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Disciplinary action against two individuals charging for COVID-19 Tests at UTH-Health Minister

Health Disciplinary action against two individuals charging for COVID-19 Tests at UTH-Health Minister

Health Minister, Jonas Chanda says immediate disciplinary action has been taken against two individuals from the University Teaching Hospital identified from a recent media expose by MUVI Television, where they were illegally collecting money from patients for COVID-19 tests.

Dr. Chanda says one person is already in police custody.

The Minister has explained that internal investigations have been instituted extending to several departments to identify the full extent of dishonest dealings
He says it is disheartening that while the Ministry of Health under the guidance of President Edgar Lungu has been working tirelessly to restore the confidence of partners and Zambians in the health system, some unscrupulous individuals have been taking advantage of people who seek health care services.

The Minister says he will not allow the image of the Ministry and the Health Sector to be tarnished by a few individuals.

The Health Minister says the happenings at the University Teaching Hospital should serve as a stern warning to all would be offenders across the country in all heath facilities, Ministry of Health and Statutory Bodies, that such people will not be spared.

He has warned of stern disciplinary action against all culprits, including instant dismissal, as provided for under the public service


  1. Bene Patel bakonda maningi vintu va fast na corruption…And when you are really in need of money you cannot refuse.So those two should have been left alone….Nivambili vamene tiziba…those covid 19 certificates are being sold to people travelling abroad at a cost of k1500…Osashusha iwe ndani!

    good morning mwebantu!

  2. UTH(Ultimate termination House) is a problem.
    The money making schemes at UTH are cancerous.

    A few years ago my wife had a miscarriage and was admitted at UTH.
    The next day she was to be attended to by a gynecologist, but before that a female cleaner approached me to pay her money for the medical procedure and blood transfusion and yet they are posters all over UTH stating blood from the blood Bank is not for sell.

    The nurses, clinical officers, lab technicians at UTH operate as a criminal cartel, the janitors and guards are the ones who will talk to you first.
    If you refuse to pay, all manner of frustration will be brought in.

    A big overhaul at UTH is long overdue.

  3. Upnd cadre type of mentality. Give me 4 minutes with these criminals. I will beat them so hard that they will defecate on themselves.

  4. This is such a shameful act by the individuals. The government should take serious action against such people for taking advantage of innocent Zambians.

  5. How someone could play with the emotions of the people. Since one year we are living in fear of the deadly virus and these criminal people are taking advantage of it. Great that one is already in jail, and waiting for his partner.

  6. Dr. Chanda working really hard to protect the lives of Zambians from the Covid-19. And, this individuals is taking benefit from the corona patient. Happy that they have been exposed.

  7. I am glad that the two individuals are exposed by the media which helped the government in taking the necessary actions.

  8. I think the PF government is very active! Let it be the distribution of fertilizers, chemicals to fight Armyworms, Personal protective equipment, or initiating the ERP, the government committed to delivering the service on time.

  9. Great move by the health minister… let us show this criminal show the true power of Zambia’s law, no one should be spared!!!

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