Inadequate transport inhibiting Covid – 19 testing – Health Specialist

Covid-19 Testing
Covid-19 Testing

A Public Health Specialist has said contact tracing for Covid-19 is still a problem in Lusaka province as result of inadequate transport to follow up cases.

Dr. Bushimbwa Tambatamba said during the Lusaka Province Covid-19 virtue meeting today that officers have airtime and fuel but they have difficulties in repairing the vehicles for use in contact tracing programmes.

She also disclosed that the Provincial Health office is in the process of developing geo mapping system to assist in determining the hot spots for Covid -19 cases and for effective monitoring to be done in reducing the spread of the pandemic.

Lusaka District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Teddy Chibwe told the meeting that the district received over 30,000 masks to cater for the teachers and the learners.

“We have received 30,000 masks from Disaster Management and Mitigation unit (DMMU) for both the leaners and teachers, we also have enough washing points in various school premises” he said.

However, Mr Chibwe pointed out that most Schools in his district have inadequate desks and the scenario has resulted in difficulties to maintaining social distance among the leaners.

He noted that learners from early childhood education need to sit two on each desk and teachers have been tasked to be monitoring them.

Mr. Chibwe said that the district has come up with two mode of learning such as class rotations and sessions.

“ we have a method were some learners report on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while others come Tuesday and Friday the next week they exchange, we also have split classes into two sessions all this is done to allow social distance” he said.

And Chongwe District Education Board Secretary Joseph Chanda said 95 out of 108 schools have been certified to be conducting lessons.

Mr. Chanda said that the district has also received 15,000 masks meant for primary and community schools.

He noted that the schools are facing difficulties of infrastructure to enhance physical distance among the learners.

Mr. Chanda has since commended the local leadership by providing solutions to cushion the infrastructure constraints in the district.

“ We called upon the community leadership to unlock churches in the communities so that we can implement the class rotation to ensure social distance is maintained, some learners will be occupying churches in the absence of adequate school infrastructure” he noted.


  1. We are putting all our resources and work in the fight against covid. So if I find you flouting rules, I will phuck you up. You can report to police and I will win the case because I am right to protect the nation from f00ls.

  2. ‘No transport.’ The perennial problem of government institutions in Zambia, from the police to prisons, from the army to ZANIS. No transport. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of transport for campaigns, for escorting Eagle one or arresting political opponents.

  3. No transport yet MOH wasted $17 million on Honey Bee which supplied expired drugs and damaged condoms yet there were reliable bidders who were offering to supply at $11 million.

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    Flag or no flag story izibika. It has not changed a single thing. Infact we in pf are getting ever more so popular. Did you see the voting survey I did

  5. Just collect all those extra vehicles that govt. ministers and other officials have. There is no shortage of resources, there is just GREED. A lot of money in a few hands, loads of hoarded expired drugs …extra super jet for the GREAT LEADER etc..

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