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HRC extols committal of 246 death row inmates


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has commended President Edgar Lungu for commuting sentences of 246 death row inmates to life imprisonment.

HRC Principal Information Officer, Simon Mulumbi says the gesture is commendable as it will help decongest Mukobeko maximum security correctional facility and impact positively on the right to health and right to life of the inmates.

Mr Mulumbi explained that before the committal the number of the intimates was in excess of 400 thereby posing great risk on inmates especially with the second wave of COVID-19.

”Overcrowding is a challenge that correctional facilities are facing which has made it difficult for inmates to social distance thus making them prone to COVID-19 and other diseases,” he added.

In a statement issued to ZANIS, Mr Mulumbi said so far 67 COVID-19 cases have been recorded among inmates and officers in correctional facilities.

The Principal Information Officer said there is an urgent need for strict measures to be put in place in order to control the situation and reduce the risk of inmates contracting other diseases.

Meanwhile, Mr Mulumbi said Zambia has earned a good human rights record at international level on account of recommendable actions taken by its leaders to suspend death penalty and commute to life imprisonment.

He has appealed to Government to consider permanently abolishing the death penalty in order to enhance respect to the right to life through a referendum.

The last death penalty executions were carried out in 1997 and Zambia has gained the status of a death penalty abolitionist country.


  1. We must amend the penal code to allow judges to pronounce the kind death penalty. It must mention if the convict qualifies for parole or not and when it can be considered. Otherwise some of these paroles might be unfair. Look at how Charity Chabwera was murdered. What I saw in the murderer was triumph and not remorse when she was released. If the policeman who shot Nsama Chipyoka is sentenced to death it’ll be unfair to grant such a person parole

  2. This is what happens when you have a President with a caring heart for the people. Presidents have come and gone in Zambia, forgetting about those on death penalty sentences. Only ECL has remembered them. May God bless His Excellency.

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