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CSAWUZ hails President Lungu for appointing Seasoned Civil Servants to Permanent Secretaries positions

General News CSAWUZ hails President Lungu for appointing Seasoned Civil Servants to Permanent...

The Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) has hailed President Edgar Lungu for appointing five seasoned civil servants to positions of Permanent Secretaries.

CSAWUZ president Davy Chiyobe said in statement to the media that the appointment of five civil servants, out of the seven newly appointed Permanent Secretaries, is a recognition of the hard work of the officers.

Mr. Chiyobe said the union is confident that the officers will carry out their assignments well because they have risen through the ranks and understand the civil service well.

He said the union looks forward to the permanent secretaries, who are the administrative heads of ministries and provinces, to be permanent as their careers as civil servants have tenured beyond the life of any particular government.

“As a union, we greatly appreciate the decision by the Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to appoint seasoned civil servants as Permanent Secretaries,” Mr Chiyobe said.

He said a system in which public service workers ascend to the topmost levels of public administration is one of the defining characteristics of a democratic government.


  1. The same unions benze ndwiiii on political cadre appointees, does it mean your settings are only on praise mode?

  2. Edgar Lungu thinks there are only stupid people from half of the country. He’s peddling darkness and division. He has no clue wht leading a post-colonial state entails. He recites slogans such as one Zambia one nation but has no clue hw to build a nation.

  3. I doubt they are seasoned! They should either be serious bootlickers, cadres or relations of PEP or criminal associates. Worse still they could be slated for use as useful *****s!

  4. Lungu’s tribal bigotry as manifested in his appointments and goons he keeps as friends like Mumbi Phiri and CliDoras Slit shows the chap is the wrong one for Plot 1.

  5. Any Union with savvy visionary unbiased representatives would lobby for a more fair appointment system of PS but these old dinosaur bootlickers worried about their stomachs and GRZ contracts can not see this …the specific model apparently favoured worldwide is for a Secretary of Cabinet (state) to be able to select their several Permanent secretary appointments and the role of ministers permanent secretary from a shortlist of candidates put forward by an independent panel. In Zambia we have a similar model but the system had been heavily politicised by the PF regime of old man Sata and disrupted further under Lazy Lungu whereby now PF secretariat proposes a single candidate whom the President or the minister can accept or veto.

  6. Under MMD we had seasoned PS candidates put forward by Cabinet Office …this is why during RB or Mwanawasa era you wouldn’t have clowns and fraudsters like Bishop Chomba finding themselves in the PS office we had technocrats back then that’s why that govt was a success in management of public resources.

  7. Look at that f00l tarino. His tribe cannot bring him to accept that EC Lungu has done a good thing. You will die an angry man alone there abroad. People like you are a waste of space. Sometimes I wonder why God takes away people of substance and yet allows f00ls like tarino to see another day. Why can’t covid just clear this angry moron

  8. I am very sorry I don’t respond to UK based impostors or attention craving Internet trolls!! # N3z the coon

  9. My post @12 above needs to be expanded. Governing a post-colonial state is not just a matter of sloganeering as in shouting “one Zambia one nation”. It’s not for nothing that whole learned journals in academia exist to study post-colonial states. It’s because of their tendency to descend into violence, widespread human rights violations, pointless mutual suspicions among various communities, violently break up or simply what is known as “othering” as Fr Lastone Lupupa put it whn he said “bambi bakateke” that academia is bothering to inquire into post-colonial states. Who are the “others” in Zambia and wht makes them “others”? Do these “others” belong? If they don’t belong, why don’t they belong? Academia seeks to understand the causes of such beliefs and thinking and hw…

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