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DEC Must Investigate PF MPs dishing out Free Cash

Columns DEC Must Investigate PF MPs dishing out Free Cash

By Obvious Mwaliteta UPND Chairman Lusaka Province.

It is sad that our nation’s dignity and decency has been reduced to the status of a banana Republic under the Patriotic Front regime due to failed leadership. Our standing among the community of nations has been degraded and thrown into the trash can, to an extent where it is no longer an honour to proudly display a Zambian passport when one travels abroad. A country where corruption and theft is glorified and applauded when ‘ubomba mwibala’ and ‘kasaka ka ndalama’ culture is preached on a Presidential podium and the Head of State is leaping in the air with excitement.

True to the testament of President Edgar Lungu’s ideology of being likened to an ATM, PF top officials stroll around with trunks of cash, freely throwing it to poor citizens like one throws gaga to village chickens. PF is proudly funding poverty and redirecting scarce resources that are needed to buy medical drugs and pay retirees, to corruption. It is true that PF as a party has more money than government, but where is this laundered criminal money coming from?

Bowman Lusambo openly confessed that the money they freely distribute to our people in the street has been provided for by President Edgar Lungu. That’s from the horse’s mouth! Why should PF then condemn Brebner Changala for stating that State House is a crime scene and a den of thieves? Chilanga MP Maria Sharapova Langa has been seen walking through Chilanga with trunks and trunks of hard cash distributing to our people that PF has deliberately made poor, so that they can depend on them for handouts.

What is then is the DEC waiting for when their investigations have already been done half way by Bowman Lusambo who has pointed his accusing finger at State House.

As UPND Chairman for Lusaka Pronvice, while not condoning this criminal behaviour by PF criminals, I urge all Lusaka residents and all citizens around Zambia, to pretend to be PF for one second, receive the money and buy medicine and food for your children! This is your money coming back to you illegally, get it but know what is in your heart, and that is to kick out these criminals in August this year.

Remember that Hakainde Hichilema is the only capable person that will manage these resources to the benefit of all Zambians through fair distribution of social services to our deprived communities. UPND has a capable team of men and women that will turn this country around and bring dignity back to the land.


  1. There is no law which says helping unfortunate people in society is a crime. Anyway we are not surprised that upnd thinks like this because their president even after having stolen public funds has failed to donate a single ngwee since he last forcefully donated tu cheap ibu soap last year.

  2. Meanwhile, I am thinking of writing my auto biography and I would like to get your input. Please comment below what you think about me or the fond memory you have of me.

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    • It is Satanic money which multiplies with every recorded road accident! For this money can not be kept in banks but hidden in homes of the “Dark Money” officials who have to dish it out in one dorm or another before a certain date revealed to them! Those that receive it are affected in unexplained ways as only them feel the strangeness then they start feeling as though they are always short of money for anything. In certain cases where used for a service fights and other unexplained circumstances happen! Take keen interest if anyone knows of anybody that has received these handouts what you may notice! Souls are being bought for the devil! Nangu ni poverty government has an obligation to explain sources of money being dished out and even that from Satan!

  4. Stalin began to pluck a chicken while it was alive and in great agony, its feathers were removed one by one. The floor became filled with blood and feathers in a puddled mass with the frenzied shrieks of the chicken filling the room in a fevered pitch.When the heinous act was done the chicken cowered in fear and in pain it fell back to what it does best, being a chicken. Stalin’s next act of the demonstration was to feed the distraught bird.Stalin after plucking the chicken of its feathers began to feed it, dropping bits of wheat after his footsteps as he walked around the room.The bird started following, gobbling up the bits of food. “See!”, Stalin remarked, “Even though I have done the most terrible acts on this creature it still follows me if it is given a small meaningless treat every…

  5. Stalin after plucking the chicken of its feathers began to feed it, dropping bits of wheat after his footsteps as he walked around the room.The bird started following, gobbling up the bits of food. “See!”, Stalin remarked, “Even though I have done the most terrible acts on this creature it still follows me if it is given a small meaningless treat every now and then. This is how to govern stupid people.”

  6. One needs to be a Zombie to belong to UPND. How can a normal human being believe that only HH is capable of managing the resources to benefit all Zambians. We know what HH did when he was given an opportunity to manage our resources. Also Mr Mwaliteta, by saying that only HH you are saying that yourself and the rest of UPND members are incapable. This is campaign time and we need that money from PF. Go tell you little god HH to start distributing privatization money also instead of being a greedy son of a b!tch that he is.

  7. Obvious Mwaliteta, please don’t just bark, Bite!

    The problem with our current crop of opposition leaders is that they enjoy crying, instead of providing actual, tangible checks and balances. Remember Mwanawasa and his famous INJUNCTIONS against UNIP malpractices? That is what Zambia needs. Now!
    Mwaliteta, stop them. You have the right. What you need is power to act.

    Complain to the Police. Report the matter to ZRA and BOZ! Petition DEC! Do it. Bite.

  8. Where is the social service and community department? Ministers, and MP should implement better policies that strengthen our social services. Handouts is not development, what about tomorrow?

  9. Who wrote that statement for him? Certainly not him. If you have interacted with this Mwaliteta chap, you will know that he is as dumb as a clump of hair

  10. ECL said it all. “Ubomba mwibala” so he truly condones Corruption. No wonder on their Campaign Trail PF is carrying “twusaka twandalama ” to buy Votes in Provinces. This Money is Taxpayer’s Money so People shou take the Bribes and eat the Money but on August 12, 2021 remember to Vote wisely. HH and UPND are our only hope in 2021 and beyond. All right thinking Zambians should vote for change in 2021 and that change is HH and UPND. No wonder ECL is desperate to remove HH’s Name from the 2021 Ballot Paper. We must all fight to ensure that HH is not only on the Ballot Paper but ensure that he wins in the 2021 Elections thru a landslide. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  11. The thieves are printing more and more money.

    That is why inflation will sky rocket.

    Prices of commodities are already going up.

    And this is just the beginning.

  12. The p0rn front party of dull id1ots and one thieving failed lawyer with teeth like a kw1ndi who bankrupted a country are busy printing money.

  13. Corruption and lawlessness at best. We need God to emancipate via HH. Mr. Mwaliteka l hear you. President ECL and other PF cohorts are spreading COVID aswell as flouting money laundering laws. If any opposition party did this Hon Kampyongo would unlessh ZP / PF

  14. Ba PF/ government you have very dull strategies. You make too obvious that you are threatened by HH. Keep campaigning for him. When we vote in power his first order of business ought to be Life Style Audits from the President to the last cadre. This nonsense has to stop

  15. Back in the day people used to say Malawian’s are backward, little did we know about the log in our eyes. Smart People of Zambia should decline such acts like the one in the Video that has gone viral. If people declined handouts then Bowman will not steal to give a few Kwachas and bags of mealie meal away just so he can buy votes.

  16. @ kci Hmmm!! “A normal human being” I don’t know about this one, can there be any other normal to normal image! Only in the eyes of the self defining human being who in the eyes of other in the animal kingdom is normal the way they are normal. Anyway “normal” aside but you go on to say “We know what HH did when he was given an opportunity to manage our resources.” In the sense “We” interpreted as yourself and others in your “We” circle of colleagues whose “your resources” under similar interpretation you gave to him “to manage”. Is this in anyway similar to one lawyer Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) who was given an opportunity to manage a widows entitlements and we also know what happened only that with the ECL case even you know! In your case we who know the ECL case are not…


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