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There is a risk of the public being misled by false information peddled on social media as country heads to the polls

Headlines There is a risk of the public being misled by false information...

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has said that there is a need for media institutions to reposition themselves to provide accurate information as the country heads to the polls in August, adding that there is a risk of the public being misled by false information peddled on social media.

Mr. Malupenga said that there is a need for the country to invest more in proper journalism so that journalists provide well-processed information to the public and that it is worrying that social media has taken center stage and that people are being misled by half-baked information and lies on social media.

Peaking when he conducted a tour of Zambia Institute of Mass Communication Education Trust (ZAMCOM) and Zamcom Lodge in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Malupenga called on Zamcom NOT to lose sight of its initial mandate to provide in-house training to media practitioners, saying there have been lots of complaints on the falling standards in the practice of journalism.

Mr. Malupenga said there is a need for training institutions such as Zamcom to intensify interactions with the industry to identify where the gaps are and further called for revisiting the curriculum to meet the needs of the time.

And Zamcom Board Chairperson Robert Makola said the Institution has developed capacity to up skill practicing media practitioners in any area of interest.

Mr. Makola said with the support of the Ministry of Information through a capital grant of one million leach in December 2018, Zamcom has acquired basic broadcasting equipment which is helping the institution execute its mandate of training in media through hands-on.


  1. Especially the UPND propaganda. Now 2 of their members face jail because they have no brains. How could you manufacture such blatant lies? That isn’t the way to wrestle power. Kumanyoko pumbafu. I hope that they will be given long sentences to set as an example

  2. During 2011 election campaigns PF openly peddled false info about “more money in your pockets” . That was NOT social media.

  3. The leading institutions in providing half baked information are government media houses like ZNBC, Times and Daily who only report about PF cadres and ministers. There is no balanced reporting from these institutions. Opposition parties are only reported in the negative or only those who support PF are reported about. This has created a huge information gap, which online and other private media are providing to balance the public media’s bias. The PS information should be ashamed that this is happening under his watch. If the PS wants professionalism, let him ensure that it starts with GRZ media institutions.

  4. The PS has said nothing of substance. He is just waffling instead of getting to the point. Having been sworn in by ECL we know where his bread is buttered. The Public Service, ZPS, ECZ ,the Judiciary especially Zambia Concourt etc are all State Captured so how can we have free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections on August 12, 2021? It doesn’t look like.All indications point to a violent and disputed Election which will lead to an illegitimate Govt. Illegitimacy will have serious consequences on the Zambian Economy.The situation is desperate to an extend that Men of cloth are calling 4 a rigged Election for the incumbent to retain Power. Unless 2021 Elections are credible and peaceful Zambia is heading 4 tough times ahead.

  5. These foooools may switch off the internet like in UG….best way to counter false news is to be transparent and accountable which PF is not!

  6. Just go on hh social media and see the lies he peddles. Government we need to contact Mark Zuckerberg and request the account is blocked

  7. For the past 8 or 9 years we have been telling lungu to deny allegations that he is a corrupt theif…

    He never once done that , ….

    instead he shut down independent media that was exposing him…..

    only now when he wants to look like he is fighting corruption ?

    Sorre bwana , it will take more that those token firings that should have happened years ago to sway public opinion…

  8. Don’t get surprised if there’s a clamp down soon. He’s only worried about social media false information but not traditional media false information where the state dominates. Counter the false information by giving appropriate and correct information on social media.

  9. That’s dumb!! Are fire shortages fake? Is honey bee saga fake?? Are violations of the covid by the head of state fake?? Every one including the blind can see how the current government is mismanaging the economy!! With or without social media economic missmanagement will show (high inflation, unemployment useless kwacha) so bwana PS just bootlick quietly instead of exposing your incompetence in public!!!!

  10. this is just a suggestions which ever party forms the new government, all the winning people should be measured and weighed and photographed and made public , and then after every 6 months the same process so that we can see who is chewing the poor peoples monies. I have seen a lot of the people in the governing party bloating very fast, kawiri kudya a mahara.

  11. When the government media starts hiding the truth or giving the public half truths that gives birth to conjecture and fake news.

  12. BLAH BLAH BLAH…. Thats why GOD gave each homosapien what is called a BRAIN … Use it to analyze issues and weed out sense from nonsense ….. ALA!!

  13. Spreading rumors and publishing false news is already free in Zambia. There is no legal restriction, no judicial punishment, and many people like to lie on social media.

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