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Kashala Takes Aim At Kamanga’s Conspirators


FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala has alleged that a clique of people has ganged up to discredit the Andrew Kamanga led executive committee.

Kashala said a group of FAZ critics think it’s their preserve to run football affairs in Zambia.

“There is too much hatred all we know is that a section of people do not want to see others manage football. It is like some individuals want to think the Football House belongs to them. This is not a family entity or family tree. FAZ is an institution that can be managed by anyone from any part of Zambia,” Kashala has told Radio Icengelo Sports,” Kashala said.

He added: “We can’t be having a pocket of few individuals destabilizing the management of football all because they have vested interest. Kamanga sits at Football House because he was voted into office. We are here today as leaders and tomorrow we will not be here and others will can and sit in.”

Meanwhile, Kashala said FAZ won’t be forced to publish the letter from FIFA that has guided that the stalled elections resume.

The aggrieved part in the FAZ electoral system has challenged Football House to publish the letter from FIFA.

“We receive several letters from FIFA on a daily basis and we do not circulate such communications to the World. There is nothing we can hide, all letters from FIFA are addressed to the General Secretary and I need to protect my office. I can’t get any letter and share it to the world,” Kashala said.

The FAZ electoral process was suspended on March 12, 2020 following a court action by banned member Damiano Mutale.


  1. Selfishness, jealous and laziness are the things killing progress in Zambia. People have become so lazy that they think making deals and stealing public funds are the only way to survive! Its really sad development that one Frederick Chiluba introduced among Zambians. Even in town centre able bodied young men and women just loiter around the whole day, every day without engaging themselves in productive work. As long as we as a people are not productive the economy will not improve. Those challenging Kamanga are just crooks who want to come and steal grants from FIFA. But FAZ should just make the FIFA letter public to silence them. Other problem is that tribalism has reached unprecedented levels. When you tell somebody you name, if its not a common name, the next in his mind is, what…

  2. Manganga, wilabika Fredrick Chiluba MHSRIP mufyabupuba. Just talk about the happenings in the football circles than talking about the dead.
    What has Chiluba got to do with this rubbish going on at FAZ? Let’s be fair.

  3. FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala should not cry foul and accuse some people of ganging up to discredit the Andrew Kamanga led executive committee. It is a recipe of your own making.
    The truth of the matter is that the current FAZ admiration has failed the Nation Zambian as far as football is concerned. From the day one this executive was ushered into office, the Executive has been spending more time boxing imaginary opponents for fear of unknown at the expense of improving football in the country. They went on to purge out of FAZ all those perceived to be former members or royalist to the leadership of their predecessor
    Gone are the days when Zambians from all walks of life craved to don FAZ NATIONAL TEAM Replica Jerseys original of fake, not anymore. Today the talk and support has…

  4. Faz just admit it, this committee is the worst to handle football affairs in this country. Which mandate do you have ba Kashala? You are sitting in those offices illegally. Your mandate expired last year March. If you’re so smart as you claim, why are you barring others from contesting FAZ positions. Just swallow your pride and leave those offices, you have lamentably failed to organise the beautiful game of football in this country.


    shifted to Europe’s Premier, Laliga, Bundesligia and Serie A leagues, no mention or little talk at all about our National Team and Players later on local league. FAZ now is only in Lusaka, Copperbelt the home of soccer and the rest of Zambia has been completely cut out or neglected
    There is been too much concentration on the the so called ETHICS committee at the expense of other committees that seeks to improve football. We are currently ranked 90 and 18 in the World and Africa respectively when prior to 2016 we used to be in top 10s in Africa. Shame indeed
    Kashala said a group of FAZ critics think it’s their preserve to run football affairs in Zambia.
    It’s true that FAZ is an institution that can be managed by anyone from any part of Zambia, but the hatred and the…

    barring of imaginary enemies or opponents perceived to challenge the current FAZ leaders has led to the current bickering and nose dive of Zambia football, no wonder even a National Coach can claim that Zambia is not a footballing nation, when results of prior 2016 leadership speaks otherwise’
    Kashala, the moment you and your Boss accept to embrace all and not fear your own shadow. Zambia Football shall rise to the occasion once again and we shall be trooping to Stadia en masse donned in Zambian colours chanting ZAMBIA, ZAMBIA, ZAMBIA once “COVID 19” eases.
    Football news is not the preserve of the Executive only but the FAZ councillors and all of us stakeholders. In any case constitutionally speaking you are the only FAZ Executive that has stayed in office beyond the…


    mandate. “Implying ILLEGALY”
    We want Zambaias qualification to AFRICA and WORLD CUPS as well as dropping from 90 and 18 in World and Africa to lower ranks respectively

  8. Frederick Chiluba he’s the one who made Zambians become hard core thieves and lazy! With laziness you cannot develop the country. I don’t regret talking about Chiluba, because he destroyed this country. Even those fighting Kamanga are just lazy bums who inherited this trait of thieving from Chiluba!

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