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Stop ferrying supporters when summoned by police-Inonge Wina


The GOVERNMENT has urged political leaders in the country to stop ferrying supporters when summoned by police.

Vice President Mrs. Inonge Wina said that the laws of Zambia adequately provide procedures to participate in public gatherings. Mrs. Wina said that the procedures must be followed by all including leaders of political parties.

Mrs Wina said that consequences exist if anyone abrogates the law by ferrying people to show solidarity.

Mrs. Wina said that leaders must control emotions to allow the law to take its course as well articulated by the Minister of Home Affairs in Parliament yesterday.

She was responding to Nchanga Member of Parliament Chilombo Chali who wanted to know why a leader of the opposition went with a mob to the police station instead of alone leading to loss of lives.

And Mrs. Wina said that the opposition cannot stop President Edgar Lungu from traveling across the country in the name of COVID-19, adding that the President has encouraged stakeholders to continue running the wheels of the economy under the ‘New Normal’.

Mrs. Wina said that President Lungu has a government to run which must continue to execute its mandate.

Mrs. Wina said that the Head of State will continue working in any part of the country while following strict COVID health guidelines.

She was responding to UPND Moomba MP Hon Fred Chaatila who wanted to know if the Head of State will stop working across the country in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases.

This was during the Vice President’s Question Time in Parliament today.


  1. It is this diabolical behaviour by hh and his tribal party which led to the unfortunate deaths. As a born again, I have replaced my whisky fridays with mazoe. I will also be holding night prayers to pray for the families of the deceased and that the law follows hh. Why didn’t hh just abide and show himself alone at the police? He is vicariously liable.

    • What law bars opposition leaders or anyone to ferry supporters to a police summons? The PF wants to manufacture PF tailored own laws for oppressing opposition. Mrs Wina should be advising Police not politicians.
      She should be saying “Stop summoning Opposition leaders to police for nothing” instead of “Stop ferrying supporters when summoned by police.”

  2. Which law stops that?? Chitalu Chilufya imported cadres including chiefs all the way from Luapula, Chitotela did the same. Now just because it’s HH who was escorted by his cadres it has become a problem. This woman should rest now. We appreciate what she has done so far to mother zambia.

  3. You’d love you and your cadre cronies to escort Kennedy Kamba when going to confront lnnocent Kalimanshi and yet HH should walk alone . Why for don’t you condemn the one who caused that black day reporting a fake issue to the police. The police would have known that an issue already in court cannot be reported to the police.

  4. Madam, where have you been? Where were you when Chitalu Chilufya brought Luapula chiefs to Lusaka high court? For once be serious. These pronouncements in parliament do nothing but insult the intelligence of Zambians

  5. @ Kaizar Zulu, lol but you can still enjoy your whiskey as a Christian. Let me know how long you will stay on mazoe lol. Am having my champagne with my friends this weekend. Enjoy your weekend, catch you Monday.

  6. Does the VP know something about the Bill of Rights? Supporters of HH, Chanda Chilufya,CK etc have a Right to give their leaders Solidarity when those Leaders are summoned to the Police H/Q, to Church,Hospital, Court, Wedding etc. There was nothing illegal for HH’s supporters to accompany him to the Police Station. Besides HH was summoned to the Police on a Land Case which was already b4 the High Court. The Police should not violate HH’s Rights by summoning him to the Police Station on frivolous grounds. ZPS should respect the Rights of Citizens and their Political Leaders.

  7. So what did Chitalu Chilufya ferry to court when he was summoned? Condoms?

    These are the leaders that become blind when it suits them.

    Vote wisely.

  8. The state caused the death of those two innocent Zambians by using the police services who were given instructions to shoot to kill. That’s what happened, to fire live fire arm at un armed Zambians like the Sharpeville massacre of South Africa – condemned world over- Zambia police replicated that act. Indeed call out to police stations are used by the state to intimidate Zambians. The Police know where all political opposition leaders live and in a civilised manner in the presence of individual’s lawyers carry out their duties. However, what Zambians experience at the hands of police is retribution and show of violence towards innocent Zambians. Many Zambians don’t believe what president Lungu is saying over this sad episode of Zambian political phase. President Lungu has power to avoid…

  9. all lives lost during political violence under his watch – so how can a state prosecutor be killed in cold blood by state machinery. Keep on explaining.

  10. The VP Statement is frivolous. There is no law in Zambia which prohibits supporters from accompanying their Leaders when they are summoned to the Police. The Zambian Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights provides Citizens with freedom of movement. There was nothing wrong or illegal when HH’s supporters accompanied him to the Police.

  11. Thats nonsense..Dr Chitalu Chilufya and Ronald Chitotela had throngs of sympathisers whenever they appeared before investigative wings and they were not reprimanded. Why doing so on HH?

  12. Noooooo…..

    It is your police callouts which are political persecutions , period.

    How can you summon people to the police without letting them know why you are issuing a call out ?

    The fact remains , lungu and his PF police had cooked up a more malicious charge against HH meant to keep him locked up untill the new year, that’s why nothing was said about the nature of the callout.

    Only the unfortunate deaths made lungu and his gang instead use the farm story , which was already in court anyway….

  13. Its unfortunate our respected Veep has gone offside. How do you expect a political leader to move from one point to another lonely and expect him to lead. Even during fight for independence the KK and team drew their strength from the masses if they took it individually we would still be under colonialism. Even during change from ONE PARTY PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACT TO MULTIPARTISM it was easy to confront Super Ken regime as a group. IN NUMBERS THERE IS STRENGTH. I thank the Veep for her immerse contributions to mother and after disolusion of parliament, I would urge her to pave way for fresh blood in PF to take over from her. How does a serious opposition or ruling party exist without vibrant members who follow its leadership expect to serve its purpose. Its follow, follow the Leader madam…

  14. There was absolutely no need to summon HH to the Police Station for a Case which was already b4 the High Court. The Case was subjudice but the Police still went ahead to illegally summon him to the Police Station. Clearly ZPS had planned to arrest HH on a fake charge which was not disclosed. Under Pressure ZPS gave a subjudice excuse 4 summoning him to the Police Station. Since then HH has won the 2 Cases which were b4 the High Court. ZPS should stop interfering with Court Processes and stop summoning Suspects on filmsy grounds. Supporters of HH had every Constitutional Right to accompany him to the Police Station. Period.

  15. My cup of tea, diaspora lady I am glad you are having a fun weekend. You are right about drinking. But I know myself and what whisky can do. It makes me do all sorts of things. So best I stay away from it. Champaz is nice. What are we celebrating?

  16. The VP should tell ZPS desist from summoning Political Leaders to the Police Station for no apparent reason. ZPS summoned HH to the Police Station and gave a frivolous reason 4 the summon becoz the Land Cases were already b4 the High Court. ZPS had no business interfering in the two Land Cases b4 the High Court. Zambia is a Constitutional Democracy and not a Police State where Citizens are arrested with impunity.

  17. Don’t start mudslinging game here,take the responsibility squarely on your shoulders for the killing of Nsama and Kaunda.It was not the act of solidarity which killed the two innocent souls but the police who where acting in your orders.
    Everywhere in the world supporters go by themselves in solidarity of their leaders.Did you see HH hiring minibuses to ferry supporters to force HQ.Your dunderheads have caused so much damage to this country.Talk about real issues here stop yapping nonsense.

  18. @edchig you are a very sad demon. As a born again, i forgive you and will pray for you. You sinner.

    Just like tarino you insult me here and call me fake and yet you contact me on social media asking for money. It hurts to be ignored ka?

  19. @edchig you are a very sad demon. As a born again, i forgive you and will pray for you. You sinner.

    Just like tarino you insult me here and call me imposter and yet you contact me on social media asking for money. It hurts to be ignored ka?

  20. @ Kaizar Zulu, too many jealous people here. I got a promotion at work, after joining a new organisation 10 months ago. Am the only African in our office and very proud of my achievements. Our office team has decided to throw me a celebratory get together on Saturday night to toast to my success. Stick to the mazoe for now or maybe Ceres, time will come for us to toast with some Whisky again. Cheers!!

  21. Kaizer, no one died because Lungu didn’t give the order purely because chilufya was no threat to his presidency. Same with Chitotela or you!

  22. You ppl supporting the idealogy of ferrying of supporters to accompany the opposition leader to the courthouse! Don’t you really think it has intimidation to judicial justice? a question out of curiosity I’m not a lawyer nor do lawistic minded person.

  23. Bo Inonge wait for your time to be appearing before the police and the courts that is when you will know the importance of escort.

  24. Madam Wina, kindly refer to the Bill of Rights.

    If you’re doubting, your ministers who’ve been ‘unfortunate’ enough to be investigated and taken to court have had had numbers of green clad party supporters, neglecting covid-19 measures to stop the spread the virus, accompanying Ministers. This is solidarity, as per PF language, anyways this what’s good for the goose may never be good for the gander.

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