FDD commends President Lungu for accelerating investment

The Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Power Project
The Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Power Project

Former Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD ) spokesperson Yotam Mtayachalo has commended President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front ( PF) government for accelerating major investments in the electricity sub sector such as the 750MW Kafue Gorge Lower power project.

Mr. Mtayachalo who is also PF Chama North Constituency in Chama district of Muchinga Province aspiring candidate in the August 12, 2021 elections, has also commended the Government for the allocation of K305m in the 2021 national budget for rural electrification projects.

Mr. Mtayachalo has told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS ) in Chinsali yesterday that the allocation of K305 million in the 2021 national budget is a major milestone in improving rural accessibility to electricity because electricity is a catalyst of economic development and improving people’s standard of living.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mtayachalo say people of Chama district in Muchinga Province are concerned with frequent power blackouts which is affecting business activities and households.

Mr. Mtayachalo says there is an urgent need for intervention in the frequent power black outs in Chama district.

The frequent power black outs being experienced in Chama district have been blamed on ESKOM, a national power utility company of Malawi that supplies power to Lundazi and Chama districts in Zambia which is reportedly having challenges to supply uninterrupted power as there are using a 132kv line catering for that country’s northern region hence affecting power supply not only to that country but to Chama and Lundazi

“I have seen spoken to Zambia Electricity and Supply Corporation Ltd (ZESCO) the Regional Manager for Eastern province Mr Denis Kolala over the matter and he has indicated that ESKOM the national power utility company of Malawi has been having challenges to supply uninterrupted power as there are using a 132kv line catering for the country’s northern region hence affecting power supply not only to that country but to Chama and Lundazi as well,” said Mr. Mtayachalo.

Mr. Mtayachalo added ZESCO Eastern Regional Manager, Mr. Kolala , has assured him that he will liaise with ZESCO branch manager in Chama to normalize the situation by utilizing the gene sets to supply power to the district following the challenges Eskom has been experiencing of late.

Mr. Mtayachalo also expressed concern over continued delays in connecting Chama district to the National Electricity Grid as the 132 kv power line to the district from Chipata via Lundazi has already been completed.

He has since appealed to ZESCO management to mobilize resources for the construction of a substation so that the district can quickly be connected to the country’s s national electricity grid in order to avert frequent power outages supplied from neighbouring Malawi.

“I want to assure the people of Chama North constituency that I will do everything possible to ensure that erratic power supply to the district is quickly addressed and that the district is connected to the national electricity grid as quickly as possible,” said Mr. Mtayachalo.


  1. why do zambian journalists like quoting a person’s present scenario with his or her former? this guy is speaking as aspiring candidate, how the former comes up on God knows, now this confusing , is it fdd or a pf cadre commending?

  2. The last time I heard that Yotam Mthayachalo had left FDD. So he’s back again or it’s an old story. Kafue Gorge lower was delayed by the same PF government which found the contract already signed by the MMD government in 2011. Lata Sata cancelled it only to give it back to the same contractor but at a higher cost. There’s nothing to commend PF for here.

  3. HOW do you even have time to publish such stories of bootlickers bootlicking their own backsides the man is not even FDD even if he was just look at how that woman Nawakwi has been behaving lately this is a woman who comes to life when elections are near.

  4. Ba Lusakatimes, how is this message from “FDD” when the person who said it is no longer member of FDD? Did Mtayachalo issue this statement while he was still an FDD member? lol

  5. But kwena, why are we still using the FDD here? The very first word of the article, ‘Former’ FDD… signifies that the man left.
    He is PF and goes on to bootlick, as they all do, and somehow, somewhere in the mind of the author, they see it fit to state that this statement is coming from the FDD?

  6. By the way, the FDD as a party ought to pack up and go. The only thing they had going for them was having a woman at the helm, but with the UPND’s running mate being a woman, (a move the PF will follow perhaps with Siliya?) Nawakwi has become obsolete.

  7. OH FOR GOD SAKE NOT SILIYA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TO MAKE ZAMBIA GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yes, please, Ba LT put the pressure.
    This is a reminder to all political prostitutes, that their past behaviours will follow and tame them for years. And a reminder to voters, that if you vote for such people, what will stop them from joining UPND in future, they are a bunch of recycled material.
    Even “chidumbo” should have a UPND tag before PF.

  9. This will not only help the households and local businesses, but it will also provide great advantages to the country at the time of foreign investment.

  10. Within few years, we have witnessed tremendous development in Zambia like infrastructure, business sectors, agriculture, energy, etc. We want this development, continuously…Hence, we are voting for the PF in the upcoming elections.

  11. President Lungu has promised that the load shedding issue will be fixed. He is known for his commitments, and not for tall talks like Hichilema who promised everything but does nothing.

  12. Wild story. No relation to the headline. We are also told a Malawian company supplies power to Chama and Lundazi – and after bootlicking about electricity investments, he nevertheless points out and complains about frequent power blackouts. What is the moral of this story?

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