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UPND Government will not be vindictive-HH


United Party for National Development(UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has assured Zambians that his government will not be vindictive, instead, but will take care of everyone.

Speaking after being declared the winner by the retaining officer, Judith Mulenga to offer his thanks to various stakeholders who took part in the assembly, Mr Hichilema said that his party will take care of everyone that are scared at what the party has achieved.

Mr Hichilema thanked the independent Commission for doing its best to ensure that the convention was a success herein Lusaka and those in provinces and also thanked his party for enduring the tough time to conduct the elective assembly. This shows that UPND is capable of doing complicated things.

The convention has further proved that UPND is not a regional party but a national one given the NMC representation.

Commenting on the remarks from the Chairperson, president Hakainde said the constitution for the UPND provides for the correction of the anomalies and inadequacies. He further promised to bring more women and youths in the NMC who will be on equal footing with the elected.

In a message directed at the winners, he urged them to show leadership by reaching out to those that did not make it and endeavor to unite in the party, because only when the UPND family is united, can they serve and unite Zambia. Everyone has a role to play in delivering a better Zambia for all.

President Hakainde further highlighted that no one, should go to bed on an empty stomach in a rich country like Zambia and that his government will prioritize translating wealth in the hands of a few into drugs in hospitals and service delivery to the people.

Yesterday, UPND has elected what it calls an all inclusive National Management Committee during the party’s just ended General Assembly.

President Hakainde Hichilema was elected unopposed as announced by the returning officer Judith Mulenga

Former National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango got 2051 making her the candidate with the highest number of votes with Patrick Mucheleka polling 2020 to get second position.

Contrary to assertions that UPND is a regional party, the outcome of the general assembly that saw Northwestern, Eastern, Muchinga, Northern and Luapula province having the largest representation in the NMC rendered this notion irrelevant.

Southern Province only has six members in the NMC along with Lusaka, Copperbelt and Western Provinces while Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern and Western are represented by 8 members.

Of the 70 NMC members that were elected, 50 are men while 20 are women.

UPND held a peaceful and democratic convention revealing the traits of good governance that the party has always preached about.

The general assembly was incident free and all elected members have been accepted by party members across the country.

The party leadership used the constitution to manage the whole process starting from the nomination of the candidates to the totalling and later announcement of the results.

The general assembly was held under the theme ” Reuniting and Rebuilding Zambia.”

THE election was conducted by an independent body comprising chairperson of the elections committee and returning officer Judith Mulenga with her Vice Chairpersons Pamela Chisanga and Macdonald Chipenzi respectively.


  1. Thanks HH ,that’s unlike another party which warns voters of withholding development if Zambians don’t vote for that party.

  2. HH is already sounding Presidential. The way HH and UPND have conducted the Convention is exemplary and commendable. This should augur well for HH and his Party during the 2021 Elections. People are now waiting to see what ECL and his Panga Family will do. Given that ECL has been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 will he illegally and unconstitutionally impose himself on Zambians thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term? We shall see!

  3. This was very impressive UPND. Let’s hope you won’t change when you get into power because power is one of the chief tests of a person’s character. Wishing you well

  4. We are tired of these Mwankoles’cabinet almost all from north and east nosense.

    We need unity for a purpose and every must be represented and Edgar Lungu will be remembered for for murdering one Zambia one nation.

    PF must go!

  5. This is not to be said. People must sense it by your actions. The way you treat those challenge you, is enough to tell us about your behaviour.

  6. When you don’t let your own party colleagues to contest for the post of President and try every trick of the trade to intimidate them, these words have no meaning.

  7. You need not to thank anyone for your victory. It was obvious, when there was no challenger. So, please don’t boast of the hollow victory. It would be commendable if there was any challenge and party members got chance to vote.

  8. By the way, what has party achieved to scare people? And why would people be scared of the achievements of party? Isn’t it the biggest example that people are not confident about you and your party, that you have need to tell them not be scared?

  9. What are your plans for the country, if you come to power? Have you finalised it yet? I don’t think, you have any plans. The elections are round the corner and you are busy in futile talks, without any vision for future!

  10. NMC is alright. There was a contest. But what about the post of president? Why there was no contest and only one candidate? Is this the democracy and inclusiveness?

  11. If your own party leaders are not confident about you, then how can people trust you? We know that there was no challenge to your nomination because you intimidated the probable challengers. It is hard to believe that Garry Nkombo backed off for no reason.

  12. If you conduct party elections and members from across the country participate, it doesn’t make you national party. It only means that you have sporadic support. And being a national party is not a big deal, unless majority of voters support you.

  13. Hope this myopic team can work out something…..otherwise you will be blaming innocent Father Lupupa for your loss in August.

  14. You must sharpen your legal team and provide funds to defend you in the constitution court. And when I say sharpen I just mean that. Not those who failed you in counting 14 days and kept on preparing preminaries. Your loss is coming. Its GOD’s timing.

  15. So this party that has changed vice presidents like underwear still does not have one? They have just admitted that they were not a national party but a regional one. Now they want to play cosmetic by using other region like the did GBM. For those that are being you will be spit out the moment your usef00lness ends and replaced by Tongas.

  16. So these under5 clowns have just admitted that they have always been a tribal, regional tonga party. Having seen that Zambians know this they have conceded and are trying to use people in other regions like they did with GBM.

  17. # 17 Josh = 16  Lucas = # 15 Chitunga
    = #14  Peter = # 13  Faith lemba
    = # 12  Rita Mulonga
    = those other 2 above

    Desperation at its peak……..

    Hehehehehe ……..kwena being PF is hard. Especially seeing after having spent billions you find your selves have to force Zambians to accept you

  18. @Zambian you must be really naive to believe that any man can save you out of misery. There’s always a limit to what any leader can do in terms of uplifting your living standards. For him to deliver anything he promises, he will have to make tough/controversial decisions, often reach a dead end and even U-turn.
    I would’nt expect too much from African leaders nowadays. They are too dependant on foreign powers to pursue homegrown ideals. Gone are the days of the real African leaders like KK, Julius Nyerere, Samora Machel, Thomas Sankara and Robert Mugabe who were not scared to take the bull by the horns and defy western economic and political influence.

  19. Even PF Bloggers have nothing to say. HH’s Approval Rating in Zambia is very high. Continued attempts by ECL and PF to remove HH’s Name from the 2021 Ballot Paper is making HH even more popular. Should ECL grab a Third Term illegally and unconstitutionally that will make HH even more Popular. The attempt to rig the 2021 Election thru State Captured ECZ and Concourt will also backfire. The writing is on the wall.

  20. Monze Sec school
    1st Alumnus February 17, 2021 At 1:13 pm

    “UPND is owned by HH. He is president for life. Wa muyaya ya! There were no other bidders….”

    Seeing he bsnkrolls UPND and no UPND member is complaining , why not ? Especially seeing he nearly bankrupted GRZ when lungu used the whole government to fight the 2016 General elections ? …….HH is not easy…..

  21. How can a tribalist not be vindictive? It is in their nature to hate others based on tribe. Luckily you will never be PRESIDENT so we don’t need to worry about your evilness. Amen

    Btw my wlfe is thanking all those that wished her a happy birthday through me. We had an amazing night on her birthday. If you know you know

  22. Look at these PF minions, completely caught naked by UPND, and now have nothing to offer. Remember HH is cheeping off PF arguments;
    1) The noise that PF was raising about UPND not holding a convention is now put to bed. Just read their comments above, only stu.pi.dity is being uttered by these PF paid vuvuzelas.
    2) The noise about kalomo farm – Put to bed, especially that the owners have decided NOT to appeal. Was dead from beginning.
    3) Noise about privatization – is put to bed, Nawaki is now behaving with that lawsuit pending.
    @@ In fact, we are waiting for ECL to name the so-called Privatization Inquiry, why is PF not talking about it now….
    Because the idea is a non-starter, any court of law will throw out that

  23. HH promises to trim down the number of bembas and easterners holding senior government positions once elected.
    In an apparent attempt to consolidate the wishes of his preferred region, Mr Hichilema said it was inappropriate for the two regions to hold senior Government positions at the expense of the his preferred regional block.
    He said this after declaring himself as UPND life President on Tuesday. BBC Africa news

  24. There will never be such a thing as UPND government. The voting partern in Zambia will never change for as long as HH is the president of UPND. People in seven provinces will not vote for HH and his tribal accession to power.

  25. Are you telling us that you will not fight corruption , the song you have been singing have you just lost direction you mean there are no corrupt people in this government.
    You have to tell us where you stand is it going to be business as usual no change .

  26. Recovering stolen money from thieves is NOT being vindictive. Failing to bring criminals to book makes you an accomplice.

  27. Kikikikikikijukija
    “Speaking after being declared the winner….”.
    Let him cherish this supposed win in his undemocratic grouping.
    Outside his grouping, we shall show no mercy. We shall show him how winning means. When his strong opponent incumbent H.E POTROZ and CICOTAFs gives him a kid’s beating at the 2021 polls.
    Let him smile after swindling the dead woods in the dead camp. After the polls he will gnash his teeth with passions of envy n’ jealous.
    I will wear a wide smile of victory as I sample my cup of cappuccino! Ndhipo ndidza kondhwa kwambiri ndhitu anchimwene.
    Adzamudziba Mulungu.

  28. @nshilimbemba sometimes you must be objective in you analysis rather than letting your tribalism becloud your judgement. Your voting pattern you keep referring to is not reflected in difference votes separating ecl and HH in the previous two election encounters. The suffering of the Zambian people at present time can easily shift the balance towards HH. Remember the bye election results in that constituency in petauke the home town of ecl- he lost in his backyard! That could be the semblance of the feelings of the electorate in some parts of the country, that previously voted for Ecl.

    GOD HELP US PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. @Life Experience HH does not care about Zambian people. He is just calling on them because they are ones with votes. Look at what happened when he was given a chance to evaluate national assets. Zambian people know and an Hungry Hyena is. Believing that HH only will come and end the people’s poverty and improve the economy madness. HH will not end Covid, he has no power on prices of copper and fuel. What comes Agriculture PF has done very well under the circumstances. The are projects like Lower Kariba and Kazungula bridge that will change the face of Zambia.

  31. Where is this under 5 going to form government? These Tongas don’t understand! Hichilema can never win in Zambia! Where is he going to get the votes from? With the dreaded William Banda the second most popular in Upnd, who wants be governed by such a devil. Including Hichilema, two devils. Hichilema’s tactics are always wrong! Surely William Banda ranked so highly! Where those results genuine? I think they were just cooked by Hichilema and his cronies, in their quest to make Upnd representative. Under 5 is losing again, and please retire him, you Tongas!


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