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Macky 2 discusses mental health



“Mental illness is just like diabetes, or any other physical condition.. A lot of people don’t look at it that way. Instead they still see mental health struggles as a personal issue and a lack of personal fortitude. Because of that the stigma still exists surrounding mental illness (not to mention, the pressure on men to always be strong), a lot of men struggle with admitting they may need help. We have to do a better job of reducing stigma and expanding opportunities for support, men still may be experiencing shame and guilt that could lead to them being less willing to ask for help. A lot of guys don’t want to admit they have this problem. They still see depression as a sign of weakness. Elo ninshi men are two to three times more likely to misuse drugs than women. Depression and suicide are ranked as 1 of leading causes of death among men, and yet they’re still far less likely to seek mental health treatment than women. LETS TALK ABOUT IT.”


  1. Mental illness is not being taken seriously in Africa especially when it relates to men. We are told that men don’t crry and doing so is seen as what you have in the end are men with mental issues due to keeping things inside to a boiling point.

    The other day my garden boy came to work and started mopping the outside walls of my house. It was at that point I realised he needed help.

  2. We need to talk more about mental health especially with the impact of Covid-19, I would like to thank the NHS for tremendous opportunity which have been given to me and with the investigations we currently doing, it is an eye open

  3. Well spoken Mr. Kaira. Men are forced to bottle up their depression in order to appear strong, they then resort to excessive alcohol and other drugs abuse which worsens the situation and adversely affects their families. It’s the same for women, they are forced to keep quiet and not discuss issues going on in their home, resulting to depression and anxiety amongst other things. This is why we have escalating suicide cases in Zambia for instance. Please Honourable New Minister of Health, look into this aspect of health, what can you do to help those battling mental health problems in Zambia??

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