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President Lungu has only been in office for 1 term and deserves second term -Dora Siliya

Headlines President Lungu has only been in office for 1 term and deserves...

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has said that President Edgar Lungu deserves a second term of office in order to continue and complete the many projects being undertaken by the Patriotic Front government.

Ms Siliya, who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, has clarified that President Lungu has been in office for one term only from 2016 to 2021.

The Minister said that the election won by President Lungu in 2015 after the death of his predecessor, late President Michael Sata, was not a full five-year term according to the laws of Zambia and must not be considered because President Edgar Lungu, was just finishing Mr. Sata’s term of office.

Ms. Siliya said that information circulating purporting that President Lungu has been a President for two terms is not true and must be ignored by all well-meaning Zambians because his first term is finishing this year.

In 2018, the Constitutional Court ruled that President Edgar Lungu can stand in presidential elections due in 2021 without breaching a constitutional two-term limit, and rejected an opposition challenge.

President Lungu’s first period in office lasted only one year and six months, when he took over after the death of the previous elected president, Michael Sata. He then won the election to a second, full term in August 2016.

Lungu’s supporters argued that the constitution said that a president is only deemed to have served a term if he is in office for at least three years of the full five-year term.

Constitutional Court President Hildah Chibomba said the ruling by the seven judges of the court had been unanimous.

“Our answer is that (Lungu’s first) presidential tenure of office…cannot be considered as a full term,” Chibomba said.

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichelema, who heads the United Party for National Development (UPND), criticized the ruling as effectively opening the way to a third term for Lungu.

“For now, we would like to clearly state that no one is entitled to a third term of office as president of this country,” Hichelema said. “This is because when courts fail to protect citizens, (they) have the power to map their own destiny through people power.”

The opposition cannot appeal the ruling as the Constitutional Court is the highest tribunal in Zambia.


  1. …. And the same constitution says precisely, Lungu has held office of the president TWICE and cannot be elected as president again. Dora! We are equally knowledgeable. Ico mutina in respecting the Constitution twali cishiba. Ninshi mwibila nga mwalishiba ati muliba mwenso?

  2. Failed leadership over and over again! If you hire a person claiming they have the education, knowledge, training and skills in that position, and you realized they cannot do the job, do you keep them? That person is running your organization to the ground for years! Do you say give him a chance? Time for real leadership not corrupt incompetent people, running Zambia to the ground!

  3. ????????… Please Hon. Siliya spare us from that nonsense ! President Lungu’s Leadership is not suitable for a developing country like Zambia because he lacks the managerial skills to transform Zambia. Indeed the man had no vision for Zambia and he was just forced to be President. He doesn’t deserve to be given another term because…. Eish! The man does not know whether he’s coming or going. To say the truth our country has been on auto pilot since he took over Power in 2015. The question Madam Dora Siliya should be asking herself is that where all of a sudden has Mr. Lungu gotten the money that him and his Ministers are everyday distributing to people when the Central government is broke? Is that what Hon Siliya calls good Leadership? Perpetuating poverty… AIKONA MAN!

  4. The insistence by PF that president lungu has only saved one term is the very reason we must not vote for him. That will be the surest way to ensure he does not go for a third term. If he goes for this third term he will start thinking of how to extend his term further. It is better we use our collective will to stop PF from manipulating our constitution.

  5. To be very honest: Mr. Lungu is the most reckless and clueless president in Africa, perhaps in the World. (Even Trump though in the same Lungu category) had great technically-inclined advisors. Lungu? Clueless ones!
    Lungu should never ever have faked his way to Zambian Presidency. 5 Wasted years!

  6. Siliya is not the Spokesman of Concourt. Concourt should pass a Verdict declaring ECL Eligible to stand in 2021 Elections as a PF Presidential Candidate. Furthermore Concourt should explain why it was necessary to elect and swear in ECL in 2015 even though that was not a Term. If indeed ECL was finishing President Sata’s Term why was he elected and sworn in 4 a Term of 18 months? The Republican Constitution says a President can only serve for a maximum of 10 years. If ECL is given a Passport by Concourt to stand in 2021 by 2026 he will have served 111/2 years thereby breaching the Term limit set by the Republican Constitution. In 2015 when ECL was elected and sworn in didn’t he serve as the Republican President? We know that the State Captured ECZ will accept ECL’s Nomination and the…

  7. The Statement by Dora Siliya is a prelude to ECZ accepting ECL’s Nomination as a PF Presidential Candidate. This Nomination will be challenged at Concourt and the State Captured Concourt will endorse ECL’s Nomination. The Concourt will give frivolous reasons to justify ECL’s Third Term. Though the Concourt Ruling will be illegal and unconstitutional there will nothing to stop ECL from running for a Third Term. All right thinking Zambians should punish ECL at the Ballot Box by rejecting him. ECL hopes to overcome such Electoral loss thru Election Rigging. The challenge for Zambians seeking a change of Govt in 2021 is how to protect their Vote. It’s not a Secret that ECL cannot win a Popular Vote in 2021. The only way to retain Power is to rig those Elections in August 2021. That is…

  8. I would like to know the projects and policies Mr Lungu wants to do? What will he do to stop dependence on foreign debt to fund the country and what will he do to modernize Government and encourage enterpreneurship in Zambia. This also goes out to everyone who wants to be President. I know for certain that I have little hope for big changes by either politician HH or Lungu. Although I would support HH I think the country deserves two of these leaders have a debate.

  9. No Dora, President Lungu’s second term of Office ends on August 12. He’s actually illegally seeking a third term. We shall start seeing the real patriots in PF after Parliament and Cabinet are dissolved on May 12 as they will oppose the third term with right-minded Zambian patriots

  10. Dora Siliya is obviously lying. There is no Concourt Judgment which says Lungu didn’t serve a Term of Office in 2015. Since Lungu has not yet been Nominated and certified by ECZ there is no way Concourt can rule on the issue. Lungu’s Third Term Eligibility can only become an issue after Nominations are closed in May 2021. PF should just hold its Convention and elect ECL as its President and PF Presidential Candidate in 2021. Lungu will direct Concourt to confirm his Eligibility in 2021. Thats the end of story.Why is Dora Siliya panicking and putting the Cart b4 the Horses?

  11. The fact is he has been elected/held office twice, there is nothing like he was finishing someone’s (Sata’s) term in the constitution.

  12. Is there such a clause as finishing someone’s term in the Zambian Constitution? & If so quote that clause. Lets call a spade a spade madam Dora. You are close to the President and tell him the correct things rather than sugar coating soar grapes.

  13. If indeed ECL was completing President Sata’s Term then why was he elected and sworn in for an 18 months Term of Office in 2015? If Lungu was elected and sworn in 2015 for a Term of 5years why did he re-stand in 2016 instead of waiting 4 his Five Year Term to expire in 2018? Team Lungu are scheming on how to steal a Third Term 4 ECL in 2021. If ECL imposes himself on us we should unanimously punish him thru the Ballot Box. We should punish ECL severely for tearing apart our Republican Constitution. Let’s all vote 4 change and that Change is HH aka Bally will fix it.

  14. Honorable Siliya projects don’t finish. One person can’t finish them because some of the projects which your government is fulfilling were proposed back in the KK government. These things ni walyako. Mwabvinako mwasiilako ayanu

    Article 106: Tenure of office of President and vacancy
    6. If —— a person is elected to the office of President as a result of an election held in accordance with clause 5(b), —– the President-elect shall serve for the unexpired term of office and be deemed, for the purposes of clause (3)—
    a. to have served a full term as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, at least three years remain before the date of the next general election; or
    b. not to have served a term of office as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, less than three years remain before the date of the next general election.

  16. There is no need to waste time justifying a Third Term 4 Lungu. PF should just convene a Convention and Elect Lungu as PF President and PF Presidential Candidate for 2021 Elections. Team Lungu will direct ECZ to certify ECL’s Nomination. When ECL’s Nomination is challenged at Concourt ECL should give a directive to Concourt to endorse his candidature in the 2021 Elections. Nobody can contest Concourt ‘s decision. So that is the end of story.

  17. Thought this minister went to university, who says only Lungu can complete the projects? Those projects are being implemented by government so they would be implemented with or without visionless!! Infact they will be efficiently implemented!! As an educated person, it’s folly for the educated to be behaving like an illiterate for political expediency……the law is very clear about terms and everyone who knows how to read can see that!!

  18. Big No…..Siliya you must be very dull….according to the constitution Lungu’s final term in office ends August 12….people should now start demonstrating on the streets….this is uncalled for…why would Zambians allow Lungu to disregard the constitution….STOP LUNGU NOW

  19. Dora is just playing post-office… she is just relaying what the constitution court has pronounced on. Talk about bulking a wrong tree…Don’t call Dora names, reason with our courts. and fortunately courts are devoid of emotion.

    Those of you who are so mad, please take up the case with the courts or go and vote. Then again most of the cyber noise makers do not register as voters… napita ..

  20. Please don’t say its complicated…unless you can’t read…..its very clear Lungu is trying to cling to power unconstitutionally

  21. The man has been sworn in twice as President hence he is not legible to stand. Pity Zambia that has ministers who hardly know the constitution.

  22. Dora Siliya has been sent by Team Lungu to start this Debate as we approach the Presidential Election Nomination Day in May 2021. Team Lungu expects ECZ to certify ECL’s Nomination in May 2021. When the Nomination is petitioned in Concourt Team Lungu is counting on the Lungu appointed Judges to grant him his Third Term Wish. The State Captured Concourt will oblige and endorse ECL for his Third Term. It’s really up to Zambians to vote out Lungu and PF from Power. Team Lungu has no Respect for the Republican Constitution and would like to establish a One Party State Dictatorship so that Lungu can Rule Zambia forever. Zambians have to stop this Corruption and abuse of Power on August 12,2021. The writing is on the wall.

  23. So ba opposition are dead scared of President Lungu..Look for the judgement,read and understand what the con court ruled in regard to the period between 2015-2016.

  24. The reasoning of Hon. Dorika Sili ya is very interesting and leaves one to wonder if some chillies has been applied in her brain. We voted Edgar Lungu following the death of Michael Sata and he got sworn in as Republican President in his individual capacity not as continuation in the name or person of Michael Sata. And there was no clause or anything mentioned in our constitution that Edgar has been elected President of the Republic of Zambia to continue where Sata left after his death. Mr. Edgar Lungu after being sworn in as President made changes to his cabinet, made his appointments without question bearing in mind that he was discharging his duties as a lawfully elected President of the Republic of Zambia. In 2016 he managed to be elected again and was sworn for the 2nd time. This…

  25. This is as usual a nullity, this CliDoras Slit is very dull. Nobody is talking about terms of office, what the constitution talks about is “been elected and sworn into office twice’, kla, you are excluded from running for office again. Should the Constitutional Court, against the constitution, rule that he is elligible to run, let’s vote him out of office then have the wholer constitutional bench arrested and executed by firing squad. With CliDoras Slit, we know its all about quenching her tribal bigotry, Umodzi Kumawa. She clearly said that in Katete last year.

  26. DESERVES??????
    He MAY be eligible to be a candidate in the August polls. He MAY according to the PURPOSIVE interpretation of the Constitution and not according to the LITERAL interpretation, BUT he does not deserve to be re-elected even for the first time. WE made a big mistake in 2015 and we repeated it in 2016. Everyone makes mistakes but only a f00l repeats for the once more again for the third time all over again. kikikikiki and ZANMBIANS are not f00ls.
    PF will field him at their own peril.

  27. The rejection of Bill 10 by Parliament is the cause of this problem. Team Lungu had deleted Article 52 of the Republican Constitution to prevent anybody challenging Lungu’s Third Term Eligibility. Now that Bill 10 is dead Team has no choice but to direct ECZ to certify Lungu’s PF Presidential Candidancy in 2021. If the Nomination is petitioned at Concourt Team Lungu will direct Concourt to grant ECL his Third Term Wish. Since the decision of Concourt cannot be challenged any where Zambians have to fight against Lungu’s illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. The only solution is to vote out Lungu and PF on August 12, 2021. That is our challenge!

  28. ECL has warned Concourt Judges not to behave like the Kenyan Supreme Court Judges. When ECL’s Nomination is challenged after Nominations are closed Concourt should find a way to Rule that ECL is entitled to stand as a PF Presidential Candidate in 2021 Elections. Concourt doesn’t have to give a Reason for its decision. Concourt must know where their bread is buttered. If ECL’s Re-election is Petitioned Concourt should dismiss HH’s Petition in the same way they dismissed the 2016 Presidential Petition. PF is here to Rule Zambia forever. Period.

  29. The Statement should be made by the PF Secretary General and not by a Govt Spokesman. Lungu’s Third Term Eligibility is a purely Partisan issue which PF Secretary General Davies Mwila should deal with at their Convention. Let PF elect its President who will be the PF Presidential Candidate in the upcoming 2021 Elections. ECZ can certify Lungu’s Third Term and Concourt can endorse that decision but its up to Zambians to elect their Leaders. On August 12, 2021 Zambians will reject ECL at the Polls. If ECL steals the Elections People will rise to defend their Vote.The writing is on the wall.

  30. This is not debatable. The same people talking ifyabula amano would have protested if Lungu was to take pension after 18 months in office, if he had lost in 2016. So this is not a debate, the constitution was written by illiterates & it will need to be changed.

  31. Ba pf are buring their heads in the sand to avoid facing the reality. Listen to KBF before you find yourselves with no presidential 2021 candidate coz John Sangwa Sc & KBF are armed to the teeth to prove ECL is not legible to stand for election in court

  32. KZ should show us a Copy of a Concourt Judgment which stated that Lungu is eligible to stand in 2021. No one has Petitioned ECL’s Eligibility becoz he hasn’t been Nominated by PF and certified by ECZ. Any challenge on Lungu’s Eligibility should be done in May 2021 after Nominations are closed. All those who want to contest Lungu’s Eligibility can do so after Nominations are closed in May 2021.Dora Siliya and Davis Mwila should wait 4 the Nominations to close and for Petitioners to file their Applications with Concourt.

  33. It makes sad reading such statements coming from a learned government official. I think truth is better being said than trying to fool us Zambians. Don’t create unnecessary rules to suit yourselves because you will create a very dangerous precedent for future generations. Let the President rest he has done enough let him find a wise replacement to continue with developmental things he has left. We have so many talented people to handover to.

  34. Ubukopo no ubupuba mu PF kwati bwalifula! The same person you`re advocating not to be in office for two terms misguided the MPs , interpreted the constitution using Kaponya formula and made them to pay back. Now you`re busy supporting him and you want him to stand again. I have one question for PF and thier surrogate and they should answer” Was Edgar Lunga a vice president when he was elected for the first time?


  36. Kikikiki from the above comments.
    49 comments are against the third term representing 71.02% while 15.94% or 11 are neutral and only 13.04% are for the idea of continuity, which is 9 comments.

  37. Simple Check list for ECL
    Elected twice-YES ( in 2015 and 2016)
    Sworn in twice-YES (in 2015 and 2016)
    Held office twice-YES (from 2015-2016 and 2016-2021)
    A President can only serve for a maximum of 10 years (not 11 , 12 ,13 etc ).
    If he is elected for a third term he will serve for 12 years. That is against the constitution.

  38. Mayo imwe the man has been subjected to elections twice meaning he has held office twice, he has released pigeons twice though the other he had to struggle to have them fly, meaning he has been sworn in twice. Where are you getting this notion that he has only been in office for one term? Stop rapping our constitution please, if it means going, just go in peace please

  39. If President Lungu lost Elections in 2015 He would have been eligible to earn all Presidential Benefits accorded for hold that Office that’s why he was sworn in and it was not like he is finishing Late Sata’s term no Unless if it was on the current constitution that allows a Vice President to assume office of the President without going for an Election. Since Multi party democracy was introduced No Previous President has served in Zambia for 11 years.Or else is Dora impling that the Zambian Constitution is Defective?The answer is NO.

  40. HH and his supports don’t have knowledge about our Constitutional Law, so they keep questioning President Lungu’s term every now and then … Pathetic people.

  41. Why Hichilema and his blind supporters are so scared of President Lungu, we are just a few months away from the elections and still, this topic comes out.

  42. Hichilema knew that he cannot win against the President. That is why he is manipulating Zambians. He makes sure that he has zero competition like he did in UPND’s Presidential election. HH won because there was no one to compete against him. #DictatorBally.

  43. The ‘finishing of a term’ applies to the vice-president taking over – and this came in 2016. Lungu was elected in 2015 and 2016. He was not vice president the first time. He has been elected twice. End of.

  44. Before questioning Mr. Lungu’s term, HH should see his dirty character. HH involved in Privatization and corruption scandal, farmers suing him… Should a criminal person be allowed contesting the Presidential elections???

  45. HH is a brainless person, he does not know anything… He doesn’t know how the system works, he doesn’t know the Constitutional law. So, this type of statement is expected from him.

  46. The dogs in upnd had a chance to change the constitution to suit them using bill 10. The idi0ts celebrated its defeat, only to remain in limbo hahahahaha. Dullness

  47. So some one gives you the opportunity to change the constitution via bill 10. You cry and throw it in their face. then you go on to crry over the same things bill 10 would have changed. F00lish

  48. ECL was not party to the ruling of 2018. It was hypothetical – and wrong, by the way. Term of office is not linked to ‘holding office’. The term applies to the amendment in 2016 where a vice-president or other person would assume office to finish off a term. ECL was elected before this and in both situations, holding office means having been sworn in twice, which he was. He has held office twice, hence he is ineligible. It is absurd to imply that he didn’t hold office when he was sworn in in 2015. Otherwise he could equally resign now, wait for August and re-contest on account of not having served a term. Then resign in 2023 and re-contest in 2026 because he did complete a ‘term’. If you follow the misplaced ‘term’ argument, one could become wamuyayaya again.

  49. Constitutions are interpreted in at least two ways. This has been the case in the United States of America where most so called ‘conservative’ judges are also ‘originalists.’ These are the judges who can even overturn precedence if it does not line up with what the original writers of the law had in mind. This is important when it comes to ‘changed’ circumstances. For example, it is well known that ‘We the people’ in the US constitution did not include slaves, blacks or women. The ‘purpose’ of the law may be entered into. To every other Tom, D1ck and Harry, the letter of the law can be very obvious. This is where the literalists come in. It does not matter what the writer purposed. Meanwhile, the law should not be seen to be unfair. If Lungu had served 1 month, would it have…

  50. Concourt has never Ruled that ECL is eligible to contest 2021 Elections. Where is the Judgment which says so?The Republican Constitution is very clear. Article 106 (3) clearly says: “A person who has held office as President is not eligible for election as President “. Nobody disputes that ECL was elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. Besides no President is allowed to serve as President of Zambia for a maximum period not exceeding 10 years. Lungu is disqualified by Republican Constitution to stand 4 a Third Term in August 2021. If ECL rigs his way to a Third Term via ECZ and Concourt Zambians will punish him severely at the Ballot Box. Let ECL steal the upcoming Elections and see the wrath of the Voters. God bless HH aka Bally.Bally will fix it.

  51. Don’t blame Lungu, blame the Minister of justice specially and the legislators (MPs) in general. The fact the there is still debate on this issue means that something needs to be corrected in our constitution. ECL completed MCS’s period of 1 and half years which our constitution does not count as a term. So technically Lungu has served only one term. The Confusion comes in when it goes further and says sworn in twice. This opens up debate which translation depends on the ruling by concourt. In their ruling they have to look at natural rule of justice. Could the law of Zambia be the only one to penalize a citizen who steps in to serve a crisis following the death of an incumbent president? The answer is no. So the proponents of the third term narrative to exclude Lungu from standing as…


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