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Lusaka Province is ready for schools opening on Monday


Lusaka Province, Provincial Education Officer Dr. Christopher Sinkamba says the province is ready for schools opening on Monday, February,1,2021.

Speaking when a team from the Operation 100 Covid 19 Task led by Lusaka Central constituency member of parliament Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe visited Twinpalm Secondary school and Prince Takamado school in Lusaka, Dr. Sinkamba said all schools in Lusaka will ensure that they religiously adhere to the health guidelines put in place by Government.

He said parents should have no fears but ensure that their children report to school on Monday because the environment is safe.

” As a province we are prepared to open schools on Monday and we are going to religiously adhere to the health guidelines by the Ministry of Health. We will not let Government down and the parents that have entrusted us with their children. Parents should have no fears but bring their children to school, on Monday” Dr. Sikamba said.

And Lusaka central constituency lawmaker Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe expressed happiness at the level of preparedness by schools in her constituency ahead of opening on monday.
She assured parents that the schools are safe for their children and teachers.

” Really, when you see the commitment, the partnership, the zeal and zest from all areas,whether it’s the ministry of health, education or taskforce from the three trade union movement it gives me great confidence entering into Monday,” Hon. Mwanakatwe said.

” I want to implore that the children are safe. We are also looking at the safety of the teachers as well. We need to ensure that both are safe,” she said.


  1. Is it not possible to have all schools employ a medical practitioner to help curb this SARS-CoV-2 kanshi by the school gate? Teachers alone won’t manage.
    I am concerned mwe. Govt do something on this.

  2. It has been proven that mass gatherings are Covid-19 Super Spreaders. Church,Funerals, Weddings, Political Rallies,Schools etc are Covid-19 Super Spreaders gatherings. Opening schools b4 Covid-19 Infection rates are contained to reasonable levels is a huge mistake. Already Clerics and prominent citizens are dying of Covid-19. The Govt by opening schools now is risking the lives of Teachers,pupils and parents due to Covid-19. The writing is on the wall.

  3. The problem with our leaders is that they look at everything from a political angle. Saying that kids are safe is a lie. No one is safe. Even adults who can take care of themselves are dying of Covid.

    Just say we are trying our best to make it as safe as possible, instead of giving people false safety and making the situation worse

  4. We thank you specialists in the field for confirming this. Remember we cannot put the education of our people on hold. We need to look at ways of coexisting with this virus. We do not want a generation of dull people. All pupils will need to take precautions and responsibility. Wash hands and keep distance. Only those not adhering will lead to spread.

  5. Really laughable…no coordination at all just barking like mad dogs and Jonas Chanda will come and announce increased numbers of covid-19 cases this afternoon.

  6. Let’s hope schools open on monday.On Tuesday we will get
    The news that opening of schools
    Extended as some measures need
    To be placed.

  7. so i dont think there is COVID in Zambia..,just making up stories…you saying the enviroment is safe and yet you saying thousands are testing positive every day….no wonder people think this COVID is just a hoax…too much mixed mesages

  8. Anonymous – PF is a kakistocracy…covid-19 will still here in till August and PF will also use it as a source for donor funding and an excuse for their incompetence.

  9. @Tarino Orange
    I agree with you 100%….PF is full of useless chaps starting with Bandit President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and all his minions and big head Kaizar Zulu

  10. I’m sure the moment private school fees are paid next week, then our leaders, the owners of private schools will declare school closure.

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