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Disregard of Covid-19 preventive guidelines worries Health Minister

HealthDisregard of Covid-19 preventive guidelines worries Health Minister

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has expressed concern at the continued deliberate disregard of public health guidelines, particularly at super spreader events such as funerals, markets, shopping malls, townships and on public transport.

Dr. Chanda noted that the virus is still very active in communities hence people should not drop the guard against the further spread of Covid-19.

He has since advised that in order to protect oneself and loved ones from the pandemic, it is important that the simple five golden rules that include wearing of facemasks correctly and consistently, maintaining of social distance, washing hands frequently with soap and water or use of hand sanitiser, avoiding crowded places by possibly staying at home and seeking medical attention early if symptomatic are heeded to.

The minister has reiterated that people can also use local remedies such as steaming (ukufutikila), vitamin C, Zinc and other supplements.

“Remember that the numbers we report daily are not mere statistics but people within our communities, people we know, our brothers, sisters, parents and friends,” he said.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Dr. Chanda announced that 825 Covid-19 positive cases were recorded across the country in the last 24 hours from the 5,600 tests conducted.

He highlighted that 303 cases were recorded from the Copperbelt province, 248 Lusaka, 104 Southern, 60 North-Western, 45 in Luapula, 28 in Central, 16 Northern, Eastern 15 and 6 from Western.

The latest statistics bring the cumulative number of confirmed cases recorded to date to 55,042 in the country.

“There are encouraging signs of reduction in numbers of patients admitted in our health facilities but we should not let down the guard now,” he stated.

And Dr. Chanda added that 17 new deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours, which included five on the Copperbelt province, Luapula three, Southern three, Eastern province two, Lusaka two, Muchinga one and North-Western Province one, bringing the cumulative number of Covid-19 related deaths to 780.

He explained that 349 have been classified as Covid deaths, 405 as Covid-19 associated deaths adding that 26 deaths are pending classification.

“Today, we also report 1,394 additional discharges bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 49,394. We currently have 4,868 active cases of which 430 (8.8%) are currently admitted to our Covid-19 isolation facilities. Among the admissions, 293 are on oxygen therapy and 40 are critical,” said Dr. Chanda.

Meanwhile, the minister disclosed that a quick spot check at some schools this morning found encouraging levels of adherence to the prescribed guidelines including screening, provision of hand washing facilities and wearing of masks.

He said government through his ministry remains committed to ensuring that schools provide lessons with the utmost regard for the safety and well-being of children.

“Our report on the readiness assessment of schools for reopening will provide key insight into the measures that have been put in place for guidance adherence and monitoring,” Dr. Chanda said


  1. We need to bring back fines for people not adhering to regulations and for not wearing masks in public. There are still people meeting in numbers in make shift churches at schools, halls and,parks every weekend as well as socially and for functions. Other countries like India have,managed to flatten the curve because of being strict.

  2. Ba Minister you should also worry about PF government disregarding Covid numbers and under reporting.The Boston study has revealed this truth.

  3. I like this minister of health. He is more of a doctor and not a politician as was his predecessor. It looks like Dr Chilufya was playing to the political gallery.

  4. Until mass gatherings like Church Services, Funerals, Weddings, Social Parties, Political Rallies (working visits) etc are stopped or regulated Covid-19 Infections,hospitalizations and deaths will continue to rise. The PF Govt must swallow its pride and stop these Covid 19 Super Spreader Activities. Already Clerics,Politicians,Prominent Citizens are dying in huge numbers. Weaponising Covid-19 for Political gains will make matters worse. The writing is on the wall.

  5. I said it and will say it again, whlpping is the only solution. My bro lusambo bulldozered compliance through his tough stance.

  6. opening schools when there is pandemic is also disregarding COVID guide lines….Kaizer Zulu waiting for Lungu at the Airport is also disregarding COVID guidelines

    • Our cases are not as bad as you there in diaspora. Our specialist have advised that with the prevention measures in place we can return our kids. We don’t want our kids being dull. Actually it is good cause means our kids here will have advantage over your western kids there abroad. It will be a generation of ifikopo there abroad

  7. Unfortun Unfortunately all the measures put in place have never helped in anyway both in Zambia or out side.
    Mean time don’t rush to close down churches leaving markets and political rallies.

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