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Father Laston Lupupa has asks for forgiveness from Zambians

Feature Politics Father Laston Lupupa has asks for forgiveness from Zambians

JESUIT PRIEST, Father Laston Lupupa has asked for forgiveness from Zambians and especially from those hurt by his remarks.

Last week, a video emerged where Fr Lupupa urged leaders seeking to rule Zambia to condemn violence and preach love. He said God would not allow a leader whose heart was not for Zambia to enter State House. He followed up by saying, “it’s better to rig an election against such a leader!”
These remarks caused a social-media storm as people took turns to condemn him.

Others said Fr Lupupa’s remarks were not far off from numerous recent and partisan remarks attributed to Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu.
In the new video, Fr Lupupa has since apologised for his remarks and said as many people know him, he is a good citizen and has pursued peace and national unity all his life.

He said after reflection and counsel from the leadership of the Church, he has sought forgiveness from the people over what he termed as his offensive remarks.


  1. He didn’t have the need to apologise… He communicated so effectively in that message and all culprits were agitated by that truth in his message… I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they have just forced him to apologise

  2. The message is already out there. Apart from the rigging part, I actually saw nothing wrong in what he said. Basically, he was only saying those ambitious about leadership should not do so with feelings of vengeance as this may put obstacles in their way.

  3. We appreciate that message by Father Lupupa…it really sank will in their heads that’s why the out bust out of nothing … In case some have forgotten…the message was simple, “you can’t promise evil to achieve good.”

  4. So cabe Fr Lupupa. Sorry tamvela. Manje this idea that you can use a pulpit to expose planned rigging is not good. Kapena ku katolika mungacokeko so that you do not apologize again. Endani ku seminary mukapumule. Meanwhile, citizens, check the planned rigging and put a stop to it. I don’t care who wins the next elections.

  5. He was asked to apologise. So is he being sincere? He was boasting, ati “quote me”. The Church wants to wash off of him. 5 minutes of glory after the good man, Late Father Chilinda…..And you call him a man of God?!? Ma jelas ayo! No, I am not UPND!

  6. We wonder who has forced Fr Lupupa to apologize and repent? Fr Lupupa is a PF Cadre who is desperate to have ECL and PF retain Power. Fr Lupupa rightly realises that ECL cannot win and retain Power in 2021 if the Elections are free,fair,credible and peaceful. The only way to retain Power is 4 ECL to rig the August 12, 2021. This rigging is under way with or without an apology from Fr Lupupa. Fr Lupupa must have been pressurised by the Powers that be to apologize for letting the cat out of the bag so to speak. No Election Rigger wants to publicly admit that the Elections are being rigged. Lawrence Evans has revealed that 2021 Elections are being thru an ECZ “doctored ” Voters Roll. ECZ abandoned the old Voters Roll and created a New one which has disenfranchised Voters in HH’s…

  7. Fr Lupupa’s apology in not genuine. The Election Rigging Plans as revealed by Fr Lupupa and Lawrence Evans are underway. HH and genuine Opposition Leaders must put measures to protect the Vote otherwise ECL and PF will rig the 2021 Elections the same way they rigged 2015 and 2016 Elections. The writing is on the wall.

  8. His apology doesn’t sound sincere. Its like he was just forced to apologize by the church or else be removed. Better he remains in the shadows from now on.

  9. Thanks to Father Lupupa, this is a sure sign of Humility and a Tender heart, God bless you. A true man of God does not stick to Pride and a Stony Heart when they realize they hurt some people at least for the sake of peace and unity both in the church and the nation. With due respect, if only our Father Telesphore Mpundu and Bishop John Mambo could kindly emulate Father LL and apologize to the Zambian people as well for their hate speeches against the PF, There are many PF members in Catholic but we still feel hurt by those speeches.

  10. It is a crime to promote rigging. This case needs to undergo a court due process. And the church needs to examine how mentally fit this guy is.

  11. He didn’t need to apologise. What crime did he commit apart from shaking the cages of the insecure f00lish upnd supporters. Anyway as he is a man of God who does not want to anger any citizen I understand why he has apologised. With upnd apes you just have to do whatever it takes to silence them. It is less stressful

  12. My God forgive me. Father Lupupa is a very foolish man. He spoke so carelessly and yet so confidently. The pulpit is not for this nonsense. Our country is in turmoil. Covid-19 is raging. Clergymen and women are dying. We need leadership not *****s. Useless man.

  13. You know a man by his acknowledgement of mistakes because God is not a God of confusion. Can all those that think our man of God didn’t error man up and equally apologise. That is why I think ECL is wise but surrounded by questionable people. He kept quiet and waited for God’s guidance. Now how do you look at those that thought the man of God was right?

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    So what would happen to those who were defending him… will they come out and apologize too? You can tell his apology isn’t genuine as he admits he was censured by his church elders.

    In a normal functioning society law enforcement agencies would visit him so he could provide moee information about his rigging diatribe.

    But the opposition should not dismiss these rigging remarks… they should do their own investigations and actually find out what and how they do it… man can’t speak from without.

  15. Whatever the Catholic Priest (Fr. Lupupa) said, i.e. his earlier words from the Pulpit and his later ‘apology’; in both cases the nation has been informed.

  16. Only those who know what it takes to have the title he has can understand he’s not a simple man they rule the world and history can testify the society of Jesus they mean business

  17. This Catholic Priest is full of hate and should be removed, Zambia is a country of love and peace. this man is controlled by the evil catholic church that had done so much damage worldwide with destroying lives, culture and home to thousands of pedophile priests , lock him up before he causes more damage to Zambia.

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