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Federation of Albinism and Blindness disputes claims of swindling its members

General News Federation of Albinism and Blindness disputes claims of swindling...

The International Federation of people living with Albinism and Blindness IFPAB President Pastor John Ngoma has refuted claims suggesting that about thirteen thousand people have been swindled money by the Federation.

Pastor Ngoma was reacting to a story that was aired on Znbc TV channel both on the main news at 19:00hrs and on its 20:00hrs news bulletins on 18 February 2021 alleging that the about thirteen thousand out of over thirty thousand members registered by the federation were swindled by the federation.

He said this in a statement made available to Zanis in Lusaka today.

“we have 30,000 members registered and no one has come forth with a complaint to the federation that they were swindled ,hence the allegations are not true and unfounded,” Pastor Ngoma said.

He wondered why ZNBC could not communicate with the federation to verify the issue before airing the story on television .

The organization has since given the national broadcaster ZNBC four days to apologies as failure to not doing so will attract legal action.

Pastor Ngoma claimed that that a crew entered the premises without permission and filmed the documents of the organization without seeking authority to the organization.

In a related development, the organization will provide educational support from primary to tertiary to children who do not have financial support in order to enhance equal access to education among

“ we have registered a number of students on the bursary program that we have given commitment letters and memorandum of understanding with various institutions of learning.

IFPAB is present in all the 10 provinces across the country with support from persons living with disabilities, old aged including able bodied men and women empowerment.


  1. Job well done ZNBC, it could be true because i know someone close to me paid membership fee of about K50 so that she can have access to all the empowerment programs IFPAB offers. Immediately after paying that membership fee, she applied for their so called loan empowerment scheme and furnished them with all the required documents. To date, nothing has come of it since August 2020. This pastor says no one has come forth with a complaint, i think it’s because the amount individually is not making ‘business sense’ to claim it back especially for those in far flung places. But collectively this same relatively small membership fee is a lot of money, so in my honest opinion this Pastor and his fellow minions are just running another shrewd form of a Ponzi scheme. This should interest the…

  2. Never trust a person that tries to sell you by how righteous they are. I’m telling your right now, it’s a scam.

  3. Can this be investigated fully. I wouldn’t be surprised if this man has links to upnd. This is how crooked and evil upnd members are.

  4. “we have 30,000 members registered and no one has come forth with a complaint to the federation that they were swindled ,hence the allegations are not true and unfounded,” Pastor Ngoma said.

    Pastor Ngoma surely how can someone come to you to complain if you are the person that swindled them …this mentality of thinking is being trickled down from corrupt politicians …if you are truly innocent open your doors to investigations by police and challenge anyone to complain to relevant authorities.

  5. Produce your sets of accounts, incomes, expenditure, source of funding etc during your AGM so that your members can see what is going on. There is no smoke without fire.

  6. Whoever is behind this will never succeed because this program aims to support the disabled and non disabled. Enemies of progress will be ashamed. We want to own our own businesses other than leaving everything in the hands of foreigners. Zambians take heart this program means well the political issues you want to bring in will not work. Let the poor Zambians benefit. Leave IFPAB alone stop confusing innocent citizens.?????

  7. In every institution you always find disgruntled individuals who set themselves as demigod to air what is not true do that they can hide their evil acts

  8. I ate=tended the official launch of iFPAB at Mulungushi International Conference center and a good number of beneficiaries were selected at random and given offer leaders for funding businesses, scholarships and monthly support for the aged. To my surprise one of my friends had applied for loan to support their SMEs but it alter emerged their application forms went missing and asked to apply afresh. For any serious organization how do applications go missing even before being evaluated. This raises my suspicion. During the launch I saw a prominent and respected clergy man Peter Ndhovu among key speakers and don’t understand how the whole scheme is crumbling. It will not make for Pastor Ngoma to threaten legal action against ZNBC without clearing the air because there are a lot of people…


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