Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Vandals ransack Zamtel equipment slowing down internet speeds


Zamtel has revealed that it recently suffered incidents of vandalism on its critical equipment which has resulted in downgraded internet service quality.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta confirmed that preliminary investigations point to acts of vandalism by unknown people.

Mr Mupeta disclosed that multiple sites in Lusaka have been affected with Makeni and Meanwood suffering the most damage to equipment over the last few days.

He revealed that the cost of the damaged equipment is estimated to be around US$ 50,000 per site.

“We wish to inform our customers and the general public that the out-of-character slow internet they have been experiencing over the last few days is due to acts of vandalism that we have suffered on some of our critical equipment used to supply our internet service such as Velocity,” Mr Mupeta said.

Mr. Mupeta stated that a further examination of the damaged equipment and sophistication of the act suggest that the vandals could be individuals with sound technical knowledge of the telecom industry.

He added, “Our team of Engineers are examining all sites and working round the clock to ensure that service is restored to optimal levels. It might take a few days and possibly weeks to fully repair the damaged equipment.”

“We wish to apologize to our valued customers and we appeal that they bear with us as we address the negative effects of this vandalism and work to restore full service quality.”


  1. It will take a long time to come out of this third world economic and mental quagmire. It is a shame even vandals are not patriotic. Sabotage could be at the core centre of all this. The mindset of self destruction is unbelievable. How about our levels of security for state or public equipment? Whatever it is it makes very sad reading.

  2. Why only Zamtel equipment and not Airtel or MTN? That is simple: Zamtel is 100% owned by the corrupt PF government, so this is just a protest against Edgar China Lungu…!

  3. I am a loyal zamtel customer. This is disgusting and beyond belief. Can they investigate this and cage those thugs. I suspect these are upnd thugs trying to sabotage zamtel achievements under pf

  4. This statement from Mr. Sydney Mupeta is not encouraging. What has happened to the security department which is supposed to be guarding Zamtel installations gone to. Yes the vandals could be pipo with telecoms engineering knowledge, Mupeta is forgetting that a lot of pipo were trained and retrenched and are just idling and to the m Zamtel infrastructure nima samples. It all boils down to lack of misplaced management who don’t care to plan on securing company infrastructure. Its all chimbwi no plan. If Zamtel has no efficient security personnel or department let them contract ZNS like ZESCO or else they will keep on crying like babies. Mr. Mupeta wake up and do something

  5. And why do we have vandalism? People have no jobs – it is a hand to mouth existence in Zambia. People have to eat and if you do not give them opportunities, this will be the order of the day….

  6. MWANANGOMBE……First you must understand what Zamtel is and its operations in our country before you pose such a question. So with your mindset you want to blame someone here……either PF or Minister of Communication up to State House.
    Mwapangwa shani mwebantu imwe?

  7. How secure is your infrastructure?
    Remember in IT security spans all vital aspects that include physical security of your infrastructure.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves to come online to report your inefficiencies and incompetences.
    Security in your industry is extremely important. Next time install cameras on all your critical infrastructure so that you can nab the vandals rather than wasting our time on your stories.
    The line minister responsible should charge you.

  8. How are speeds affected …please dont look for excuses just go and connect the wires Mr Engineer pretending to be a CEO…

  9. Am suffering with frustration with zamtel internet in kitwe.
    Pls it’s more slow in kitwe also. Kindly assist us asap. In zamtel we trust. Local is lekker

  10. The vandals must be realy snart, $50000 per site mmmmmmh, hope its not one of the methods of hfhjhggjjdfgjufyhg, if u know u knw

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