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Zambians temporarily banned from travelling to Germany


The Germany government has announced a temporary travel ban on several southern African countries that include Zambia, South Africa, Lesotho and Eswatini with effect from the 7th to 17th February 2021 when the ban will be reviewed.

Quoting a post on the Germany embassy website, the Zambian Embassy in Berlin said the measure is intended to prevent the introduction of SARS-CoV2-variants which have been detected in a number of countries that now include Zambia.

The Germany authorities have indicated exceptions to the travel ban which include German citizens, members of the nuclear family of Germans who travel jointly with them such as spouses, legal partners, minor children and parents of minor children, citizens of the EU countries and Switzerland.

Others excluded include Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland who have their permanent residence in Germany, third country nationals who have permanent residence and lawful residence in that country, transit passengers (in international transit only, not within the Schengen Area), transport personnel, health workers, persons traveling on urgent humanitarian reasons and persons traveling in official mission for the International Atomic Energy Agency or the United Nations or UN organizations.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Anthony Mukwita has therefore urged Zambians to put their travel plans on hold and keep checking with the German embassy in Lusaka for latest developments on the matter.

“On our part, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep the Zambian public constantly informed,” he said.

This is according to a press statement issued to the media in Lusaka by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian embassy in Germany, Kellys Kaunda.

Zambians have since been urged to visit the Germany embassy website for further details so that they can avoid any inconvenience.

There are mutations of the coronavirus that have been detected recently thereby posing challenges to existing public health measures.

Governments around the world are trying to make sense of these variants while examining closely the efficacy of existing preventive measures.


  1. Thanks to PF incompetency Zambians have been banned from travelling to Germany.Same indifferent approach that brought us cholera deaths.

  2. We understand… Most European countries have taken that stance and they are in their right …it’s part of the restrictions to prevent the further spread of the novel Corona virus

  3. The Germans have no faith and confidence in the Zambian Govt’s management of Covid-19. When the see a whole President attending a Funeral unmasked and not practicing social distancing then they are rightly doubting Zambia’s competencies. They see the President addressing “working visits ” gatherings and realise such events are spreading the disease. Germany sees the dangers Covid-19 infected visitors to Germay spreading the disease. U can’t blame the Germans;they are protecting their people.

  4. Tarino you must be very dull to think flags on LT represent a person’s physical location. Ever heard of a vpn? Sometimes I wonder if some of you are even ku diaspora because you seem very unexposed. Even my children know about a vpn and proxy blogging

  5. It is amazing how so quickly they ban us from travelling to their countries, while we kept our borders wide open and our President even advertised for more tourists to come and see our Victoria Falls! We have fewer cases of Covid 19 compared to all these countries but we are now the lepers! ‘Money answers all things’ indeed. This could never happen if we were not dragged into poverty by bad politico economic leadership.

  6. And who in their right mind would want to travel to the continental hotspot of covid in Europe.?

    This is briaaaaaaaan mwaaaaaaaale reporting from lusaaaaaka Zambia

  7. @Kaizar Zulu- impersonating others is criminal, Tarino is right we need to know where you are blogging from and in your case in UK. Which may imply you are impersonating someone in Zambia – crime. Hiding behind a keyboard will not shield you – UK is implementing laws to punish keyboard racists hiding behind keyboards spewing vile as you do.

  8. How do I impersonate myself. I am the only one here who is brave enough to use my real name whilst you hide behind anonymous names. Upnd diasporans are not a race. They are just a bunch of ignorant angry cadres. So how is my views on them racist?

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