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Zambia crosses 50,000 Covid-19 cases mark


Zambia has crossed the 50,000 cases mark of Coronavirus with 1,408 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours.

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda stated that a total of 13,524 tests were performed bringing the cumulative number to 50,319.

In the statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Dr Chanda said Lusaka recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases of 456 seconded by Copperbelt that had 231.

He further pointed out that North-Western province recorded 186, Southern 144, Muchinga 109, Western 77, Eastern 75, Luapula 60, Northern 47 and Central Province recorded 23 cases of Coronavirus.

“As highlighted in yesterday’s statement, our expert analysis anticipates a third wave around May-June of this year. The key lessons from the first and second wave have been incorporated into our efforts to build a resilient health system capable of withstanding a third wave and with concerted efforts we can adequately prepare to avert it,” he stated.

The Health Minister noted with concern the growing numbers of Covid-19 cases in other provinces such as Northern Province.

He emphasized that even as the country fights Covid-19, his ministry has not lost sight of other disease burdens such as maternal and child health, communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS,TB and Malaria as well as other non-communicable diseases.

Dr Chanda said it was disheartening that 17 people succumbed to Covid-19 in the last 24hrs of which 10 have been classified as Covid-19, two as Covid-19 associated and five deaths are pending classification.

“We currently have 6,843 active cases around the country with 6,345 cases under community management and 500 admitted to various health facilities around the country. Of the admitted patients 347 are on oxygen therapy and 50 are in critical condition,” he stressed.

He further appealed to the general citizenry to observe the five golden rules in the quest to avert the further spread of the pandemic.

Yesterday (January 27th 2021), Zambia recorded 1,289 new COVID-19 cases out of the 11,862 tests carried out across the country.


  1. How many vaccinated in Zambia this week?
    It is important that all those rich people like HH who got vaccinated give out the count.
    Get vaccines, we can’t wait for expired left overs.

  2. We put it in the hands of our lord and saviour. Nothing is too big for our loving God. The day opposition stood shunning prayers is day we will all be saved

  3. It can only get better. Naturally, the last distance in a marathon race is the toughest to run. Nobody knows how far it is from the finishing line, but we are getting closer…

  4. Lusaka being the epicentre requires some sort of lock down, authorities have to make a plan. You can’t continue to have people moving from one city to another spreading the virus in such harsh times.

  5. Our biggest concern, considering that we can’t adequately quarantine and the spread is inevitably going to be increasing, is to find our local response to the infected people. managing the symptoms is the only way. so far we can tell that the active and healthy people have some resilience to an extent that they may have it without experiencing any symptom.
    We all might get it how we survive it is what matters now. Research more on our local remedies and to what extent they are helping and publicise the findings. no one knows not even the West. Try the Sondashi formulae too.

  6. Its a very tough situation .The reckless n clueless PF has to make a choice between saving lives or saving the economy.

  7. These are times when politics should be put aside and provide solutions for all to survive. When you love one another, you stand a chance to defeat the common enemy but if you fight yourselves, you become weaker for the enemy to defeat both of you.

  8. Some people on this blog were spreading lies that Zambia and Africa were spared from covid-19.
    The truth of the matter is that Chitalu Chilufya was doctoring the low covid-19 stats to hide the PF’s failure to manage the situation.
    The levels of covid-19 testing in Zambia was far below the WHO standards. But now reality has hit us with the number of daily deaths.

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