember you reap what you sow. Forget about others, focus on developing yourself. Society needs your positive contribution

  5. Kaizar Zulu use your life to improve yourself & your surrounding. Remember you reap what you sow. Forget about others, focus on developing yourself. Society needs your positive contribution

  6. Very poor reporting: The reporter arrived at the event and started writing what was being said there forgetting certain basics. Any story has a history or background. You need to tell us what part of the border is being disputed and by who, since when? Even the demarcation of the border in 1884, who did it? How is this current assistance going to help determine the correct borderlines.

  7. @ Dr kasonde why do you want to put more yokes on the already mentally enslaved African? I haven’t heard a single European country that is teaching its citizens Chinyanja, Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba Silozi Luo etc but here you are advocating for more colonial languages to be taught to the African. We already speak enough of the invaders’ lnguages, we should now be focusing on developing our own languages like Julius Nyerere and Kamuzu Banda advocated. The African needs to revive his culture not continue copying invaders’ cultures. The copying just hinders our progress because we focus on petty and token issues of the colonizer when we should be focusing on the important aspects of our own existence

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