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Chief Chinkata has a constitutional right to choose his preferred Presidential candidate-Chief Mukuni


Senior Chief Mukuni of the Leya people of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts and all the Bene Mukuni has said that Chief Chinkata has a constitutional right to choose his preferred Presidential candidate following reports that Chief Chinkata of Dundumwezi Constituency, Southern Province has openly endorsed President Lungu for the August 12 elections

In a statement released to the media, Chie Mukuni said that as a Zambian who respects the sanctity of civil liberties and other freedoms that include the right of choice, he will support any Zambian who expresses his desire to support a particular candidate whether from the ruling party or opposition and asked those that may object at the decision of His Royal Highness Chief Chinkata of Dundumwezi Constituency to endorse President Lungu.

“It is in view of the foregoing that I ask those that may object at the alleged decision of His Royal Highness Chief Chinkata of Dundumwezi Constituency, Southern Province in his asserted open declaration, to presumably endorse the candidature of President Edgar Lungu’s 3rd term bid, to please respect the tenets of democracy that allows freedom of choice among many other freedoms, ” he said

“I am aware of traditional leaders from other parts of the country who have also endorsed leaders from the opposition as their preferred candidates, they too must be allowed to exercise their constitutional right as individual Zambians. This is as it should be in a democracy, ” he added.

Chief Mukuni further said that tt would however be understandable if concerns were raised because Traditional leaders were advocating for their subjects to support a particular candidate over the other.

“This is not in our terms of reference, because as Traditional leaders our Chiefdoms comprise of people from different interest groups such as various political parties. Encouraging them to support candidates of our own personal choice would be encouraging them to fight one another and hence bring conflict in the country. ” he said.

“Chiefs like any Zambian are given only one ballot paper to choose from among many contending Presidential candidates, instead of many ballot papers that equate the numerous competitors. This is because they have a right of choice of one candidate like any other citizen. ” he concluded.


  1. Chief chinkata is too wise and way above his fellow tribal chiefs in that region. Mukuni can learn a lot from this man of substance. It is not a secret that that region is known to be very tribally inclined to upnd. We are breaking those ideals and penetrating your bedroom upnd.

  2. I thought Chief Mukuni should be commended for supporting Chief Chinkata for endorsing his preferred candidate. I see no reason why he must be labelled. Chiefs in eastern province endorsed ECL. Is that tribal or just choice? So let us respect the rights of individuals. This must be encouraged. We shall see who are the true democrats this year. Free and fair competition is what we lack in the country today. I am looking forward to a day when people of different political affiliations, can enjoy a meal and some chibuku together. Not what has been going in the recent past. Zambia is bigger than individuals.

  3. The fact that Chief crappy pants is talking about this issue means something. We all know that chiefs in Southern Province who do not support HH are sidelined.

  4. I think Chiefs should be non partisan but unfortunately under the corrupt regime of Lazy Lungu they are shamelessly buying off everyone…just last month Chiefs in Luapula were endorsing Lazy.

  5. In some areas Chiefs are feared by their subjects. In such chiefdoms, subjects will not be allowed to publicly endorse another candidate once the chief endorses a particular political party and candidate. Well now political parties have to take into account that in Zambia chiefs have become campaign managers for their chosen political parties and candidates. Knowing how heated political campaigns can get, these chiefs should be prepared to be treated as political opponents by some of their subjects. This indeed is what free and fair elections demands.We must also invest in a mechanism to protect ordinary people who also openly endorse other candidates than the candidate a particular chief publicly endorses. By implication, forget about the rhetoric that chiefs are non partisan. If you…

  6. Chief Chikanta has chosen development over political gymnastics. Last time Chieftainess Mweenda of Chikankata was despised for choosing development over senseless UPND politics. Both Kalomo and Chikankata have potential to grow into big towns but the UPND seems to be suppressing development so that the people can rise against Govt. Hichilema personally admonished Southern Chiefs that went against their resolution to order their subjects to vote for UPND. Chief Mukuni still argues no one was beaten in election violence yet some people even lost their lives. Please be sober in how you conduct your politics. Chief Chikanta now commands a lot of respect across Zambia because of his wisdom

  7. The constitution does not allow chiefs to directly,publicly and actively endorse and campaign for politicians.
    Of course people may know that this chief seems inclined to this or that party or politician but diplomacy must be exercised. Not to be careless about it.

  8. Chief Chikanta is endorsing an illegality. The Chief should not condone the breach of our Constitution. Chief Chikanta cannot ignore the fact that ECL has been elected and sworn in twice and doesn’t qualify for a Third Term. Should ECL impose himself on Zambians thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term all right thinking Citizens should reject ECL on August 12, 2021 at the Ballot Box.Lets give HH aka Bally to fix it.

  9. The point is every individual including a chief are at liberty like everyone else to cast their vote for a candidate of choice but getting into the habit of endorsing candidates through announcements does not auger well considering positions chiefs occupy. This is akin campaigning for a preferred candidate by the chief for the uninformed subjects to concur with the chief! This is coercion by the chief towards his preferred candidate! Politicians have killed democracy by using development and/or funding as gratification to chiefdoms whose chief grovels to political exaltation!

  10. Freedom of speech is abused by chiefs. You are not free to shout ‘Fire!’ in a crowded hall packed with hundreds of people. You are not free as a leader of the people to publicly support a particular candidate. A school teacher may have an opinion about an answer to a question and what he says will be taken seriously by his pupils. He cannot turn around say that he was exercising his freedom of speech. These Zambian chiefs should support the GOVERNMENT of the day because they are part of government, but should never support a candidate. Should the Chief Justice and the President of the Con Court also endorse a candidate publicly? It is a sign of immaturity to speak your mind like a four year old.

  11. Endorsing illegality and unconstitutionality should never be justified. Chief Chikanta must respect the Zambia Constitution which provides once One has been elected and sworn in twice he cannot be re-elected for the third time. Besides a President cannot serve Zambia for more than 10 years. Lungu has already served 61/2 years and if allowed to stand 4 the Third Time he will have served 111/2 years by 2026. This is patently illegal and unconstitutional. It’s criminal 4 Chief Chikanta to justify illegality and unconstitutionality. Period.

    History is vital in civilized nations. All knowledgeable Zambians, including 99% people of Southern Province, know that Late Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula greatly contributed in liberation fight leading to the birth of Zambia. Hence the building of a School in Bwengwa area by President Edgar C. Lungu is the BEST HONOUR which has been bestowed to our gallant Harry Nkumbula. This noble gift to Bwengwa was not linked to the 2021 General Election. Chief Chikanta has acknowledged that ECL is President of ALL Zambians. God bless Zambia

  13. Ati President of all Zambians. Zambians. The moment you win the elections you become president for all Zambians. Zambians have a political dullness. Politicians campaigning by playing a song and wins the elections. When are you going to tell the people what you are going to do about the ever falling economy?
    You create a problem and pretend to solve it when the elections are around the corner then you say asebenza. You found cement at K50 now is at K150, mealie meal at K56 now at… fuel at K6 now at what price? Sugar 2kg at K40 ati Zambia is doing fine? 1kg peanut butter was ati K15 now is at K50 at we are doing fine.
    Devil moved his capital from hell to Zambia to deceive and destroy the Zambians starting from the heads to the toes. They have stopped thinking.

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