Political parties urged to adopt women candidates

FILE: His Excellence President Edgar Lungu arrives during the official opening of the third session of the twelfth National Assembly

Non Governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says there is need to embark on robust sensitization to promote women participation in politics and decision making positions in the country.

Ms Mwale noted with sadness that currently there is only 17 percent of women representation at the parliamentary level and nine percent at local Government level.

NGOCC Executive Director, Engwase Mwale said this in a speech read on her behalf by NGOCC Coordinator for Grants Management Unit, Kizito Chalwe, during a validation meeting in Mpika District.

She pointed out that there is need for government and all civil society organizations to increase their efforts in promoting equal rights and opportunities for everyone especially woman who are lagging behind.

Ms Mwale said that Zambia must take a leading role in championing promotion of women participation in politics.

” Am a signatory to SADC Protocol of Gender and Development whose attention is to promote 50/50 Gender parity principle and ending violence against women at all levels,” she said.

She has since appealed to all political parties across the country to step up and adopt a more women aspiring to stand in this year’s general elections.

“Am happy that Zambia is part of many international human rights instruments that focus on promoting inclusive growth and participation of women and men in the governance system of the country,” she said.

Speaking at the same event, Bethel Church Pastor, Lemekani Sakala says eliminating all forms of barriers that hinders women from actively participating in politics needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders across the country.

Pastor Lemekani said once given an opportunity to lead, women are naturally peace makers who can significantly contribute to reducing the growing trend of political violence.

Speaking earlier, Mpika and Kanchibiya District NGOCC Coordinator, Elizabeth Domingo has thanked President Edgar Lungu for appointing more women as District Commissioners in Muchinga Province.


  1. I want to meet President Edgar Lungu and tell him things like…. Ubwalwa bwapwa?. Honestly I have respect for this guy. Being President and wanting to run for another term is not a joke. If I was him I would leave!

  2. The women must show why they should be adopted…it’s not just about adopting women to make numbers even if they don’t add to the viability of the political and economic sphere in the country

  3. Pf track record speaks for itself. Just look at our top leadership. First female VP. What is worrying is when you go to the uncivilized tribal party upnd. Even their president is a chauvinist who verbally abuses women like nawakwi. Is mutinta hichilema safe? Let us save her

  4. Women have shown their clout as professionals and one on one have shown the male folk that they are equal to the task! However it is not the same in politics where they are looked down upon and have to fight for specially allocated quotas! This doesn’t cut it and it is not that women need encouragement they just shun involvement because being smart they know that when they aspire into territories that challenges the male ego that’s when justification of politics being “dirty” gets advanced! Only when politics gets dignified will Zambia have women of substance come forth to offer themselves for national service! By the way with women certain norms the men folk tolerate would disappear!

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