Zambia’s Covid-19 death accumulates to 869


16 people have died from the Covid 19 pandemic in the last 24 hours across the country bringing the covid – 19 death toll to 869 since the outbreak was reported in Zambia in March last year.

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda explained that the 16 deaths were reported from Lusaka with 6 deaths, Copperbelt Province recorded 5, Northern Province 2, Eastern, Northwestern and Southern provinces each reporting 1 death.

Dr Chanda said of the 869 reported deaths, 409 deaths have been classified as covid deaths while 431 deaths are covid associated and 31 still remain unclassified.

The Minister of Health said 940 new cases of the pandemic were detected across the country bringing the cumulative confirmed covid 19 cases in the country to 63, 573 since the outbreak was detected in Zambia in March last year.

Dr Chanda said Lusaka recorded 411, Copperbelt 198 cases, Luapula 102, while Central province recorded 97, Muchinga Province 40, Southern Province 39, North western Province 27, Northern Province 16, Eastern Province 10 and Western Province zero cases .

The Minister of Heath disclosed that 1,494 patients from both home management and Covid 19 isolation facilities had been discharged in the last days bringing the cumulative recoveries to 56,329 while active cases stood at 6,375.

Of the 6,375, 5976 patients are under community management while 399 are admitted to Covid 19 Isolation facilities while 287 are on oxygen support with 53 in critical condition.

Dr Chanda said government is pleased that members of the community are requesting to be admitted early when they observe their symptoms worsening and urged the public to emulate the trend.

“Seeking medical attention early greatly improves patient outcomes and case management efforts” said Dr Chanda.

The minister of health urged the general public to continue observing prescribed public health measures and guidelines among them masking up, sanitizing and avoiding crowded places to avoid catching and spreading the virus


  1. Covid deaths accumulate plus high inflation ,high debts,falling Kwacha …Lungu’s GRZ only accumulates dubious distinctions.

  2. Please guys follow the covid directions we gave. It’s for your own good. As I have said, if I find you without mask I will just give you dirty slaps and punches. You can run to tell your parents I will also punch them. We have had enough

  3. Serial commenter with multiple profiles to create the illusion that their preferred candidate is very, very popular! Good news is that August is just 6 months away, so that we are spared some of this crap….at least untill 2026!

  4. From the statistics, one can see a correlation with areas that the president has visited. there are more cases where the president frequents. Keep away from Western Province.

  5. The Covid-19 vaccine is under the observation of government officials. Once the vaccine is out for everyone we will get rid of coronavirus from our lives, forever.

  6. 4. No doubt, our government is doing a commendable job in the fight against Covid-19. But it is our responsibility as well to adhere to the Covid-19 health guidelines.

  7. We should not get panic over the rising death rates of coronavirus patients. All the precautionary measures have been taken care of including sanitizing areas by the government…only thing we need to do is strictly follow the health guidelines such as wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and avoiding social gatherings.

  8. We must appreciate the hard work of our new health minister. In a very short period of time, he took command over the health sector and now managing it very well. Especially, during the Covid-19, he ensures that the ventilator, medicines, and other important drugs are sufficient in the hospitals.

  9. At present, 4-5 people are dying in a day because of the deadly virus. But very soon there will be zero deaths in a day, and at that time we will truly win the fight against the deadly disease. Till then we must continuously follow the health guidelines.

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