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Positive COVID-19 District Education Board Secretary Commits Suicide while in Isolation Centre


Mporokoso District Education Board Secretary Joseph Kamalondo has committed suicide while in the COVID-19 isolation centre in the district.

Mr Kamalondo 57, tested positive for COVID-19 and was receiving treatment at the isolation centre located in the region.

The deceased committed suicide on Monday evening, by hanging himself on the window frame.

And Northern Province Police Commissioner Jestus Nsokolo has confirmed the death of Mr Kamalondo to ZANIS in Kasama.

Mr Nsokolo said the deceased committed suicide at the isolation centre where he was quarantined after having tested positive for COVID-19 on January 29th, 2021.

The Police Commissioner narrated that the body was discovered by nurses on duty.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited in the Mporokoso District Hospital Mortuary.

Meanwhile, Mporokoso District Administrative Officer, Patrick Chewe has expressed sadness over the death of Mr Kamalondo.

Mr Chewe regretted the untimely death, adding that he was a colleague whose absence will be greatly missed.

And Mporokoso Council Chairperson Clement Kabwe said he was shocked to learn of the demise of the DEBS.

Mr. Kabwe said he talked to him on the phone while still in the recovery centre and wished him a quick recovery.


  1. This has really upset me. Why God is this happening? For the past months I have been championing and calling for a robust policy on mental health especially with the effects of covid. I have presented my recommendations to the cabinet and I trust that they will take them on board. Mental health is not being taken seriously in Africa.

  2. This is not the first suicide in Zambia associated with covid.

    There might be other factors involved, which merit investigating to dispel the seemingly emerging patten of killing oneself when found with covid.

    Rest in peace.

  3. I think it’s due to superstition despite the fact that he was working in education. For all the havoc this virus causes, the survival rate is good enough under appropriate care. Someone working in education should be part of society’s enlightened people who should be there to help it attain a higher status.

  4. Nostra I am certain bro lusambo will outlive you and your f00lish parents. I blame them for your f00lishness. They didn’t discipline you

  5. @ Kaizar Zulu, indeed mental health needs more support. People do not understand that all those suicidal thoughts are as a result of some mental health issues. I think we need to get to a point where we accept that it exists and provide the necessary support and treatment required. Not just religious/spiritual support alone but thorough counselling with a mental health practitioner and medication as well. Otherwise, the suicide rate is becoming alarmingly high and should raise a red flag.

  6. @Diapora lady, very well written. Let the government surprise us for once and do the right thing. Revamp the medical and social system in the country so that no Zambian is left behind. Judging by what is presently going on, this is a dream that Zambians will probably never live to see realised. There is just too much confusion, kolaption etc.

  7. Mr Kaizar, sir please help us get to the President. We are former employees of Zccm Ndola Copper Refinery (Precious Metal Plant) we have been pushing for our Zccm accrued terminal benefits since 2001. Should one commit suicide to be heard??? Please help, Sir. Our case is genuine but we don’t understand why.

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