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All parents whose eligible children have not been enrolled into grade one will be punished-Senior Lunda Chief

Rural News All parents whose eligible children have not been enrolled into grade one...

Senior chief Sailunga of the Lunda people in Mwinilunga District of Northwestern Province has warned that all parents whose eligible children have not been enrolled into grade one will be punished.

The traditional leader said every parent who has not enrolled their eligible children into grade one will go and work at his farm as punishment.

“You who have not enrolled your children in grade one, I am taking you for cultivation at my farm, this I will do, I don’t lie,” senior chief Sailunga said.

The traditional leader sounded the warning during a community sensitization exercise on child protection held at Kazozu primary school in Mwinilunga yesterday.

He expressed displeasure at the low enrolment of children in grade one at the school.

The visibly annoyed traditional leader said he was ashamed to learn that only 28 children have been enrolled into grade one at the school which is right in his father’s village.

Senior chief Sailunga said he understands the population demographics of Kazozu community hence will not accept that only 28 children have been enrolled at the school.

He said he will, in the company of the area councillor and the school head teacher, go from house to house to register all the children in Kazozu community.

“Tomorrow at 08:00 hours I will be coming back here passing door to door registering children into grade one, every child I will find will register for grade one enrolment,” he said.

The traditional leader since has pledged to buy books and pencils for all the children he will enroll at the school.


  1. A great chief living in the 21 st century. More should emulate him. An ignorant child is just as bad as an ignorant upnd diasporan.

  2. I think it would be also important to know why the parents decide not to enroll their children even when they can manage to do. Otherwise the chiefs drive is much appreciated

  3. I personally see no reason why a parent would fail to send a child to school even when we all know to say from grade one level the government offers free education so yes it is a welcomed move from the chief there

  4. The chief showing love for his people! When Northern Rhodesia, I grew up in an area where the colonial administrator would make rounds through villages on horseback accompanied with some ‘Kapaso’s’ twice a year on an education mission. January the team would be congregating all children in every village and giving an over the head arm test to touching one’s ear on opposite side of the head, success meant obligatory enrolment into school and it was noted. Half way through the year a verification follow up meant fines of Half Crown* for families that failed to have their children in school and those that were found in class were rewarded with a sweet! There are hilarious stories attached to this effort but then the colonialists seemed to care about education *(Two shillings six pence a…

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