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Express Your Partisanship Views in Ballot Box, Kabwe Mayor Tells the Church

General News Express Your Partisanship Views in Ballot Box, Kabwe Mayor Tells...

Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe has advised leaders and members of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) to avoid partisan politics in church but to instead express their views and opinions in the ballot box.

Mr. Chileshe says the church is a place where people of different political parties meet to worship hence no one should express their partisan opinion in the congregation.

He says the church must work with the government of the day to ensure that there is peace and unity in the country.

He was speaking yesterday when he attended a church service at St. Andrews UCZ congregation in Kabwe.

Mr. Chileshe has meanwhile expressed concern that some opposition party members have been making pledges to help the church but they have failed to honour them.

He said President Edgar Lungu has worked well with the United Church in Zambia in many ways adding that he has responded well to their request.

The Kabwe Mayor told the church that it was only President Lungu who can attend to their problems because he is the Head of State with the heart to assist the needy.

Mr. Chileshe has since pledged to adopt 80 percent of the remaining works of the church which include terrazzo floor painting and maintenance of the surroundings.

And Congregation Reverend-In-Charge, Teddy Mubonga, said his church will continue to support the government of the day.


  1. Expressing partisan views under cover of working with government of the day while telling church members to express their partisan views in the ballot box!! When a church starts surviving from ruling regime’s donations then know that money has been given to some of the church leaders. The next thing is that such church leaders will claim ” we support the government of the day”. A genuine church should not be comparing donations between the opposition and ruling party political leaders! Are churches now open grounds for politicians to compete in terms of donations they give to churches?

  2. And he goes on to say that some opposition parties make promises which they fail to honour, only President Lungu can support the church.

  3. Do we have churches any more? Open voter bribing daily in most of satans churches. Godly churches cant accept being cheated in an election year

  4. Its difficult to resist the PF strategy, starve you in your weakest area, you break down then they come in to fix your problems. This is the same system Mobutu used to squeeze his perceived opponents in his then Kingdom of Zaire.


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