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KCM refutes allegations that it has fired all employees aligned to opposition political parties

Economy KCM refutes allegations that it has fired all employees aligned to...

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has said that it has become aware of an unfounded report circulating in some sections of the media alleging that the company’s Provisional Liquidator (PL) Milingo Lungu has fired all employees aligned to opposition political parties.

The said report also cites some employees as victims and claims that, “several Patriotic Front (PF) leaders and councilors have been left to cross over to the restructured KCM.”

In a statement released to the media the Company said that it refutes these allegations with the contempt it deserves and wishes to put on record that there is no political inclination in the restructuring and reorganisation of KCM. The objective of the process is to increase efficiency and optimize operations, and not to target any individuals for whatever reason may be perceived elsewhere.

The ongoing re-organization exercise is aimed at leveraging the available human resources for maximum productivity. Like in any industrial restructuring, the re-engagements of the employees is labor requirement driven. Management respects the principles of freedom to contract and offer employment to the best required skilled individuals.

Some employees have voluntarily opted not to continue with employment in the new subsidiary companies namely KCM SmelterCo Limited and Konkola Mineral Resources Limited to pursue other interests, and management cannot force them to accept the offer of employment.

“Therefore, the allegations are both unfounded and misleading to all stakeholders, and are intended to discredit the Provisional Liquidator and the management, “the statement concluded.


  1. A t a s e! Bu Cathotlic father bwa ku t o m b a tukampenga p a m a t a k o… am not suprised that he spews diarrhea from his dirty mouth.

  2. A t a s e! Bu Catholic father bwa ku t o m b a tukampenga p a m a t a k o… am not suprised that he spews diarrhea from his dirty mouth.

  3. A t a s e! Bu Catholic father bwa ku t o m b a tukampenga p a m a t a k o… am not suprised that he spews diarrhea from his dirty stinking mouth.

  4. In fact you should go ahead and fire those tribal f00ls. They are ones slowing us down through their unpatriotic actions.

  5. It is true… there are few media publication who works only to benefit UPND leader Hichilema. Made-up stories, false allegations, etc. are being circulated through such social media platforms to damage the image of the PF government. We have to beware of such news publication.

  6. We really want our government to take strict actions on paid media for spreading fake news. This is a serious crime because such fake news has the potential to create riots or violence and damage the peace of the country.

  7. First, there was series of news about Honeybee pharmacy’s connection with the government, the pharmacy had release an official statement regarding the same. And now this news! Even there are negative news about the Covid-19 Vaccine and the government has said that only to believe the statements from the officials.

  8. We demand strict action against such media. The government must show them that our law system is stronger like in America. No mercy for criminal offense!

  9. Even there are news that Zambia police working only for the PF government. PF ordered police to arrest HH, kill HH, and whatnot. All these things are happening in front of our eyes. Still, some fools support UPND, we doubt their patriotism towards Zambia.

  10. We demand an investigation into Hichilema’s income. How he becomes the richest person in Zambia. Why police called him for summon? How he is allowed to hold a campaign and election when he holds criminal background. Enough is Enough! We want to know his history.

  11. I think all this is a part of their political campaign. We know that HH did zero productive work, he has no real agenda. So he thought to attack the government and damage their image by spreading rumors about them. But this trick is not working because we Zambians are smart. We check the authenticity of the news before believing it.

  12. Unfortunately some people have been filled with fear of the unknown. We tend to believe so much what is written without questioning the motive of the authors. If only we can be critical enough. Some people have come to believe that if political party X or Y will happen to them and their kinship.

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