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President Lungu’s action oriented approach to governance has made him popular and trusted by the Zambian-Kamba

Feature Politics President Lungu’s action oriented approach to governance has made him popular...

The Patriotic front (PF) in Lusaka Province has noted that President Edgar Lungu’s action oriented approach to governance has made him popular and trusted by the Zambian people.

PF Provincial Secretary, Kennedy Kamba, has since urged Zambians to continue having confidence in President Lungu and ignore propaganda from some opposition political figures who do not meanwhile for the country.

Speaking during a Press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr Kamba stated that President Lungu is busy working around the clock to ensure major mines in the country are run by Zambians and has ignored all false allegations against him.

“I challenge President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND not to forget his actions of abuse when he sold the country’s mining assets in the name of privatisation which caused indelible devastations on the lives of many citizens. ,” Mr Kamba said.

“The economic destiny and prosperity of this country is in the hands of Zambians themselves and that is why President Lungu is returning power to the citizenry,” Mr. Kamba said.

He said that the opposition is only desperate and seeking attention from Zambians of which they are failing.

And PF Provincial Youth Chairman Daniel Kalembe reiterated the party’s commitment to ensuring integrity among party members.

Mr. Kalembe indicated that the party will strive to adhere to the Central Committee’s resolutions to avoid indiscipline.

“As PF members we will make sure that the resolutions of the Central Committee are seriously followed so that we do not have issues of discipline,” Mr. Kalembe told the media.

He called on Zambians not to lose confidence due to the propagated information by the opposition.


  1. Lungu’s actions of bribing village headmen with bicycles and UNZA students with buses ? Mr Kamba is delusional.

  2. Ba PF or Mr Kamba, if anything, focus on selling any positive side of ECL. The moment you touch the opposition without facts, you discredit not only your own story but also ECL.
    Ati, “I challenge President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND not to forget his actions of abuse ……”, what does this even mean? What is the challenge all about? Do you really have facts? I thought Daniel Kalembe did well, with plain and straight forward request to the Zambian people.

  3. Kamba is delusional and lives on another planet. ECL has become so unpopular that he would never win Elections if they were free,fair, credible and peaceful. ECL is relying on stealing the 2021 Elections to retain Power. Besides the Republican Constitution forbids ECL from standing for a Third Term. ECL is looking to ECZ and Concourt for a Third Term endorsement to stand on August 12,2021 Elections. Most Zambians are done with ECL and are yearning for a change of Govt in 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  4. How do you trust a thief and a dander head.. Only fellow dander heads in the p0rn front party see value becoz they are all dull, empty tin cans on shoulders, everyone in this ka party is a dull theif anyway

  5. There are many fools who say HH sold the mines. They know the truth, but refuse even to think about God, he let their useless minds rule over them. That’s why they do all sorts of indecent things. They are evil, wicked, and greedy, as well as mean in every possible way. They say cruel things about others, lie and hate God. They are proud, conceited, and boastful, always thinking up new ways to do evil and lie to our president Lungu. They tell our beloved president Lungu that HH sold the mines, President Lungu knows the truth that HH did not sell the mines, but the government did. And are encouraging him to go to third term like President Chiluba wanted to do. The truth is not in them. God is not a man that he should lie. God will not tolerate any wickedness from anyone including those…

  6. The dangers of money, it makes you say things that don’t exist. Meanwhile inflation a record 22%,exchange rate another record K22 to a dollar, GDP a record negative growth, unemployment record high.

  7. @Harroon is 100% right ,Zambian Kwacha has lost over half its value in just the last two yrs.Thanks to Lungu’s negative actions.


  9. Yes!!! President Lungu did not reach the top like HH who was made the President of UPND directly. He worked really hard to gain the trust and support of millions of Zambians.

  10. Every politician has to prove that he has the capabilities to rule this nation. And that is why we want President Lungu to rule Zambia beyond 2021.

  11. HH is afraid of President Lungu and his popularity, and hence spread lies and false information among the public.

  12. True, HH has sold the country’s mining assets in the name of Privatization, many mine workers suffered because of him… Why did no media talk about this? Did HH really buy those media houses only to target PF???

  13. President Lungu is known for his commitments. If he promised something to Zambians then it will definitely happen!

  14. President Lungu means business. He never waste time in criticizing the opposition! He is focused on development and talk related to it only. Unlike Hichilema whose speech is based on criticism and lies about the ruling PF party.

  15. I think, HH wanted to be in the news all the time and that is why he makes fake allegations against strong, powerful, and popular leader Mr. Lungu. He crossed his limits when he claimed that PF through the police is threatening and trying to kill him…??

  16. The majority of Zambians respect President Lungu and trust his actions. It is not at all easy for any President to get support from his country’s people. He is continuously working hard to uplift the people of this country, it is visibly seen…

  17. Except for a few HH’s supporters, the majority of Zambians are willing to vote for President Lungu in the August elections. What else we need to prove his popularity?

  18. No media shows the reality of Hichilema even though all his criminal record is available on social media, but the same media publishes false news about President Lungu and his government, WHY????

  19. That is why HH never won the majority of votes from Zambians. He has no work to show to the people in order to get trust. HH is only popular on social media.

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