Turkish healthcare communications to establish regional office in Zambia

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey, Binali Yildirim welcomes Zambia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Dr Joseph Chilengi at his official residence in Ankara
Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey, Binali Yildirim welcomes Zambia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Dr Joseph Chilengi at his official residence in Ankara

A Turkish healthcare communication solutions provider intends to establish a regional office for Southern Africa in Zambia

ZKR Intelligent Healthcare Communications Systems is a manufacturer of versatile and comfortable nurse call systems that ensure efficiency in the health delivery system by facilitating constant communication between patients, nurses and specialist doctors.

ZKR Intelligent Healthcare Communications Solutions Africa Regional Manager, Abubacar Agostinho said his company wants to work with the Ministry of Health to integrate the entire health system to ensure accountability by health practitioners as well as promote effective dispensing of medicines and utilisation of resources.

“We are now using the latest technology on the market and we are working towards opening regional offices in Africa so that we can share this technology with African countries such as Zambia. For example, in Zambia, we can integrate the entire health system, which would enable the Ministry of Health to control hospitals and account for medicines in the facilities,” said Mr Agostinho.

He said a delegation from his company would soon visit Zambia to explore the possibility of opening a regional office in Zambia.

Mr Agostinho was speaking when Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Joseph Chilengi visited the ZKR Intelligent Communications Solutions headquarters in Ankara yesterday.

ZKR Managing Director Hakan Unver said his company is working on identifying a Zambian institution in the health sector for possible collaboration and production of some of its products in the country.

In a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka on Friday by First Secretary for Press Jeremy Munthali at the Zambian Embassy in Turkey, Mr Unver stated that ZKR was committed to transferring skills and technology to Zambians.

During the interaction, ZKR demonstrated its newly manufactured three-in- one high-tech “Smart Checkpoint” machine used to check body temperature, dispense hand sanitizer and compliance with the requirement to wear face masks in public places.

The machine also has capability to count the number of persons entering a building to prevent overcrowding in accordance with COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

And Ambassador Chilengi welcomed the plans by ZKR to open a regional office in Zambia.

Dr Chilengi said government had constructed modern health facilities and upgraded existing ones, but required advanced technologies such as those provided by ZKR.

“We have reached a stage where health has become a critical issue for mankind. Previously, we had other gravitating points on which we rallied around but now there is a transformation, we all have to rally around health and healthcare systems in order to respond to this challenge caused by COVID-19 and other emerging complex health issues,” said Dr Chilengi .

Ambassador Chilengi said stakeholders like ZKR Intelligent Healthcare Communications Solutions have an important role to play in sharing the latest technologies in healthcare systems with African countries, such as Zambia.

“This would also enhance the performance of our frontline health workers in their day-to-day work because they need to interact every minute with patients due to the complexity of the current health challenges that we have,” said Dr Chilengi.

He urged ZKR to travel to Zambia at the earliest convenience to discuss how its technologies can enable the Ministry of Health to deliver healthcare in a more efficient and collaborative manner, which would enable the country to meet the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on health.


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  3. Here comes another dangerous scandal… Honeybee is better.
    I think there will be more of these scammers under HH starting this September.

  4. But can’t the so called Smart Zambia create some of these Health Management Systems?? Everything we have to import and laden ourselves with heavy maintenance costs!!Learn from ZRA and what they are doing with developing their own IT systems.What is our ICT strategy as a country?

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