Financial offences accounted for most crime committed in 2020 – DEC

DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo
DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) says it investigated money laundering related cases involving over K219 million, £25 million, and over US$3.6 million in 2020 resulting in the arrest of 123 persons countrywide.

The DEC says the financial offenses of money laundering came from both the public and private sectors with various frauds accounting for 57%, theft and embezzlement stood at 29%, and other offenses at 14%.

The Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) seized 103 real estate properties, 72 motor vehicles, and K104, 943, 262 held in various bank accounts and cash amounts of US$607, 841.40 and TSh1, 931,000.

In a press statement issued to the media in Lusaka, DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo stated that the Commission concluded 138 cases in 2020 which led to the arrest of 123 persons in 71 cases for money laundering involving K 111, 984,089.58 and US$ 6,000.

Ms Katongo disclosed that the Commission recorded fifteen 15 convictions involving 15 persons, and forfeiture of K30, 000 cash and K6, 973 held in bank accounts, from cases concluded from the current and previous years in court.

She said DEC also seized a total of K177, 300, and US$ 96,700 counterfeit notes in 2020.

Ms Katongo said the Commission arrested 4,335 persons in 2020 comprising 4,060 males and 275 females compared to 2019 where 5,352 persons were arrested.

She disclosed that Juveniles accounted for 316 persons who were arrested while foreign nationals were 64.

The DEC Spokesperson drug seizures reduced by 26 percent as 99.74 tonnes of Cannabis was seized in 2020 compared to 135.08 tonnes seized in 2019.

She said other drugs seized included 228.23Kg of Khat miraa, 1.86kg of Heroin, 606.06 grams of Cocaine, 3.09 grams of Codeine, 102.44 grams of diazepam, 2.41kg of Hashish cake, 26.45litres of Hashish oil and 1.96kg of Lidocaine,

Also seized was 27.70grams of diphenhydramine, 38.15grams of Methamphetamine, and 2.40 grams of Lignocaine, 91grams of Pethidine, and 27grams of Phenobarbitone.

Ms Katongo said the Commission secured 2,753 convictions out of the 3,112 drug-related cases concluded in court as at 31st December 2020 while 76 acquittals were registered and the remaining 283 were concluded on various outcomes.

She disclosed that the Commission recorded a drop in the number of people it sensitized on the dangers of engaging in illicit activities such as drug trafficking, abuse and money laundering, from 644,940 people in 2019 from 2,207 activities conducted, to 129,060 people in 2020 from 1,077 awareness activities.

Ms Katongo said the activities were conducted in institutions of learning, communities and workplaces despite having scaled down on face to face awareness activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said the Commission had 260 media awareness programs on both radio and television and produced a number of educational videos for online platforms.

Ms Katongo said a social media campaign on Facebook was initiated to occupy young people’s time in productive recreational activities during the COVID-19 pandemic as opposed to engaging in drug abuse, trafficking, and money laundering activities.

She added that the Commission managed to counsel and reintegrate 777 clients in 2020 compared to 797 clients in 2019.

She pointed out that the clients ranged from 13 and 51 years, with the primary drugs of abuse being cannabis, alcohol, heroin and codeine.

Ms Katongo said the Commission attended to 134 clients in 2020 under the Child Diversion Program that seeks to remove juvenile offenders from the Criminal Justice System by facilitating restorative measures such as psycho-social counselling and life-skills development as opposed to retributive interventions.

She said the Commission observed an increase in reports of cyber-crime stemming from money circulation schemes that saw a number of people being swindled by unregistered entities purporting to offer exaggerated profits and interests on various investment packages.

Ms Katongo said despite the ravaging of the Covid 19 pandemic, the DEC managed to execute its mandate by embracing new ideas in achieving its set goals.

She thanked the general public for their cooperation and support and urged Zambians to continue collaborating with the Commission by bringing information relating to illicit drug trafficking, abuse and money laundering.


  1. We will find the stolen money…..whether you like it or not , we will find it and strip it off of you back to the suffering Zambians.

    We will engage isreali international bounty hunters and others who specialise in international financial crimes…….Zambia signed up to FIC which will help.

    Even if your Chinese bribes did not appear in your names in foreign lands , we trust these bounty hunters to sniff and dust you down…..

  2. PF party and government of the ‘ ‘people’ for the party. Corruption is your trade and stealing public funds as a passion

  3. If those stolen monies can not be returned to Zambians , we will make sure and encourage the international bounty hunters and other financial sharks to blackmail you until you have nothing left……

    There will be no hiding place for the thievery ……

  4. Good work ba DEC. Theresa we last met last year before Corona became a big issue. I remember we discussed how we could strengthen collaboration between public bodies and yourself. Great meeting over dinner. Very intelligent woman. Continue working hard you beauty

  5. ….”The DEC spokesperson said that drug seizures have reduced by 26 percent as 99.74 tonnes of cannabis was seized in 2020 compared to 135.08 tonnes seized in 2019.”

    This will no longer be news when the new legislation on the cultivation and processing of cannabis/marijuana come into effect.
    In sociology,there is a socioeconomic question that always begs answers from the powers that be..:”Why do people develop deviant behavior?”
    Why is so much drug trafficking?

  6. Tarino are you retarded because you seem to find every article really laughable. Do you sit in a room by yourself laughing? Seek help

  7. or should I say out of the 123 arrested how many have been charged and under what offences. Your blanket statement don’t make any sense, of course you one needs to be of high intelligence to give a comprehensive report, if one is qualified, but than again cadres being employed going by this half baked report

  8. giving this kind of a report you are trying to appease the people who pay your salary, or trying to hoodwink us. Get to the bottom of the rot [but the rot starts from the top] hahahahahahahah

  9. Gayzar Zulu, will be stripped of all that has been acquired through corruption. Selling parasol at Chelston clinic -crime today claim to be a millionaire in Kwacha. Wait for a forensic audit trail. You will run back to Southern Rhodesia.

  10. Once HH is in power we need Scotland Yard and a few officials from FBI to cleanse corruption. Starting from lungu, all his minions, KZ as well as honey bee

  11. From Chiluba to mwanawasa to Banda to lungu all corrupt ministers and ex presidents walked free. Enough is enough the whole PF regime needs to be investigated for the destruction and injustice caused to its inhabitants

  12. If this is good work, why are the contracts of the DEC bosses not renewed? It could be that either this is not good enough and they need to be replaced OR they are so good that they are sailing too close to the real culprits that they must go so that the real culprits survive. Which is which? Perhaps MR KZ can throw some light and seek answers when he goes to SH for a beer.

  13. Upnd diasporans why all the hate? Didn’t you guys run away from Zambia because diaspora was greener pastures? So why aren’t you happy in your lives and constantly wishing evil on us as zambians? All my businesses and accounts are open to any wing of authority for investigation. If any illegal transaction is found I will cut off my manhood. The problem with opposition is that you are too desperate and bitter. Just look what happened to my case about the road accident. The courts have dropped all charge against me. That speaks volumes.

  14. Gayzer Zezulu keep responding to Tarino and Nostra – what other values have you acquired while at state house apart from spewing hatred vile and brutality of dehumanising Zambians

  15. Kaizar Zulu 
    February 13, 2021 At 2:27 pm

    “….. All my businesses and accounts are open to any wing of authority for investigation. If any illegal transaction is found I will cut off my manhood…….”

    Yaaa……you better start talking properly while you have a chance……

    After August, no more talking from you , the only talking will be to confirm your name and age…..

  16. Akaps and the rest, I am not scared of any human. Yes I respect people but don’t mistake that for fear. I am proud of my achievements as I have sweated and sacrificed my time to build my businesses and career. Whether pf win or lose I will remain kaizar and my achievements will always be mine. There is nothing stopping the authorities from investigating me. In fact even you can report me and commence proceedings against me. Take your evidence to the police and we will meet in court. Jealousy will kill you

  17. Just giving us statisics, when suspect of money laundering and embezzlement are still holding office and cadres are still free on the streets of the country. HE ECL was worth K2 Billion wirhin a few months he had over K18 billion . Tell us how he acquired such money.

  18. We know people in government who have amassed wealthy in questionable manner or way. Even these people were getting allowances everyday including weekends plus their salary, they would not have the figures mentioned by former government officials and civil servant. The question is is where are they getting these monies , it can only be one of the two money Laundering or legitimate money. If it is legitimate it will have a paper trail to back up the legitimate source. As for money laundering the answer is in the term LAUNDERING.

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