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All the clinics in Lusaka upgraded to level 1 hospitals to be operationalized-Government


The government will soon operationalize all the clinics in Lusaka that have been upgraded to level 1 hospitals in order to enhance service delivery.

Health Minister Dr. Jonas Chanda notes that doing so, will also promote the model of care in conformity with the district level status due to large population catchment areas.
Speaking separately when he toured the soon-to-be commissioned Kanyama and Chawama level 1 hospitals in Lusaka, Dr Chanda assured that government will also prioritize recruitment of human resources in order to promote efficiency when it comes to health care service delivery.

The Minister also called on hospital management for the two health facilities to expedite the needs assessment report in order to facilitate for immediate operationalization of the two facilities.

The minister who was accompanied by UTH Director Clinical Care and Diagnostic Services Dr. Alex Makupe and Nkoloma ward councilor Tasila Lungu Mwansa explained that the model of care should befit the new infrastructure development of health facilities that the PF government has done.

He said there is need to take care of patients within their localities in order not only to bring medical services closer, but to also reduce the burden of referring cases to tertiary hospitals such as the University Teaching Hospital and Levy Mwanawasa Hospital.

Dr. Chanda also called for decentralized care of COVID-19 patients within the level 1 hospitals in order to strengthen community management of the pandemic to avoid further spread.

“It is good to see such huge investments in the health sector and clearly shows the importance that President Edgar Lungu attaches in promoting access to quality healthcare,” Dr Chanda said and recalled how small the facility was when he was doing his medical attachments as a medical student over 20 years ago compared to the unprecedented progress that has been recorded now.

And at Chawama Level 1 hospital, Dr Chanda directed for the facilitation of a mortuary in order to reduce the burden on tertiary hospitals.

Meanwhile, Dr Chanda has disclosed that the next cabinet meeting is expected to table the way forward with regards to the COVID-19 vaccine following the $25 Million support towards vaccine acquisition and deployment by the mobile provider MTN, to the African Union.

He assured that government will be as transparent as possible with the issue of the vaccine as he urged Zambians to individualized the fight against the pandemic in order to record progress.

He said this when he gave a latest COVID-19 update where he disclosed that Zambia is the last 24 hours recorded 555 new cases out of 3,910 tests done while 9 deaths were also recorded in the same period.


  1. Good sounding development …until you get back to the mounting national debt incurred to do all this.Be careful Bwana Chanda especially after all the corruption and abuse of funds unearthed at your ministry.

  2. It is sad to look at once upon a time gorgeous Tasila. Now she is walking around in her night dress.
    What was that marriage to a cadre for?

  3. Upgrading clinics when there is no medicines and no water ….really laughable,,,you will see such stories as we head towards elections!!

  4. Upgrading clinics into hospitals in name only, hospitals without medicines, instead selling Honey Bee defective medicines to Zambians. Do not assure Zambians that you will be transparent this time. You deny when Zambians say PF is corrupt.

  5. This is excellent development. Our people will benefit from these projects. Thank you to the Republican President and his team for all their efforts in accomplishing this task.

  6. @ Nostradamus, clearly you have no sense of style or don’t have a stylish woman in your life. That dress is currently in style.

  7. Diaspora lady don’t take that boy nostra seriously. Bakumunshi abo. Those are the guys who went straight from living in chinsali to America

  8. This is indeed good news for the people in Lusaka. Slowly all the health clinics across the provinces will be upgraded to level 1.

  9. We are eagerly waiting for the news related to the Covid-19 Vaccine. Remember Zambians, only truth the official statement and not any fake news as many fake media houses publish false news to target the PF government.

  10. The new health minister is doing a commendable job. In a very short period of time, he managed the sector and ensure that no covid patient is suffering due to lack of oxygen and other medicines.

  11. First, President Lungu launched the health clinics in the districts so the health facilities come closer to the people. And now slowly, the health clinics are upgraded into hospitals! This is called progress.

  12. The Covid-19 cases are slowly decreasing, there is no magic behind it. It is the hard work of the Lungu’s government, their priority is to safeguard the lives of millions of Zambians.

  13. This kind of positive news related to health is relaxing as people are already very scared and worried about their health due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and due to negative news posted by few media in this election era.

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