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22, 000 teenage girls fell pregnant in Lusaka province in 2020

General News 22, 000 teenage girls fell pregnant in Lusaka province in 2020

More than 22, 000 girls fell pregnant in Lusaka Province, with Lusaka district recording the highest at 16, 000 in the year 2020.

Health Specialist at the Provincial Health Office Bushimbwa Tambatamba says that 22,824 teen pregnancies out of a total of 111,294 antenatal visits were recorded last year.

Dr Tambatamba however states in an interview that this represents a reduction of average of 21 percent in teen pregnancies in three consecutive years. She stated that 25,270 adolescent pregnancies were recorded in 2019.

“This was out of a total of 115,536. We recorded 25,511 teen pregnancies out of 106,902 in 2018,” she said.

The public health specialist explained that Lusaka has been recording the highest adolescent pregnancies in the Province.

“Last year, 15,928 cases were recorded in Lusaka while Chongwe recorded the second highest with 2,197 adolescent pregnancies.” said Dr Tambatamba.

She stated that Kafue and Chilanga had 1,491 and 1,299 respectively while 850 teen pregnancies in Chirundu were reported at various health facilities.

674 teen pregnancies were recorded in Chirundu while Luangwa recorded the lowest in the province with 385.

Some teen expectant mothers used to shy away from seeking antenatal care services because they felt that they were too young to access the services together with the elderly expectant mothers, noted Dr Tambatamba.

She said, “But since the introduction of youth friendly services where the younger ones are attended to by their fellow young caregivers and in an isolated area, we have seen a change as they feel comfortable in such an environment.”

Dr Tambatamba noted that each district provides youth friendly services under a focal point person.


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    Him and his fellow PF thugs with general kanene in the background….

  2. Even in these modern times girls
    Falling pregnant especially with
    All types of contraceptives available. Government needs to
    Give Education in this field.

  3. It is what you wanted, you could not have expected less. you created this scenario. It is common sense, you outlaw teenage marriages you get teenage pregnancy out of wedlock. How do you reduce that number? Let the girls get married, it is a choice. Which is shameful now marriage or pregnancy out of wedlock? Come on wisemen. We long time new about these satanic influenced western laws. They begin with outlawing teen marriages, next teach he kids contraceptives which will never work, sooner than later, they will demand abortion laws. Satan needs blood and more of it.

  4. Something needs to be done about the men and boys screwing them, and the screwed girls too. Contraception including condoms should be encouraged. I don’t even know what to say kikiki.

  5. Akaps we only party with mature women like your wives. This is the work of dirty upnd cadres. If you go to their stronghold they like eating unripe mangoes

  6. And a preacher was saying the other day that we should not teach our young people about contraceptives but rather abstinence.

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