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Labour inspectors raid two Lusaka companies for flouting Covid -19 observation


The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has urged companies operating in the country to seek guidance on the procedure of how to carry out their operations amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Labour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa says government is aware of the hardships experienced by several companies due to COVID-19, thus has devised measures to ensure that operations continue safely.

He stated that the outbreak of the pandemic had struck hard on the economy hence continuation of economic activities is inevitable.

The Commissioner however observed that most companies are not engaging the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on how to continue operations while observing the health guidelines hence the workers tend to suffer.

Speaking in his office, Mr. Muntengwa noted that most employers are restricting their employees from leaving the company premises by compelling them to quarantine without their consent.

He urged that companies should engage government for consultation adding that the labour law will not be compromised especially on the welfare of employees.

“The Labour office is open to all employers for consultation on how companies are supposed to operate amid the pandemic. I can assure companies that the labour law will not take time in reaching out to the welfare of employers,” Mr. Muntengwa explained.

Earlier, Ministry of Labour and Social Security Principal Labour Officer, Joseph Kaindama led a team of inspectors at the Chinese Centre in Long Acres and MBP Tipping Services where they discovered that compliance levels of the labour laws amid the Coronavirus were relaxed.

Mr. Kaindama found workers had been quarantined in the company premises for over eight months to avoid transmitting the virus to others when they go home.

The workers at MBP Tipping Services were also found working without signing contracts hence their salaries were below the minimum wage as stipulated by government.

Mr. Kaindama directed management at Chinese Centre to ensure that workers are released to go home until they come to an agreement that should consist incentives.

He gave a 10 day ultimatum to MBP Tipping Services to ensure that they liaise with the Ministry of Labour on coming up with proper contracts for all the 45 workers.

“I am directing you to release these people so that they can go and see their families by the end of yesterday after work. There is a way of how you can come to terms with these people on the conditions of service amid the pandemic. Ensure you engage our Ministry for proper procedures,” Mr Kaindamo urged the companies.

And employees who remained anonymous complained of bad working conditions and called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to assist them so that they are treated fairly in their own country.

Later, the Principal labor officer had a chat with the affected workers, urging them to engage the Ministry of Labor in cases of bad working conditions so that they are protected.


  1. @ Nostradumus and this is how backwards we are…been also wondering how does spraying the street stop COVID…..they think Corona Virus is an insect…..people needs to be educated about this virus….its more of personal hygiene washing hands and avoiding large crowds and also maintaining social distance….its that simple…..but in Zambia everything is misinterpreted


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