Government increases both Maternity and Paternity Leave for Civil Servants

The Coat of Arms of Zambia
The Coat of Arms of Zambia

Biomedical Union of Zambia general secretary, Sitwala Inambao has said that said government under the new collective agreement has increased the maternity leave period from 3 months to 14 weeks and an extra two weeks for those that have twins.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting on the recently improved civil servants’ conditions of service organised by Public Service Management Division (PSMD) and union representatives attended by the team of heads of the government departments, Mr. Inambao added that paternity leave has also been increased from 5 days to 10 days inclusive of weekends which was only entitled to a civil servant every two years.

Mr. Inambao further said the government has also allocated two percent from the eight percent basic salary increment to health workers as an infectious health care allowance for this year’s collective agreement as they are seen to be directly involved in the positive cases and eight percent across the board for other civil servants.

“The agreement also includes two percent that was added to health care workers as a risk allowance due to Covid 19 situation,” Mr. Inambao said.

He encouraged all the heads of government departments to ensure they are abreast with the available existing law documents and help sensitise juniors.

Meanwhile, Kabompo District Commissioner, Patrick Kasoka has expressed displeasure at the increased level of indiscipline being exhibited in the Ministry of Education in the district.

Speaking at the same event, Mr. Kasoka said that he is not happy with the continued conduct of some teachers and head teachers in relation to government service delivery in the education sector.

“As ministry of education in Kabompo, I am not happy with the level of indiscipline being exhibited by some teachers and head teachers in our schools.

“Let us learn and ensure that we follow laid down grievance procedures even as we operate as government agencies”, Mr Kasoka said.

He said government is always concerned about the welfare of civil servants and that the eight percent salary increment was what the current resource envelope could allow.

“Government is so concerned with the civil servants that is why it always ensures to engage your union representative in trying to improve the conditions of service and that the recent eight percent was what the government resource envelope could allow”, Mr. Kasoka said.

And PMSD senior human resources management officer, industrial relations, Pamela Chalawila said government will ensure that all debt owed to the public service workers in form of allowances and others will be cleared as funds have already been allocated amounting to K500 million.

Ms. Chalawila said that all anomalies currently being experienced from Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC) will also be sorted out as a group of officers is in the province to correct the situation.

“Government has already allocated about 500 million to pay off debt it owes public service workers before end of 2021.

“Also all those in salary scales which had not had their eight percent increment effected such as J ,will be corrected as a team of officers from PMEC are currently going round the province to help correct the situation,” Ms. Chalawila said.


  1. Please this should be emulated by privite sectors.GOVT please make it a law other privite sectors can’t implement this.

  2. How about Paternity leave its not all easy sailing for men even in our culture although there is help available the man needs some time off as well

  3. its good that the biomedical secretary general is so passionate about the risks to health workers, I just hope him and his colleagues can do a study and find out if there is a correlation between the BIDs and expired drugs.

  4. Well done. Great development. Tarino you don’t live or work in Zambia plus even if you did, a homosexual like you can’t have children. So shut your negative mouth. You tribal baboon

  5. This is progress. Let those who wish to take advantage of this do so and bring enrichment to their children in their early days. Life will never be an all size fits all. Well done Zed policy-makers.

  6. The PF now want to implement changes after 10 years in power and barely 7 months before the General Elections.
    And a blind PF cadre calls it progress.
    Do you even know the meaning of the word “progress”?

  7. mwaona ni election year, can we extend the election date so that the parents who used these faulty condoms can enjoy this new leave, but what about the other parents apart from the civil servants, and what is so civil about them, they are part of the plunderers!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Civil servants don’t care about paternity leave. They are hardly in their offices at all. They come and go as they please.

  9. Independent – They are trying everything to hoodwink the masses in the mean time they have Mvunga busy printing monopoly money at BOZ!!

  10. Independent – They are trying everything to hoodwink the masses in the mean time they have Mvunga busy printing monopoly money at BOZ!!

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