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MISA Zambia backs the introduction of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill


MISA Zambia has backed the introduction of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill in parliament, following President Edgar Lungu’s pronouncement that the Bill will be aimed at protecting ‘persons’ from cybercrime.

Speaking to the PF media team over the weekend, MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale said that the Head of State was spot on when he emphasized the introduction of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill.

“I think the Head of State was right on point because we are all tired of these insults, we are all tired of being abused. We have all been victims of social media abuse you know, but I think one thing that I want to say is that social media has come to stay and we will live with it for as long as it exists however we need laws that are going to protect freedom of expression, laws that are going to support freedom of expression, laws that are going to support to information.” Ms. Mwale stated.

“We are alive to the fact that government means well. The Bill is not intended to guard people, the Bill is not intended to stop people from owning any online media but caution comes in that if you abuse something, pay for it because even in a home when you are wrong, you are wrong so this law will protect you and me. We have suffered at the hands of people that we don’t even know.” she added.

She maintained that the government’s introduction of the Bill was aimed at protecting its people especially those who were incapable of defending themselves online.

“I have been insulted several times on social media but I can’t go back to social media and start insulting NO! Social media must be used in a responsible manner.” She Reiterated.


  1. She has been insulted? I have never even heard of her! This is the problem with us. We misuse the word ‘insult’ a lot. If you are criticised that is not an insult.

  2. “MISA Zambia has backed the introduction of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill in parliament”. Hellen Mwale is not MISA Zambia. Her talking about being insulted on Social Media makes whatever statements she’s made nonsense, because it’s all purely subjective.
    What if she’s never insulted on Social Media would she still back the Bill.

  3. Yes we as zambians especially need protection from the vile cyber attacks from the upnd diasporans.

    Did you know that the reason I use a UK flag here is to prevent the recurrence of the cyber attack I had by these upnd diasporans. I now have to use a proxy vpn connection which gives me a UK IP address to hoodwink these criminals.

  4. They say umulandu taubola, does it mean when this is enacted all those to insulting and tribal videos will be revisited? hope no one will shot themselves in their foot due to this proposed bill.

  5. @Kaizar, which category of woman do you like between those two types above?
    MISA submit pictures they think are $exxy!! It is a crime to seduce us the weak ones, the straight… Arrest them.

  6. THink of Social media like you are in a bar and all the people abusing you are drunk and you will not be so offended. In those days people drank to get Dutch courage but now they just hide behind a keyboard. The people you should take seriously are the ones who insult you in your face and you know who they are. The rest of us using pseudonyms should be ignored. If you are annoyed, you should seek help from a clinical Psychologist.

    AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE YOUR LOVING WIFE ???????????????????????????????

  8. Kaizer I told you we will meet as soon as I come up there …… It will be my pleasure meeting you to see how you tick and what makes you think you on the right track, Patience my man patience

  9. Tikki aren’t you based in lusaka? What you mean come up here? Lusaka is down here where I am. Meet me for a drink. Don’t be a coward

  10. Social media has become virtual battle ground. There are no rules or ethics on social media. People stoop down to such low level that they don’t hesitate to insult even women. We have seen that many times. It is good that government has decided to bring in the law to curb the nuisance.

  11. The Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the perpetrators. Those misusing social media to abuse people need to be brought to justice. Here in Zambia, we have seen how pathetic these people are.

  12. Everyone must remember on principle. Your freedom ends where my nose starts. You can criticise people, but in a limit. If you cross that limit, then it becomes a serious crime which needs to be handled sternly. The government is preparing to do the same thing. I am sure that the decision would have sent chills down the spines of the miscreants who are doing all sorts of wrong things on social media.

  13. This was long overdue. The government should have brought this Bill two years ago when the fake news factories started mushrooming on social media with sole agenda to malign the image of President Lungu. He being the most humble, might take the criticism sportingly, but he will never tolerate a woman being abused and country’s image tarnished. Good decision Mr President.

  14. When we see what is happening around the world about regulating social media, one thing strikes out is that the virtual world would have been full of filthy attacks which would have descended on streets too. But the danger was sensed in time relevant laws were made. Now Zambia is also joining the league. Good to know.

  15. Every sane and right thinking person should support the Bill. It is our collective responsibility to keep the society safe for everyone, especially women. Till now, the government had left the matter to conscious of the users. But some rotten brains have spoiled the sanctity of healthy communication and exchange of ideas and information. In my opinion, the abusers on social media have invited this.

  16. Now the cyber space will be cleaned up. The fake news portals will face the music as their free run will come to an end. It will be interesting to see who supports the Bill and who opposes in the Parliament!

  17. THE SAINT, do you know or have heard of everything happening under the sun? If you haven’t heard of her being abused on social media, it doesn’t mean that it never happened. There are many things which you don’t know, yet they exist and happen in this world. Criticism, if crosses the limit, becomes insult. If I use unparliamentarily words to criticise you, it will be insult and mental trauma. So be careful when you opine about something. You know what, the Bill is being introduced for the people who abuse others, especially women. Remember Chellah Tukuta the celebrity photographer of Hakainde Hichilema? He is facing court trials for abusing Dora Silliya on social media. The proposed Bill is to punish such people. Got it?

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