Progress made in entrenching national values – President Lungu

President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says the government has made progress in entrenching national values and principles among the citizenry.

President Lungu says his administration is on the right path in promoting national values and principles through the various programmes it is implementing across the country.

The Head of State revealed this when He addressed the fifth session of the twelfth national assembly on the progress made in the application of the national values and principles.

This is the fourth national address in a roll President Lungu has delivered to Parliament on the progress made in the application of the national values and principles since its introduction in 2017 under the new amended constitution.

“As a nation, we have made progress in entrenching our national values and principles. We are on the right path.”

And in a show of appreciation, President Lungu says he remains indebted for the continued support government is receiving from the church and cooperating partners in the promotion of national values and principles as enshrined in the constitution from various stakeholders.

He called on Zambian’s to uphold values and principles in both their private and public lives as this is the responsibility of everyone.

“The achievements we have made so far would not have been possible without the involvement of other stakeholders. I, therefore, extend my sincere gratitude to all Zambians, our cooperating partners, the church and civil society organisations.

“To you, I say thank you so much for continuing to partner with us in ensuring that the national values and principles we have set for ourselves are applied in the interpretation of our constitution, in the formulation and implementation of our policies as well as in the enactment of legislation.

“These values and principles must be entrenched in our private and public lives. This task is the responsibility of everyone. It is for this reason that we have translated national values and principles into our seven major local languages,” he said.

President Lungu urged Zambians to live by the national values and principles so as to foster unity and peace in the country.

Meanwhile President Lungu has informed the House that more young girls have being withdrawn from marriages so as to allow them to continue with their education.

He further disclosed that due to increased sensitization more people are now reporting on cases of gender based violence which has led to more cases being adjudicated by the courts of law.

The Head of State used the address to call for concerted efforts in ending child marriage and gender based violence in the country.

He urged victims of gender based violence to report all perpetrators of the vices to relevant authorities.

“We have also seen more of our citizens reporting on gender-based violence which has led to more cases being adjudicated. This is the right thing to do.

“Let us do more to end child marriage and gender-based violence. Let us have the courage to report all the perpetrators of these vices to relevant authorities. Let us all join hands in this fight,” President Lungu appealed.

Meanwhile President Lungu has also told the House that efforts being made by the government, cooperating partners and the church to entrench patriotism are yielding the desired results.

President Lungu encouraged citizens to demonstrate more patriotism by buying and consuming more locally produced products.

He stressed that Zambia will only stand out among the progressive nations if citizens consume local produce.

“Our concerted efforts to foster patriotism are also yielding the desired results. We are consuming more of our locally produced products. This is a clear sign of patriotism. Let us promote and consume our local products even more. Let us be proud of what we produce. Let us make Zambia stand out among other progressive nations”.

And President Lungu has pledged to continue promoting and safeguarding human dignity, equity, social justice and equality.

He says government priorities top on its agenda the upholding of human rights as such it will continue to increase access to health, education and justice in non-discriminatory manner.

“Promoting and safeguarding human dignity, equity, social justice, equality and non-discrimination for our people is top on our agenda. We will, therefore, continue to increase access to health, education and justice.

“We will also continue to increase our people’s access to electricity, water and sanitation, especially in rural areas,” he said.

Commenting on elections slated for this year on August 12th, President Lungu urged the citizens to use the opportunity to demonstrate the impact of national values and principles on Zambia’s democracy.

He implored members of the public to denounce violence, hatred and instead embrace unity, civility and peaceful co-existence.

“On 12th august this year, our country will hold general elections. As a nation, we have an opportunity to demonstrate the impact of national values and principles on our democracy. We have an opportunity to denounce violence and hatred. We have an opportunity to embrace unity, civility and peaceful co-existence”.

President Lungu reaffirmed government’s commitment in ensuring that the 2012 general elections are held under a peaceful environment.

The Head of State appealed to political parties, churches, civil society and the citizenry to embrace peace and unity before and after the general elections.

“My government is committed to ensuring that our elections are peaceful. My government is committed to ensuring our country remains peaceful before, during and after elections.

“I, therefore, call upon every Zambians, every political party and player, the church and the civil society to join me in assuring our people of peace and unity before, during and after the 2021 general elections. We are one Zambia, and indeed we are one nation,” he implored.


  1. Which national values ??

    PF cader violence ???

    We saw a woman brutally assaulted by pf caders this week while the police watch…

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    What “national values” does this cr00k keeps talking about? You mean “values” of c0rruption, ‘sangwapo’, nepotism, lack of integrity, poor governance, laziness and incompetence? What kind of values are these? Angola a country savaged by civil wars over many years have leapfrogged us in terms of development and progress and they don’t have these useless domicile ‘values’ we have in Zambia… you can dance and swim with your in laws in that country with no issues. This so called “Christian” country is keeping its own people in poverty and subjugation… ‘values’, what values?

  3. This man emwe sure. He is so out of touch with the reality the people are struggling with. Zed it’s just the economy, hunger, joblessness. If you can’t tell Zambians what you are doing about these then you are no use. 7 years in office, no ideas. And he critizes KK who for 27 years never hid his head in the sand. KK would try coupons or subsidies. Anything to try & help people out of hunger. Aba zero. And he wants a third term

  4. What National values is ECL talking about? Is PF Corruption,burning markets, gassing innocent people, killing Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda ,rigging the Voters Roll and Elections etc party of the National values?Its all Talk but no Action!

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  6. Excuse this lazy bum Edgar he does not know what he is talking about…how can you claim to have values when you are giving inflated medical supply contracts to your friends to supply expired defective medical drugs and equipment to your own people.

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  8. Jonny – The man has no shame talking about national values when he can not even pay EUROBOND repayment coupons where his govt has defaulted twice!!

  9. I am feeling sorry for Edgar to be unemployed in August, what is going to do for a living? Give him 3rd term for sympathy.

  10. ‘National values!’ An artificial concoction that has no meaning whatsoever. Nationality is not natural. It was imposed on us by the colonialists. We are disparate tribal groupings and our values are tribal and not national.

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  12. Bwana Lungu so Zambia’s national values include entrenching corruption ,growing poverty and insolvency ? All these have been entrenched too.

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  14. Oh my foot, entrenching national values and principles among the citizenry, none of this was done! The only values Lungu entrenched were thieving and tribal bigotry ones!

  15. Gayzer Zezulu keep responding to Tarino and Nostra – what other values have you acquired while at state house apart from spewing hatred vile and brutality of dehumanising Zambians

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  18. What is Lungu the president saying? It’s like someone trying to be level headed piecing what to say but disjointedly! It’s a press conference I am craving for so I can learn how he articulates on issues raised by journalists!

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