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Sebastian Zulu has died

Headlines Sebastian Zulu has died

Former Justice Minister Sebastian Saizi Zulu SC has died.

He died last evening at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in Lusaka.

Mr. Zulu served as Justice Minister under President Michael Sata between 2011-2012.

Mr Zulu also served as UNIP Secretary-General after UNIP lost elections.


  1. Rest in peace. This generation of leaders is slowly becoming extinct. He served UNIP at a very difficult time. Condolences to the family

  2. Just proud that the Zulu name is made up of mainly successful and intelligent men and women..it is a blessed name. I thank you all for the support and messages I have recieved following the demise of my mentor and father.

  3. The political history of Zambia is disappearing as fewer Zambians like to read and even fewer-er like to write. KK hasn’t written a book ever since the white people who used to help him left the country and he lost power. He tried to write with Mark Chona, but we are still waiting. Meanwhile, Dr VJ has got another one up his sleeve. Mukwita wrote for Levy. Another wrote for Ala Bee. Whites do not waste time, see Guy Scott and Andrew Sardanis, Zukas. And we wonder why we keep repeating the same mistakes!

  4. It’s a shame your father bore a child of your nature. You have brought disrepute and Shame to your father.

    A crook and a thief

  5. I’m talking to you KZ. Your father left a legacy he was an honourable man. Unlike you a crook/ thief. You have brought Shame to your father.

    You need to redeem yourself by disassociating from thuggery/corruption and aligning yourself to your boss who is a thief by profession and engrossed in stealing to the hilt.

  6. I join the Zulu family in mourning their dear departed Sebastian Saizi Zulu. I had occasion to meet him a number of times. He was perhaps the oldest member of the Law Association of Zambia.

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