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Over K4 billion collected from road tolls


The government says over K4 billion has been collected from the 27 toll gates countrywide since 2014.

Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu said Four billion, Seven Hundred and fifty-Six million Kwacha was collected from 2014 to July 2020.

Dr. Ng’andu explained that all proceeds from the toll plazas are sent to the government’s account.

Dr Ng’andu was responding to a question from Mufulira Member of Parliament Evans Chibanda during the session for Oral Answer Questions in Parliament today.

Dr Chibanda wanted to know what the total number of toll plazas, countrywide, was as of July, 2020; how much revenue was collected as toll fees, from inception to July, 2020, year by year; when the Government will introduce Point of Sale machines at the toll plazas, countrywide and whether the Government has any plans to start collecting toll fees in foreign currency, in addition to the local currency.

In response, Dr Ng’andu stated that the toll gates are collected in both local currency (Kwacha) and the US dollars.

“From 2014 to July 2020 we collected over K4 billion from all the 27 toll gates. In 2014 K297 million was collected, 2015 K 425 million was collected, K465 million in 2016, K668 Million in 2017, K909 million in 2018 and over K1 billion in 2019,” he said.

The Finance Minister was quick to mention that between July 2020 to date K777 million has been collected.

He emphasized that the electronic toll machines are being used but his Ministry is working closely with Smart Zambia to further find ways of expediting the collection of tolls.


  1. That would be a paltry $190.5 million since 2014? Not even enough to build the lusaka-ndola dual carriageway? That’s roughly $31.75 million annually? Are we sure there are no serious cash leakages there?

  2. When I was first told that there are serious financial leakages at toll plazas I disputed the info and almost got physical with the informat. But when he showed me how his younger brother’s life has been shortly transformed I understood his anxiety. The chap is just a toll collector at the Livingstone plaza but he’s performing financial miracles in the family. He’s now a polygamist!

  3. This is what we mean when we say people in the PF don’t have brains. In 4years 27 toll plazas have failed to raise 20,% of the $2BN purported cost of doing the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway, a stretch with 3 plazas, how will they recoup their investment in 17yrs and make a profit? Those that proposed to build that road aren’t brainless. Lies have short legs

  4. @David M….. while you question the amount of money collected so far, you should keep one factor in mind which you can NOT divorce from the reality of toll gates…..that is TRAFFIC. The size, flow and consistency of traffic also matter for toll gates to make money. Now, I don’t care how you slice it, Zambia does NOT have the kind of TRAFFIC FLOWS to make the sort of billions you may be thinking of. Although Zambia has recorded an increase in traffic, both domestic and foreign, you can nonetheless not compare those numbers to European, American, or even other countries within Africa (countries such S/Africa, Nigeria, or Egypt.) So I think the stated amounts only reflects how small a segment of our population can afford cars and drive, not necessarily graft or “serious cash leakage,”…

  5. Continue…. @David M…

    …. as you put it. This is not to say no one is doing anything illegal or stealing from these funds. But to insinuate that there are SERIOUS CASH LEAKAGES by simply looking at the given numbers above is really the height of unfounded cynicism which is not helpful at all. I have a nephew who has worked (and still works) at toll gates in the Copperbelt and he told me how these toll gates work and how funds are accounted for. But of course no system is full-proof.

  6. They are not even ashamed announcing such figures where they are fleecing motorists in daylight and not even pumping this money back….just look at Namibia its roads are ranked best top 20 in the world. In Zambia we have poor seasonal PF roads that are built at grossly inflated rates.

  7. As expected the angry evil upnd diasporans are up in arms over something that doesn’t concern them. They have never even paid a single top fee in Zambia and don’t even drive there abroad and yet they feel the need to become experts on tolls in Zambia. Bane if that is not a sign of madness I don’t know what is

  8. Gayzar Zulu, you and your gay friends don’t want to admit that K4billion in 7 years is a paltry amount – when the costs of building and operating those toll plazas is subtracted maybe K1billion is left. And no we are not diasporans, we live and work and pay tax in Zambia. You have never paid any tax in your life, corrupt as you are!

  9. Miles I have no time to argue with people like you who are clueless. It’s a waste of time arguing with someone who thinks with tribe rather than brain. You are a lost cause

  10. He should have also mentioned how much of that money was actually spent on maintainance of roads even giving us a breakdown.

  11. @Nemwine, I don’t want Edgar Chagwa Lungu to continue and I don’t want Hichilema to take over. So the agenda is to stop both Edgar and Hichilema. There are many in the PF that don’t support corruption and one of them is Mama Inonge. There’s only a clique of criminals that have held the PF hostage, we must get rid of them. They’ll go with their boss

  12. Good accountability, but why are some of the roads so deplorable like tax money and other money the government are collecting is just for keeping I don’t know. Should the money be used to repair roads and maintain other facilities rather than ending up in some of the managemental’s pockets? And the toll gets money collection should be restricted to more in Card payments and less cash for security purposes and easy accountability of cash flow records and also an electric point of sales should be implemented come on, this is 20th-century things are moving electrically, We just need to engage more with the latest technology. and another thing is tightening up of security system should be another priority. Just an input.

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