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There is no Wind of Change in Zambia-Bizwell Mutale

Feature Politics There is no Wind of Change in Zambia-Bizwell Mutale

Patriotic Front national mobilization committee member Bizwell Mutale says there is no WIND of change in the country to warrant regime change. Speaking on the Tuesday edition of the 5FM ‘ burning issue’ programme in Lusaka, Mr. Mutale said the PF has demonstrated love and unity and has taken development to all parts of the country.

He said there is no hope in voting for the opposition because they have done nothing apart having unrealistic visions. Mr.Mutale said UPND chances of winning the August 12 elections are very slim.

“PF is strong and intact and has delivered alot of services although the media have not highlighted everything. The work President Lungu has done is 99.9 percent compared with the previous administrations and the people are seeing everything,” Mr.Mutale said.

And Mr.Mutale said the people of Southern province are looking forward to voting for the Patriotic Front in the August polls because it is no longer a UPND stronghold.

Meanwhile, Mr.Mutale who is also Munali constituency parliamentary aspiring candidate, said PF is a democratic party hence the increase in the number of candidates selling themselves to the grassroots in constituencies.

He said PF aspiring candidates are not enemies but fighting to work within the ruling party without disrupting the work of the sitting members of parliament.

“As aspiring candidates we are on the ground working with the community so that we know each other and know the exact needs of the people. Serving is at the discretion of the party and the President and if one is not adopted that is not the end of the road because there can only be one candidate adopted at a time,” Mr. Mutale said.

“This time the party is looking to the community to adopt candidates and the priority is to ensure that President Lungu gets maximum votes and goes back to State House and if am not adopted I will not be frustrated but work with whoever will be adopted,” he said.

Asked about his donations to Munali, Mr.Mutale said the donations are being made out of good will and not to corrupt voters.

“I love the people and I did not join politics to make money. My donations to the people of Munali are out of goodwill and I am merely working on the requests of the people in the area,” Mr. Mutale said.

“The main concerns in Munali are the roads and I will deliver on that commitment and I want to be action oriented so that I can be a bigger picture of the community,” he said.


  1. Absolutely no wind. It will happen as a sudden gale-force hurricane to sweep you away. Africans do not admit they have failed. They will pursue suspects, blame historic symbols like colonialism and racism, and most of all blame the electorate for not voting for them as a reason for not being effective in delivering services. Yes. There is NO wind blowing … YET.

  2. I really get surprised when **** talk of wind of change. Just because you are *** and the current president is**** so there must be wind of change. Leadership comes from God and you cannnot force what God doesn’t want, to happen! Hichilema and ****saying he’s going to win because the economy is bad in the country. Things don’t work like that, riding on other forces to win. Throughout the world economies have gone really down because of corona, and Zambia is no exception. What is he going to do if the economy rebounds before August 12? To win, your Hichilema has to work on his popularity and win in the Northern parts and Eastern parts of Zambia (which can never happen), then he adds his Southern, then Lusaka and Copperbelt. But the outlook now is that he’s going…

    • @Mukuka, you need to stop this nonsense that leadership comes from God, that is why Africa is poor. So where did the leadership in China come from because they do not believe in God. Avoid foolish comments please.

  3. The outlook is Hichilema will get less votes even in his stronghold than he had in 2016. So where are votes going to come from for him to become president especially that he can’t win in the North and Eastern part of the country. More high blood pressure!

  4. So you are pro-Hichilema editorial you publish those supporting Sammy Hichilema only. It won’t help you. They are very few Tongas , with all there support he fails to win and he will never win.

  5. Shikulu Mutale, walasa I can’t see that mood among our people as was the case for SATA. A champion is must be beaten with more points. Opposition need to woke up from slumber and start strategizing already this is February. Petoloshi 2026??

  6. Samuel Kenyon Doe said the same too until Prince Yonnie Johnson nd his rag tags captured Doe, chopped off his ears, fingers, castrated him before shooting him in his head to pump some sense. So Chagwa, u tlokomele namunungu tuwe!

  7. Story iyi izibika kale. Even hh knows that pf is winning. I have data showing the predicted votes. I have also carried out a survey here of those who will vote upnd and pf. The results show that for every 1000 of zambians 700 will vote pf. Do the math

  8. I know this con man and failed business man from Benoni here SA, useless chap another con…. They know how to pick them, same as that drunk vunga, that’s why we will never go anywhere

  9. When are Zambians going to know who owns 48 houses built with corruption funds in Auditor General Report 2019/2020

  10. What happened in Mufulira and Vubwi recently are signs of Macmillan’s Wind of Change in Zambia. When u see a Head of State being denied audience by the Residents of Mufilira then u know there is trouble on the CB come August 12,2021 Elections. In Vubwi PF won the Election by a slim margin in a PF Stronghold. That is a sign of the Wind of Change. I rest my Case.

  11. Bizewell tell ba lungu the truth .change this time is real out there unless you’re not with us in Zambia .be real ? k17 ,2kg sugar k50 , cooking oil k250,one orange k10 ,in the name of honeybee citizens are made to die like flies ,gassing we ve not forgotten , police brutality and killing to silence everyone that complains in short cost of living te ya muzambia then you c pf dishing out bunches of money ? as if the economy is doing well yet it has been raped in a broad day light ?.we all silent not that we are happy but waiting for the 12 the August to vote wisely.
    For now it’s Bally get it wright Bally will fix this economy come rain come sunshine.

  12. You can’t feel it because you have lost the sense of reality, no sense of feeling that’s why you don’t feel the high prices of even a tasteless but vital commodity mealie meal, you don’t feel the price of sugar, gas, fertilizer etc only those who have noticed that prices of commodities have quadrupled since pf took over will feel the wind of change. If you don’t maybe you are one of sons in the house.

  13. Even in 2011 there was no wind of change until one shade his tears.

    Self confidence in PF officials is dangerous. Continue with your self comfort.

    PF must go!

  14. You Upnd are funny bunch of people, when Donald Rump won in 2016, they called their Sammy Hichilema, Trump, and boastingly told us we needed a business man even here in Zambia to turn around the economy, but now that the billionaire business man, Donald Trump has lost they are laughing at him and saying Donald Trump thought he couldn’t go, so thinks Edgar Lungu! Ba Upnd America is not Zambia! And you will never win elections on social media! You are just waisting your precious time! Where do you stand Upndead?

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