Ndola clergyman implores Zambians to pray ahead of polls


A Ndola based clergyman has urged Zambians to pray for the country as the nation heads towards this year’s general elections.

In an interview with ZANIS in Ndola, Remmar Door of Faith Ministry International Overseer Robert Silwimba called on Zambians to pray for those aspiring to become political leaders after the August 12, 2021 elections.

Reverend Silwimba said citizens should also pray for peace as Zambia approached the election time.

He added that violence should not be tolerated in an event that a new crop of leaders is voted in power saying leadership is from God and ordained through the national powers accordingly.

He said Zambians should pray for leadership that will be able to transform the economy as well as promote peace.

“We should love one another because our country is blessed with so many natural resources which should be processed and earn the country enough forex to be used in the needy sectors of the economy such as education and health,” he said.

Rev. Silwimba said Zambians should stop criticizing each other but focus on God who can change whatever hardships the country is facing.

He has meanwhile urged politicians to love one another but fight through campaign messages and the ballot box during voting.

And Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) vice president Mike Mushanga said political leaders must start inculcating a non-violence culture in their party members especially the youths and adopt peaceful behaviour.

Mr Mushanga said political parties should not manipulate people especially youths by using them as tools of violence.

“There is need for all political parties to be peaceful and not allow what happened in 2006 and 2016 to repeat itself,” he said.

He has since urged all stakeholders to continue preaching peace and unity in the forthcoming elections saying this is the only way violence can be prevented.


  1. Dont drag the name GOD almighty mufyabupuba. Everything is prayer. GOD gave u wisdom to discern and manage. Leave GOD alone. He has more important things to than manage confused people who can not learn to live together in peace.

  2. You do not have to pray only for elections. It is funny that for 25 years under KK, no one used to say ‘Pray for elections’ and apart from the 1969 elections, the rest had no violence at all. We may not have had another choice for President, but we chose our MPs pissifuli. Since 2011, we have had violence during elections when the violent people left the ruling MMD.

  3. My job is done and my prayers were answered whilst I was born again. I will be born again after August because during elections you cannot be holy. Not when you are facing violent thugs like upnd. I know at some point I will have to defend myself by unleashing some dirty slaps on them

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